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Nick DiPaolo and Gordon Plutsky

Nick DiPaolo chats with Adam about comedy by committee, why bullying is sometimes OK, and the most expensive divorce settlement in US history. Plus, Adam talks a call from Gordon Plutsky to discuss the future of the NFL in light of recent controversies and changes to the game.

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Dan Dunn and Dr. Bruce

Dan Dunn chats with Adam about the Better Man cocktail, his incredible wine odyssey, and the under $20 bottle of wine that everyone needs to have. Plus, Dr. Bruce is in studio for this week’s Healthwatch.

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Filip and Fredrik, and David Wild

Swedish podcasters Filip and Fredrik sit down for a podcast about being an ambassador for Klonopin, hanging out with Monica Lewinsky, and the future of 3D food printing. Plus, David Wild talks about the importance of podcasts and the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.

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Harland Williams and Deaf Frat Guy

Harland Williams sits down for a podcast about disgusting apps, new laws in 2015, and psychic readings. Plus, Adam takes a call from the Deaf Frat Guy, and the guys play a round of Germany or Florida.

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Patton Oswalt

Show Summary Adam opens the show welcoming everyone back from the break, and talks with Gina Grad about their shared broadcast experience. Adam then discusses his thoughts for 2015, upcoming release dates for his films, and Christmas morning with the family. Adam also chats with callers about being a pushover, trying to teach your kids grit, and his thoughts on …

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