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Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan, Live from The Grove of Anaheim

Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan are live from The Grove of Anaheim. After ranting about electronic freeway signs, Adam brings a fan on stage and offers a $5000 prize if the fan can correctly guess how many car cylinders exist in Jay Leno’s garage. The gang then plays a spirited round of Gaywalking before Alison shares her news stories on Whoopi Goldberg and air travel.

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Mark Normand

Mark Normand joins for a podcast about what to do after your spouse cheats, how to be irreplaceable at work, and pat-down procedures at Amazon.

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Mr. Skin and Larry the Cable Guy

Mr. Skin is in studio to discuss the Top Ten Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2014. Larry the Cable Guy also calls in to chat about life in Nebraska, and how he got his big break.

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Bret Ernst

Bret Ernst joins for a podcast about ridiculous security requests at a football stadium, the massive fire in Downtown LA, and when Adam hit rock bottom in San Jose. Plus, Adam helps a fan get a kidney.

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Road Hard Premiere Photos

Photos from the Road Hard Premiere in Los Angeles

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