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Teresa Strasser, Live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix

Teressa Strasser joins Adam, Gina and Bald Bryan live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix, Arizona. The show kicks off with Adam complaining about people who live for voicing feigned indignation. Adam also observes that there is a point where good schools become too good and can end up being burdensome to the parents. Adam then takes some audience questions in a round of ‘Q & Ace’. Later, the gang resurrects and old classic with a round of ‘Ass Kiss Rodeo and hears a new original Rich Banks song. Before the show wraps Gina Grad takes over with the news.

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Phil Rosenthal and John DiResta

Phil Rosenthal is in studio for a podcast about the proper way to enjoy pizza, motivating with incentives, and last meals. Plus, comedian John DiResta stops by to discuss the Pope’s celibacy and why Donald Trump is actually funny.

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George Foreman, Erik Conway, and Matt Atchity

George Foreman calls in to discuss his incredible boxing career, and the new George Foreman Butcher Shop. Plus, Adam chats with Erik Conway about the confusion over global warming and other issues, and Matt Atchity is back for a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Joel McHale

Joel McHale is in studio for a podcast about the future of Community, Joel’s favorite guests on The Soup, and Adam’s experience sharing a first class flight with Rob Lowe.

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Darren Lynn Bousman

Darren Lynn Bousman returns for a podcast about The Devil’s Carnival, the VW controversy, and a bullied blind kid.

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