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Jay Mohr and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show ranting about the boy at the YMCA who was mistaken for a girl because of his hair. David Wild is also in studio, and Adam talks to him about the Grammys from a decade ago, when Tracy Chapman won Best Rock Song for ‘Give Me One Reason.’ Wild then talks about this past weekend’s …

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Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/04/2013 – Super Bowl party with Dr. Drew, Kevin Hench, Alison Rosen, and Harland Williams

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS Recorded 02-03-2013 – Release Date 02-04-2013 Production Number #1006 Show Page This special episode was recorded from Adam’s home with Kevin Hench making his long awaited return to the show and special guests Alison Rosen with Dr. …

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Ben Shapiro and Dr. Bruce

Show Summary Adam opens the show with Dr. Bruce in studio. Dr. Bruce is upset because a patient yelled him at earlier in the day, and Adam shares his thoughts on the entitlements associated with health care. Healthwatch stories this week deal with exercise vs. hair maintenance, the power of booze and diet soda, and what motivates spouses to get …

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Sam Sheridan and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about the rogue LA cop that’s still on the lam. He also complains about trying to teach Natalia how to unicycle, and why teachers need to cut back on homework. David Wild then calls in, live from the latest Grammy rehearsal, and talks about some of the cool segments we can expect. Adam …

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Basic Cable Commentary: Red Dawn

with Adam Carolla and Dave Dameshek. Available now in the Adam Carolla Store and on iTunes!

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