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This Week in Rage – 7/20/13

This Week’s Topics: Blue Cotton Candy, Zucchini and No Dogs on the Beach

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This Week in Rage – 7/12/13

This week’s topics: The Solution to Holiday Joggers, the Scourge of Barefoot People, and My New Airport Reality Show

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This Week in Rage – 6/30/13

This week’s topics: Traffic and Rich Whitey, George Zimmerman’s Lawyer, and Tropical Flavor Emergen-C

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This Week In Rage – 6/19/13

This week’s topics: Man of Steel, the Simultaneous Knock and Open, and deadbeat dad Orlando Shaw

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This Week in Rage – 6/12/13

This week’s topics: Airport Scanner Shoeprint, Room Service Tip Included and Walking Molly

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