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Arsenio Hall joins Adam and the gang, right from the top of the show. The guys chat about why they did Celebrity Apprentice, and talk about some of their experiences on the show. Arsenio also alludes to a fight that blew up on the set, and which contestant he can’t believe is still on the show. Later, Arsenio talks about being a magician as a kid, and how it eventually lead to his stand-up career.

Alison then jumps into the news discussing the ID and possible fate of the soldier who massacred Afghan citizens. Alison also gives an update to the Huggies diaper campaign that caused outrage in the ‘dad community.’ Also in the news, the inventor of Red Bull passed away. This segment of the show wraps with Arsenio talking a bit more about his Celebrity Apprentice charity, the Magic Johnson Foundation.

In the last part of the show, Adam sits down one-on-one with Helio Castroneves. Adam talks with the Indy car champ about his run on Dancing with the Stars, dancing with the same partner Adam was set up with. The guys also talk about how he started his career, racing in Brazil and making his way to the Indy 500. The guys also discuss the death of racing legend Ayrton Senna, and the show wraps up with a convo about changes in the world of Indy cars.


Watch Celebrity Apprentice, Sundays at 9pm on NBC. You can also follow Arsenio on Twitter @ArsenioOfficial. Visit http://ArsenioHall.com for more info.

Huggies commercial

Security commercial

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Producer: Mike Lynch
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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Jeff714

    I never understood why the Arsenio Hall Show ended. It had great ratings. He was very likeable on it. Then it just went off the air for no reason I ever knew.

    • MPG

      Arsenio walked away from it. That’s why.

    • Sig

      The ratings did drop, and it was cancelled. Arsenio ‘walked away’ because there was no show.

    • Mlim

      What a great show. I was losing my mind with the preacher stuff. Reminded me of the glory days w/ Eddie Murphy, except I might actually be interested in a new Arsenio movie.

  2. Listener

    “This is accolades, not racism: I wish I could prolapse my own lips inside of my mouth and spit them out again so I had time to think instead of yelling about The Mountain all of the time.”

    That really happened.

  3. Connor

    That go to meeting preach bit was too hysterical.

    • the point man
      the point man03-19-2012

      Almost spat my coffee at the dashboard. Hilarious. No one is better than Adam in those kind of improvisations. Fastest gunman in the west.

      • c_fiddy

        After that, Adam’s got to get DAG & Arsenio on the same podcast. Good chemistry with both.

        • Lisa

          Adam absolutely needs to get Arsenio on a podcast. Either on his own, or maybe as a side kick to Alison. Very funny!

          • Burningsol

            Agreed! Great chemistry!

          • Bridget

            Great idea. That would be a perfect addition to her show.

    • setlasmon

      havent gotten there yet, but im excited to hear it.

      that being said, it cannot POSSIBLY be more funny than DAG cursing it up during the Go Daddy live read on that show. I was dyinnnnn….

      • Micah

        I’d say it may’ve actually been funnier.

  4. TheMidsizeLebowski

    The whole men are idiots, women are geniuses advertising thing is mainly due to the fact that women do about 75% of the shopping for the average American household. At least there’s some logic behind it beyond just being the “safe” move from a PC perspective, but it’s still really annoying.

    Also, great pod today.

    • Wes Kanaloa
      Wes Kanaloa03-19-2012

      That’s an excellent point. I’ll leave the joking to Adam regarding whose* money is likely being spent, but to reinforce your point and defend against message board literalists objecting to the 75% figure … not only do women execute the actual purchase the majority of the time, but I’d bet dollars to nickels that women are decision makers or influencers.

      I’d say that would account for 78% of purchases, well over 75% and nearly 32% points away from 110%.

    • Alisons V
      Alisons V03-20-2012

      Well it’s one thing to target the ladies and a whole other issue if you’re just bashing dudes. Car commercials and the like don’t insult women.

  5. formerjackman

    Epic ‘go to meeting’ live read!!

  6. Jake

    I think this year I’m gonna spend a couple of weeks relaxing in wine product country

  7. Bot Marley
    Bot Marley03-19-2012

    the swallowing your lips and spitting out your smile had me laughing harder that I’ve laughed in a looooong time. This show is always funny but I’ve seen what he;s talking about and that the visual of someone spitting out their smile after swallowing their lips was just hilarious! Thank you AceMan!

  8. Cody

    I cannot emphasize this enough… MORE ARSENIO. In my opinion, he is up there with Cranston, Rowe, and DAG in regards to best guests.

    • Lisa

      Yep, yep yep!!

  9. Rich G
    Rich G03-19-2012

    Wine product hahahaha!

  10. Micah

    HILARIOUS show with Arsenio. Loved the Broadview commercial bit, and the Tracy Morgan impression. Also, those were two of the best live reads in live read history.

  11. Mark

    Huggies diaper campaign that caused outrage does not really bother me. There was a Carls Jr ad a couple years ago that showed a dude in a butcher shop that did not know what to do. That dude should have been taken out back and shot, what dude can go buy a steak, really.

  12. jg323

    can a black man go 30 min. w/out making white & black comparisons like the white man can? by 2012 do they not realize it makes them appear nervous and/or paranoid?

  13. djnc

    “steven jobs” drives me nuts…totally takes me out of the stories ace tells

    • Lauren

      What’s the problem? Are you hypervigalent or something?

    • RobK

      Hate to admit it but I’m right there with ya. ADAM, it’s just Steve Jobs, dammit! Quit adding that syllable!

  14. Tyler

    Hold up a minute…
    North Dakota you can buy your wine at the liquor store attached to the gas station.

  15. Geoff

    Give Arsenio his own show on ace broadcasting please! He’s so funny.

  16. DrunktankDan

    Arsenio and Adam have a definite showbiz chemistry. They are fuckin hilarious together. Gotta make sure to keep him around the podcast from time to time.

  17. Ledgewood

    More Arsenio.

  18. Eddie Pena
    Eddie Pena03-19-2012

    Great show! Arsenio is a great guest. He needs a podcast on the ACE broadcasting network.

  19. Brent

    I hate how Trump runs the boardroom. Half the time he’s kissing ass to the celebrities, other half he’s asking stupid questions. Watching it, I’ve never seen any real questions come from Trump that show his knowledge in business. His sons and daughters have the most technical questions. Trump is just the name. I watched the show after Adam left and the comedy of the show is totally gone. Adam you are missed!

  20. Jeff714

    At first I thought that was Helio Castroneves in the right side picture with Adam. Then I realized Sonny Carolla is a little taller than I thought, though Adam still had to bend over to fit in the picture.

  21. Corey

    Helio kind of sounds like a Latin Deaf Frat Guy. Great pod today!

  22. Ras

    STEVE Jobs – not STEVEN Jobs….

    Not a big deal but what would you be saying if Larry King kept calling Kimmel “JIM Kimmel” instead of “Jimmy Kimmel”

  23. Bewildered Tourist
    Bewildered Tourist03-19-2012

    I thought Arsenio was in prison for tax evasion.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-19-2012

      Wesley is a little more tan

    • Jeff714

      Wesley Snipes?

  24. Will T.
    Will T.03-19-2012

    Is that a picture of Arsenio from the long awaited Phil Lynott bio-pic?

  25. Wally

    Is it just me or does that pic of Adam and Arsenio look like the cover art for “White Men Can’t Jump (2012)”? 😀

  26. Bob

    Am I the only person who hates Helio. The guy is a massive jerk playing up his nice guy routine. Doesn’t pay his taxes and gets awy with.(ask Mr. Snipes) Wrecks Paul Tracy in the Canadian Grand Prix when he had no chance to compete with Paul. Wrecks Takuma Sato in the Brazilian Grand Prix(not sure on race). Just wrecks anyone who is faster than him, then smilies on camera and get away with it.

  27. Elliot

    Im guessing Trump sold Buick on sponsoring the show by telling them he’ll get mario andretti to run a 20 minute presentation on the car. Then he was embarrassed because Adam was the main guy. It doesnt matter how good a job you did, Trump was pissed and Adam and Mario were out. That’s what I think happened anyway. I can imagine Trump doing damage control with the Buick guys, oh sorry Mario isnt leading it, I told them too and they will be fired.

    • Lisa

      It’s Michael, not Mario

      • Marc

        It was Mario when they were trying to get sponsors before the show started taping.

  28. katie

    More Arsenio!

  29. JessMan

    re: diaper commercial. i hate how ska music is now relegated to cute commercials. ugh

  30. CoreyL

    Judge Wapner is not dead.

  31. JAB3

    Thimble Rigger!

  32. jay

    Good pod

  33. Massimo

    For the love of all that is sacred, why will no one – not Bald Bryan, not Allison, not anyone – correct Adam on “Steven Jobs’?

  34. Hood

    I was surprised about Apprentice last night. Clay shattered Penn. You could see it in his face. Clay is an impressive player, but I don’t know if that says more about Clay or Penn.

  35. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper03-19-2012

    “Makin’ it drizzle with a handful of nickels.” Ha ha! Brilliant, Aceman! Cheap, but brilliant!!!

  36. Haley Potter
    Haley Potter03-19-2012

    Love Arsenio as a guest! Where is his podcast?

  37. MPG

    Arsenio is a good dude and always interesting.

  38. Richard Bitchard
    Richard Bitchard03-19-2012

    Arsenio still brings it. Funny son of a gun, and Adam and Arsenio are a good team. Anybody listening?

  39. Flatulator

    Arsenio is the fucking man! He is so smart and funny.

  40. Huck

    How bout a guest rotation of DAG, Arsenio, Penn, and Drew? I’d pay for that!

  41. robert_r

    Arsenio was great. He should be back soon and often

  42. Peggy

    Aresenio is the bomb. I’d take him over DAG any day!

  43. Caitlin

    Adam perhaps should rant/complain about the pictures of the creepers leaving comments. Seriously.

  44. Jim

    I’m with everyone about Arsenio and Adam. Two naturally funny dudes with good chemistry. The bits about church were hilarious. GOOD POD *SNIFF*

    I’ve enjoyed all of the Celebrity Apprentice guests. Glad Aceman made some good friends and got some good stories. Debbie Gibson was a great guest too, as well as Clay and Penn.

  45. thedecade

    Arsenio was great and yes he should have his own podcast…

  46. Lauren

    Arsenio was amazing on the podcast!!! At least some good things came out of Celebrity Apprentice. Penn Jillette and now Arsenio. He should go on Penn’s Sunday School and do some “preachin at the church! Aah!!!”

  47. DES

    I’d like to see Arsenio come back more often

  48. dubplate

    I really hope Asenio is on the regular. It was great banter. And as a indycar fan, Helio is the shizznit. What a great show. You should have asked about climbing the fence. Just sayin.

  49. Hawaii Mike
    Hawaii Mike03-19-2012

    Arsenio was great

  50. Ajfaruzzi

    Just want to echo the comments here, Arsenio was great, you guys we’re on fire so to speak. I was laughing uncontrollably on the way home from work today.

  51. Citylife80

    Great show. Great, great show.

  52. Patrick

    Hilarious! This was a classic. More Arsenio.

  53. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese03-19-2012

    I agree with what people have been saying. Arsenio was a great guest, him and Adam have great chemistry together, and they are both funny. I also enjoy Helio as a guest, and the fact that it was a 30 minute add on was nice.

  54. Steve

    Holy Shit! Adam and Arsenio did the best fucking live read EVER. I couldn’t stop laughing! I already use GoToMeeting, but damn I wanted to buy it again…

  55. Madeline

    Arsenio was great. Please have him back on!!! Also up there with DAG and where is drew my other fave guest.

  56. Bewildered Tourist
    Bewildered Tourist03-20-2012

    My previous comment failed moderation and that truly makes me sad.

    • Cheap Seats
      Cheap Seats03-21-2012

      Me, too. Still, it’s good to see there is life after(I hope).

      …I personally wouldn’t mind knowing what tipped the scale. Not to hash it out, but just to stay out of the penalty box.

  57. C-bag

    Adam, DAG and Arsenio would be awesome

  58. dredownunder

    Absolute gold! And the live reads – dare I say on par the DAG ones!?

  59. Epzey

    Adam aren’t those stock or at least factory made rims? Has the RR dustcaps don’t know/haven’t seen many people Rich or super rich that buy or make custom rims and put the stock caps on them.

  60. Aaron

    STEVE! It’s Steve Jobs. Not Steven Jobs. Good god Ace.

  61. Riggz

    Arsenio was OK, pretty funny guy, good riffing with Adam. The preacher stuff got a little annoying. That schtick is a little f’d out. But overall pretty entertaining.

    The second half with Helio whatever his name is…. SERIOUSLY? THIS IS THE GUY YOU CHOOSE TO DO A ONE-ON-ONE WITH?!!!? WTF!!! This guy was boring as fuck! I hate NASCAR, these drivers are complete dolts. Where’s the funny? Couldn’t you save this boring idiot for the Carcast? I never watched one second of dancing with the stars. Isn’t that show for fat women who work in cubicles? ZZZZzzzzz BORING!!!!

    • monica taylor
      monica taylor03-20-2012

      wow really?

    • Bobo From Hoboken
      Bobo From Hoboken03-24-2012

      Helio races Indy Car NOT bullshit NASCAR If you actually listened to ACE you’d know that he DOESNT like NASCAR either because those fucking retards cant seem to manage left and right turns unlike IRL racers. Now shut up and go nail your cock to a burning building.. you fuckin dolt

  62. Mike

    How about getting Arsenio to do a preacher spot on Penn’s Sunday School?

  63. FU

    “Cirque du Soleil for whores”


  64. MikeA

    Helio sounds a lot like Deaf Frat Guy.

  65. JD

    His show was effing hilarious

  66. monica taylor
    monica taylor03-20-2012

    Great show!!! Arsenio was hilarious up there with DAG as one of your best Guest. Love ya guys can not wait for your new book to drop!!!

    thanks a lot

    Monica T one of your many black female fans

  67. Jerry Rice
    Jerry Rice03-20-2012

    Helio was so extremely boring. Please never have him back on the show. He is almost as boring as Larry Miller. Thank you

  68. Brian Hwang
    Brian Hwang03-21-2012

    Helio sounds just like DFG!!

  69. RobK

    Not sure why I do it, but I perused all the comments thinking I’d see a bunch of mixed reviews for Arsenio. It seems like whenever I think a guest is great there a bunch of listeners who think he sucked. So glad to see all the raves for Arsenio, right across the board. He really was excellent, and hilarious. We could use that guy back on tv, or in movies, or even a lowly podcast.

  70. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson03-21-2012

    Indy is F1s gay little brother.

  71. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats03-21-2012

    MMMMMM Good Podcast!

    Did Adam actually say ‘I like to stereotype’ ?

    Knowledge is power. Having a better sense of perspective is a relief.

    Now if we could go back in time to 1977 and get Gene Simmons to say he was only in it for the money.


  72. Kyle

    Ace man! i was laughing my ass off when you were talking about people sucking their lips into their mouth and spitting them back out. There is a McDonalds commercial for a coffee or some shit where this black chick licks the whip cream from her lips! its exactly what your talking about and it has always bugged the shit out of me. You have to check it out.

  73. Stuart

    I would much rather have you guys get Arsenio in place of any time you want DAG, you guys are far funnier together than when DAG is on.

  74. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks03-21-2012

    Arsenio is probably the most likeable person on the planet.
    Can’t get enough Arsenio!!!

  75. Adam in Texas
    Adam in Texas03-21-2012

    When Alison laughs I laugh. great show!

  76. Gottagetiton

    As usual, Adam brings out the best in his guests, though I love Arsenio, all the same.

    Arsenio seems like one of genuinely likeable guys I could hang out with. And I agree with the earlier comments, Arsenio needs to be grought back.

  77. ArrestedDeveloper

    @Willsmith isn’t a fake Will Smith, it’s just not the actor. He’s a tech writer for Tested which just got bought by the Mythbusters.

  78. tom

    Arsenio was fantastic and funny. Bring him back.

  79. kapppp

    Arsenio wins DAG loses. bye DAG.

  80. Maria

    I knew Arsenio Hall was funny, but I had no idea he was ACE caliber guest material funny. When he did his one liner Tracy Morgan impresison, I coulda driven off the damn freeway and into a pylon, I was laughing so much!

  81. Mike

    Ace Man I wish you would have run for President. We are doooooooooomed!

  82. Chuck

    Awesome show. Arsenio was great!

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