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Adam opens the show discussing his day at the museum with Sonny. He’s also still reeling from people misunderstanding the joke on the back cover of his book, and rants about getting woken up early by Ray on his birthday Sunday. Teresa then begins her Parents of the Week segment, which covers wandering kids, kids high on drugs, and why horses cheat on their mates.

Today’s guest is author Anna David, who recalls meeting Adam even though he doesn’t remember meeting her. Anna and Alison also talk about their ‘Red Eye’ days back in New York, and Anna discusses the release of her new Kindle single. Adam then explains his theory of why men and women need to be approached like dogs and cats.

Alison starts up the news with a story about a naked Floridian who was shot after eating someone’s face. The group then talks about a teenager who was thrown in jail after excessive school tardiness, and another story involving the guy who killed the first milk carton kid. Next up, the guys jump to the phones to speak with a caller who’s trying to get over being pissed at his ex-wife. The show then wraps up with a discussion of the return of Hard Knocks, and the frustration of when pilots don’t get picked up.


Anna’s Kindle Single, Animal Attraction, is available now on Amazon.

Visit http://AnnaDavid.com for more info on today’s guest. You can also follow her on Twitter @AnnaDavid.

And don’t forget to check out http://TeresaStrasser.com and follow her on Twitter @TeresaStrasser


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  1. Lloyd

    Sorry Adam man, you know I love you but it’s because it’s not a very good joke. not even Ted Williams could hit 1.000. As jokes go you probably bat close to 1.000 but nobody’s perfect.

    Anyway, even if everybody’s too dumb to get it, I still think it’s on you to change it. You have to play to your crowd… maybe everybody is an imbicile, but that means nobody gets it but you so it’ll never work.

    • Zack from Oregon
      Zack from Oregon05-30-2012

      Hey T,
      Aloha, OR is pronounced “uh-low-uh.” We do that to be sure there’s no confusion with anything warm or tropical.

      • An Onny
        An Onny06-11-2012

        Ever notice how up here in OR/WA everything is pronounced different from how it’s spelled? I dare anyone from CA to pronounce Clatskanie or Puyallup

  2. brad sherwood
    brad sherwood05-29-2012

    colbert used Adam’s term Douchenozzle on tonight’s show.

    • wiley

      I think term came from Sarah Silverman… douchenozzle

      • dave

        i remember listening to the loveline bit where he invented it. i don’t think he would pretend it was his bit if he was ripping off silverman, who happens to be his friend

    • Omnipanzer

      Douchenozzle is an actual item and has been used as a insult for decades and probably centuries considering how long douches have been around.

  3. s

    The problem with the Jesus joke is that it does work both ways. Religions have long been accused of taking advantage of people: Televangelists begging for your money, tithing, Christian organizations to support children, etc. And since everyone kind of knows this, they automatically look for it in Adam’s joke. Which makes Ace wrong, for once. It’s like Ace’s “Germans drive slow” stereotype. If everyone thought Christianity and everything connected to it was dandy, then everyone would get the joke.

    • chris

      I think the joke works 3 ways because the way i see it the humor comes from the contrast between the characters view of gauging the elderly and reality, the character sees it as not being a big enough deal to affect his similarity to Jesus, but the reality is that gauging the elderly is so heinous that it almost makes him the exact opposite of Jesus. This makes sense because someone who is so terrible that they would gauge the elderly would be evil enough to not think its a big deal and would also be enough of a narcissist to compare himself to Jesus

    • Jacki


    • Matt

      Yes, I think this is exactly it. When I heard the joke on the previous podcast (with the less clear pronouns) I did interpret it correctly, although then I had some doubts. Having any room for an alternate meaning really takes away from the “shock value” – which is the sole source of the possible humor in this case.

      There are enough people not getting it right away (or even getting it but then questioning their interpretations) that it should be clear that it’s just not a very well-crafted joke, and thus just not that funny. Adam can do better.

  4. Katie


    Thank you for playing the morbid Kenny Rogers songs! Its my favorite brand of humor.

    Drawing for your enjoyment once again 🙂



    • Chris

      Oh the drawings are delightful 😀 Keep them coming.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-30-2012

      Thank you for the morbid drawings! My favorite kind of humor.

    • Whitney

      YAY Katie! You’re podcast art is wonderful.

  5. Jeffrey Ramsey
    Jeffrey Ramsey05-30-2012

    Pre Ordered Owner of both Physical and Audio Book.. Adam Carolla “Not Taco Bell Material” Good Show. Making so many Matter of fact, Spot on Examples. Bald Brian and Alison Rosen Thanks for entertaining me, Helping me forget my pain for 2 hours is Awesome… Tc @jeffreylramsey

  6. Don

    I think the back cover means that you are better than Jesus (also a carpenter) and you don’t rip people off like the church does by soliciting donations promising the afterlife.

  7. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield05-30-2012

    I can’t be the only one who at first glance thought that Costco Connection magazine was an old Nintendo Power, can I?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-30-2012

      That’s funny.

  8. Solomon Shields
    Solomon Shields05-30-2012

    Do you have the link to the orange cast kid (Matt)?

  9. Kain

    Anna is a bit of all right!

  10. corey

    around the 25-minute mark, Adam used “gestalt” when I think he meant weltanschauung. I like his point though and agree about names that try to “spice up” horrible neighborhoods. I hope I don’t come across as rude, because I love the show. I just like taking note of things like that.

    • stnuntrnd

      not rude at all, on the contrary, just being helpful.
      And now go tackle cement vs. concrete, functional MRI vs. MRI, etc…

  11. Mike

    Teresa really knows how to drag out a story.

  12. Rrrrr

    Love the “T” and her “V”!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-30-2012

      I also love the “A” and her boots.

  13. PR4Christ

    Here’s a problem with the Jesus joke no one has mentioned yet:

    Although everyone knows Jesus was a carpenter, no one associates him with being a contractor. A contractor in modern sense, as someone who bids on jobs, makes estimates, and has a payroll. We think of Jesus as being some sort of unpaid missionary. The gouging part doesn’t resonate because we never imagine Jesus getting paid. The premise is unclear.

    That said, I like the joke, but I do understand why it confuses people. (The misuse of the pronoun doesn’t help either.)

    • reb

      not one of the top ten reasons the joke doesn’t work

    • MC White
      MC White05-31-2012

      Also, not mentioned, why are we to assume “gouging the elderly” is “price gouging?” Sorry, without the word “price” I didn’t automatically think of it. Adam is using the terminology, in his own mind, how he’s said it 1000 times, and thus, putting his subjectivity into the joke. Sorry, with so much subjectivity and explanation into a joke, it becomes confusing and not understood, on first listen, the polar opposite of how a funny joke works.

      Why is Adam so insecure about others not being as “smart” or quick witted as himself? And why does this translate to anger and belligerence?

  14. Minesh

    Video links are invalid. Please re-post.


  15. Meh

    Yes Adam, the joke at the back of your book must have represented some of the grade A material that lifted your TV pilots to great heights. Moderator please pass this message to the Aceman……….we get the joke, it’s just not funny and this is why.

    When you make a joke that specific, it makes you think that your taking a known anecdote about Jesus and flipping it on its head. It’s not that we actually think that Jesus could have gouged the elderly, but rather that there is a story about him and the elderly and your just being ironic. ie, I’m just like Ghandi……except I like my steaks medium rare. The known anecdote there is that Ghandi would never eat cow, so it’s ironic.

    That brings me to the second phase of this abortion of a joke. The reason people dig even deeper for correlation in the Jesus and the elderly story is because of your encyclopedic, esoteric knowledge about EVERYTHING!! The reader thinks immediately that this is Adam Carolla, and that there must be a Jesus/elderly quip that you stumbled across, that your now being ironic about. 9 out of 10 people obviously feel this way when first reading it, including fellow comedians.

    Last but not least it’s not over the top enough for a joke that is based on nothing. Obviously it’s ridiculous to think that Jesus would gouge the elderly but once again, being specific about the elderly results in a knee jerk response in trying to think of a story that your being ironic about. Saying that Jesus was an arsonist (as someone on here suggested before) leaves no doubt that your being ludacris, and making that up from scratch because it’s not specific. Please no more excuses for that piece of shit joke because your beginning to sould like Glenn Beck, except you don’t light puppies on fire and shoot them out of a t-shirt cannons. (rim shot please………..anybody!!??)

    • ChicagoFan

      I need more detail, you are over simplifing it.

    • WesKan

      His pilots may have failed due to the three blocks of text you just contributed to deconstructing a joke, or maybe it’s because the network audience is as dense as the aforementioned blocks of text and their author.

      I got the joke immediately and although I didn’t cachinnate, I did allow a thin, weary grin to cross my face.

      • OvieTheGr8

        Cachinnate, huh? Someone’s been using his thesaurus….

  16. mh

    so what kinda car did adam get?

  17. C-bag

    Ace man…blue berry pies are the best. That being said, a marion berry/rasberry pie sounds fantastic. Damn, Im hungry!

  18. Frick

    Adam should be proud, he isn’t the only celebrity to have his name misspelled.

  19. derrick

    It’s not even that the Jesus joke is confusing… It’s just not funny.

  20. Employee7

    The joke on the back of the book is confusing as is because Jesus might be indirectly gouging the elderly (via the church collection basket). Carpenters have gouged the elderly (over charging and add ons). However had it read like you intended with your last email to your publisher it is very clear. As it presently stands it is hard to tell who is the butt of the joke, Carpenters or the Church.

    • Macaroni and Cheese
      Macaroni and Cheese05-30-2012

      As much as I agree with everyone that the joke unfortunately just wasn’t that great, a lot of people seem to think that the Christian “Church” (with its collection baskets – which were not the point of the joke at all) existed at the time of Jesus or something. Don’t people know some of the biblical stories, even if they aren’t religious?

      First of all, there wasn’t an organized Christian “Church” at the time of Jesus. There were temples, but those were not about Christianity. The whole reason the Christian Church came about was because of Jesus, so it wouldn’t have existed prior to him being around, and he wasn’t exactly going around with a collection basket asking for money in his day. Even once the Christian Church came around years later, it took quite some time for it to even remotely resemble the Christian Churches we recognize today.

      I’m not even a Christian. It doesn’t take some scholar to know this stuff.

      It’s a pretty simple premise for the joke: Adam and Jesus were both carpenters. The only difference is that, during Jesus’ time as a carpenter, Jesus price-gouged his innocent, unsuspecting elderly customers. Hence insinuating that Adam was just like Jesus, only Adam was a better person. The humor is supposed to arise from the unexpected twist (i.e. you would expect Adam would be the one gouging the elderly, but it was Jesus – not in reality, just in the joke).

      Yes, it was worded in such a way as to not be as clear as it could be, but it still wasn’t that confusing. It also wasn’t the greatest joke, but like someone else mentioned, that’s just one strikeout that has brought down the average to .997 instead of .1000.

  21. J Rock
    J Rock05-30-2012

    Hey T.
    The parents were shushing the people laughing, so that the camera could capture the hilarity of the boy.

  22. Goldy

    Nothing says class quite like the big ass neck tat.

  23. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco05-30-2012

    The back of Adam’s book is a problem of sentence structure. It says “He” was just like Jesus, establishing Adam as the subject of “he” in the phrase. except “he” didnt gouge the elderly refers to Adam not gouging the elderly

    • El Gordo Loco
      El Gordo Loco05-30-2012

      He (adam) was like “X”, so he (still Adam) didnt “Y”…presuming X did Y

  24. Jeremy

    good jokes dont need to be explained. this joke is not well written, period.

    • BPiddy

      Agreed, – the problem is in the mechanics of the sentence. I’m no English major, but it’s like there’s two subjects and it’s hard to tell which of the two the is being referred to in the joke portion

  25. nick

    The h is silent in aloha, or. “alowa” is how you say it. Stupid I know…

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-30-2012

      Stupid is as stupid does.

  26. BigFatBob

    Who picked out that cabinet color? Looks like a 1975 Denny’s.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-30-2012

      I think that’s the point.

  27. @AlizaEss

    Today’s favorite under the radar joke: Adam and the gang talking about the Jesus joke controversy, and Alison says she wants to see Jesus’ Facebook wall. Adam subtly throws in a “you can wail against it if you like.” Comedy gold!

    • DonnySac

      Even better under the radar joke: Charlie calling Ace for advise on how to deal with someone who can’t ever admit they’re wrong.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-30-2012

      Good stuff.

  28. Alex

    who is this lady? does she even have a degree in anything?

  29. faulty

    You know what’s less funny then that joke? The discussion of why it’s not funny. Fuck. I don’t want to hit play after reading that.

  30. Steph

    Someone should tell Adam and Jimmy that Patron is not “nice” tequila. It is just expensive and well marketed.

  31. DrunktankDan

    Got a link for that kid in the cast? Listening to it made me laugh out loud at work. I really want to watch it.

    Thanks Porcepun (or whomever edits these)

  32. Ted

    What happened to the Adam and Stern pic on his Twitter image feed. You can see the thumbnail – but when you click it says pic doesn’t exist anymore,

  33. BPiddy

    I think the book cover joke would be just as funny, and much more simple if it completely took out the whole Jesus bit — Adam in his early days as a carpenter…except he didn’t gouge the elderly.

  34. Devbo

    Who really gives a fuck! It’s the back of a fucking book! I don’t care what’s written on it.

  35. JessMan

    hey adam said hagen dazs right! usually comes out as hawgen daws

  36. Brett

    Adam – “when you go to the African Section of the Museum it’s always dark”, Bald Bryan “Of course it is” – zing – great one BB!

  37. Nick

    I don’t understand the controversy with the Jesus joke as I always got it. Adam doesn’t gouge the elderly, and it’s funny because Jesus doesn’t either. It’s just an absurd premise of Jesus ripping people off when he was a carpenter. Big whoop. Only thing for me is that he’s used that joke a hundred times, so I’m surprised at all the people who has only heard it for the first time.

  38. MT

    i think its funny actually. it brings jesus down to a common man to man level and below the aceman, thats the point of the joke. not that aceman is greater than jesus, but that jesus is a regular guy and that he’s below adam

  39. yeyah

    anyone who doesn’t get the joke on the back cover is stupid. it’s hilarious and i like the retro color scheme. keep the joke!

  40. Dick Face
    Dick Face05-30-2012

    I don’t what the issue is with the book joke, your the subject of the joke so the point is directed at you, meaning you were a carpenter like Jesus except you didn’t gouge the elderly like Jesus did…ha ha ha,
    beside your an atheist so it’s make sense.

  41. bb

    The problem with the jesus joke is everyone is expecting something deeper. If nobody brought it up and you happened to see it you might chuckle but because someone is handing it to you and saying “you get the joke?” You might be trying to figure out what there is to get and overthink it.

  42. the point man
    the point man05-30-2012

    Anna Davis is annoying.

  43. David Eck
    David Eck05-30-2012

    Here is a ringtone I made with a 5 second delay. It should work with most smartphones.

    It will ring once, then a 5 second delay, then repeats it 3 times.


    If Ace is reading this, just go to the link with your smart phone and you should be able to save the file as a ringtone.

    This took less than 5 minutes to create. Hire me, I need a job and I am smart.

  44. MPG

    Does anyone else ever hear the “How about you leave the joking to Adam” in your mind when Adam himself is talking…… I mean, like…. often?

  45. ETM

    If you have to ‘explain’ a joke to 95+ percent of your own freinds and listeners then it’s a bad joke.

    • MC White
      MC White05-31-2012

      Won’t do any good. Adam’s always right, and anyone else should not have a bunch of yes men, but Adam needs them for his “no self esteem issues.”

    • stan

      Nope. It’s only bad to the morons that don’t get it. Get it? Probably not.

  46. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town05-30-2012

    The joke on the back of the book was so easy it’s crazy!!! Anybody should get that.. Maybe the peeps that didnt get it think too hard?? GET IT ON!!!! +_+

    • MC White
      MC White05-31-2012

      Yet another minion, who thinks: I get it, so the other 95% must be complainers, and not smart. “If 95% of us don’t get it, then that SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING. End of discussion.

  47. Rob Kine
    Rob Kine05-30-2012

    Franklin is absolutely on stage during the dancing scene Aceman… Hyper-Vigilance?

  48. Bill

    Before you buy a Mangrate, check out the video. You’ll see that you need to buy 2 or 3 of them to cover your grill. I bought one but need to buy more.

    • MC White
      MC White05-31-2012

      Yep, I figured this out, after a couple of times, listening to the commercials. There’s no way such a small heavy piece would even cover up most grills. So you end up paying $40 or higher anyway. The $19.99 is just a teaser price.

  49. Russ

    Bath Salts – http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/bath-salts-officials-synthetic-drug-disguise-behind-cannibal-attack-article-1.1086791

    Sounds like you need to get Dr. Drew or Dr. Bruce in there to discuss.

  50. hypervigilante

    That video would be funnier if the phone was held the right way. The more you know.

  51. andy

    I guess the Jesus joke is funny in the way that its totally not.

    Great show as always, guys!

  52. Randall

    Argh! Love listening to this podcast but the debate over the Jesus joke needs to end! The reason people are confused by it is that it sounds like a subjective spin on an observation about Jesus’s behavior.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean Adam’s skimming Bible verses for the Son of God’s questionable actions, just that maybe in popular culture (I’m sure Ace has seen Jesus Christ Superstar at least once) he noticed something that seemed tantamount to gouging the elderly and thought it was a funny way to spin a story to make it seem like a smear. You’re known for putting clever/ironic spins on popular observations.

    I think it’s just a little too subdued for its own good. A punch line that was more exaggerated probably would have driven it further home and clearly made it a nonsensical joke.

  53. chuck

    Jesus was not the douchiest douche that ever douched!

  54. Ace

    Just my two cents: the Jesus joke is just plain not funny, the first one was much better. Adam and his lover with the adopted rescue child was fuckin funny!

  55. BannerSix

    That Anna chick is hot.

  56. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle05-30-2012

    DFG the movie needs to be made!

  57. Jez

    Is no one going to mention how horrible Anna David is? Blech!

  58. Bob

    After my rant, I thought I’d share a car…’71 Datsun 510 track-ready:


    don’t sign up for the ‘bring a trailer’ emails or your car disease will only worsen.

  59. tate

    anna david is quite the back-talker

    didn’t like her

    • broktune

      Yup, I get that know it all vibe from her. “I’m an expert at this, and that.” Are ya? It sounded like Adam didn’t really like her either. I love how he called her on her shit and made the comment “Do you see any teleprompters here?”

  60. Jack Silver
    Jack Silver05-30-2012

    seriously, who doesnt want to spank Anna David?

  61. Steve S
    Steve S05-30-2012

    I hope people think that Adam’s rants about Blueberry pie are common white people problems!

    BTW, if you call a thin woman in super good shape “fat” they won’t like it. Women get offended at being called fat. Christians have no sense of humor when it comes to Jesus. Even if you are just being ironic it kinda stings like calling any woman fat. There are certain touchy subjects, and this is one of them. Just my view. . .

  62. Buttplug Man
    Buttplug Man05-30-2012

    this chick is hot!!!! ACE, move on from the joke dude…..it sucks…….you cant be good at everything, just ask Sonny

  63. Saltynutts

    that kids a stoner, dizzayy!!!!

  64. Chuck

    why do guests drive X minutes to get 10 minutes of time and then 35 minutes of news?

    Funny how Adam might hold up his longform interview with Albert Brooks as a great podcast moment when HE NEVER GOES LONGFORM ANYMORE.

  65. dbunk

    I was out of podcasts, so I was listening to a recording of the radio show from April 3rd, 2006. Unbelievably, Adam told this “Jesus gouged the elderly” joke on that show. However, back then it got a pretty good laugh from Teresa (filling in for Rachel Perry) and Shek.

    On an unrelated note, I was also listening to an old show from the same year (May, I think) and it was Brian’s first or second day as the sound effects guy and Teresa’s first official day as the permanent news girl. As a guest they had … dun, dun, dun… a guy who’s dog sniffed out his brain tumor. If only they had invited the dog into the studio.

  66. broktune

    The Jesus joke is fine and easily understood unless you are a complete fucking dolt. People over analyzing it are crazy. Do they do the same for “So a man walks into a bar….” jokes? “Uhhh, wait, where is the bar located? Is it open all day?”

    • MC White
      MC White06-01-2012

      No we don’t over analyze the ‘walk into a bar” jokes, cuz they just naturally fall into the mind and are funny. We are “thinking” of this Jesus joke, because that is the natural tendency for intelligent people, after the joke has been “missed” and we are not trying to analyze and understand it. Subjective jokes tend not to be funny. “Walk into a bar” jokes tend not to be subjective, just naturally funny.

  67. Steven Q. Stanley
    Steven Q. Stanley05-31-2012

    Teresa obviously reads Cracked.com. Both the Tasmanian Devil last week and Horse thing were recently featured on Cracked “articles”. She probably should give them credit. Some of the stuff is straight from these articles.

  68. JessMan

    i see the infamous wheat thins box on the counter

  69. Brian M.
    Brian M.05-31-2012

    Anna David looks pretty hot in that picture.

  70. StrictlyKev

    Of course there are no writings of Jesus gouging the elderly. Is there any familiarity of Adam gouging the elderly? Nope. There would have to be a preface or some sort for this “joke” to make sense to anyone. Let it die on the vine Aceman.

  71. Tyreel




  72. Carlo V Sexron
    Carlo V Sexron05-31-2012

    Hey, wheres the Anna and Alison photo? Hot friend too?


  73. Mark A.
    Mark A.05-31-2012

    If I hadn’t read the Cracked article on terrible parents in the animal kingdom that horse bit wouldn’t have been extremely boring. Podcast got good once they took the caller.

  74. MC White
    MC White06-01-2012

    I still can’t believe I’m the only person to talk about using the term gouge, instead of “price gouge.” Sorry, I don’t automatically think about the historical joke of contractors “price gouging” when I read “gouging the elderly.” Anyway, I associate it with “contractors” more than I do “carpenters.” Carpenters or carpentry is an old fashioned term, I would associate with somebody like Jesus, not the Aceman. Yes I’m a regular listener. GET IT ON!!!!

  75. Heather

    Thank you for having Teresa on regularly….thank you, thank you, thank you!

  76. Rich Manzetti
    Rich Manzetti06-05-2012

    Anna is a hottie, but a rather dim bulb based on her chat on the podcast.

  77. Mark in Austin
    Mark in Austin06-05-2012

    Love ya Adam, but there is nothing worse than analyzing a joke, over and over and over and over and over and over and over…and over. It clearly doesn’t work. For me, the Jesus part made me think it was a deeper joke or a religious commentary. Adam is an atheist, and mentions it often, so I wondered if this was a dig against religion. Anyway, after going through trying to figure out if there is a deeper meaning, you come back to the realization that it’s just a silly, throw away joke…and that makes it a disappointment.

    It’s not really that great. You are stuck with it, for better or worse, now just move on. Please. This is the only part of you podcast I have ever skipped over because it was just annoying.

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