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Adam opens the show talking with Alison about how hard it is for guys and girls to stop peeing mid-stream. Andy Kindler is also on stage, and talks about making waves for saying certain things about other comedians. Adam then talks about how success is measured by how far we look into the future, and the importance of believing in delayed gratification. Bald Bryan then reads off some audience questions, and Adam complains about blenders, high school field trips, and social disorders.

Before jumping into the news, Adam rants about his dog Molly’s high-end kibble. Alison then discusses a new candy corn flavored Oreo cookie, and a porn company being sued by Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Later, the gang chats about a guy in prison getting a sex change, and why listening to complaints may be bad for your brain. They also talk about a guy who faked his own death to propose to his girlfriend, and some body language myths. As the show wraps up, Alison discusses the awkwardness of learning about sex through her gynecologist.


For more on today’s guest, visit http://AndyKindler.com, and follow him on Twitter @AndyKindler.


Mental Illness

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Gottagetiton

    Love Adam but I don’t like the live shows.. Its usually regurgitated stuff from the previous days pod casts.. ..That said, still the funniest comedian out there, even regurgitated.. ..Andy not so funny at all.. I felt Adam was actually running an obstacle course around bad jokes from Andy Kindler and Allison.. Which he has had to become a pro of..

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol09-14-2012

      GET IT ON !

    • David

      Yeah, I understand they do them cause they make more money, but I don’t enjoy as much either. Audio quality is always sketchy with Adam usually twice as loud as the guest. Also, think Adam’s drinking a bit too much during these.

      • ubercat

        Adam seems to be in a mood the last few weeks…

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian09-14-2012

      I agree about the live shows. They try too hard to be funny to entertain the live crowd. The studio shows are more laid back just hanging out and being naturally funny.

  2. Tyler G
    Tyler G09-13-2012

    Thanks for signing my Blood Sweat and Tears album last night! Hope you once in awhile glance at the one I gave you

  3. Anniepatra

    Wow, Andy Kindler is a rough listen. His fumbling, bad interjections weren’t funny and disrupted the flow. Uggh. And this dude gives a State of Comedy address?

  4. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee09-14-2012

    Need sleepy now!

  5. aarob

    Awkward show. Adam didn’t like the guest, and maybe drank too much. Allison tried to patch it up with humor no one got. Bad crowd. Did I miss anything?

    • zeppo

      Agree. really rough show. no timing at all. I think the low point was when adam said that the first thing he would do in a woman’s body is F a bunch of dudes and film it. Whaa?

    • DefNottaJew

      Don’t like the live shows either, Adam always yells and sounds like he’s trying to pinch an excruciating loaf and Andy wasn’t funny. Can anyone substantiate that Adam is getting tanked on the live shows? Might explain how loud he gets and he gets a little pissier than usual.

  6. Tim

    Mr. Carolla, they have medicine for incontinent dogs, avail!

  7. Silent Running
    Silent Running09-14-2012

    Yeesh. Good thing they didn’t pause for laughter during this one.

  8. Mary

    Adam is going to be a regular contributor to Fox News. Ugh.

    • Chad


      I’m slipping on how much I like Adam. It isn’t about “opposing viewpoints”, I can deal with opposite sides of ideas. It’s this anger about the other side, which frankly doesn’t exist. Oh, all people on the left had a “live and let live” approach to the Soviets? What version of the world are you looking at?

      • Alex

        Fucking thank you. I swear, Carolla is slowly losing it. He picks these tiny little truths and exaggerates them to no end. And then he pats himself on the back for being observant.

      • Travis

        Read “Useful Idiots” by Mona Charen.

    • Cry Me A River
      Cry Me A River09-14-2012

      I find it funny that so many people complain about Fox News when pretty much every other news network has a liberal bias. Would you be okay with Adam appearing on NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN?

      • JRock 1970
        JRock 197009-14-2012

        Adam is getting paid, plain & simple, sucks it has to be Fox news but what are you gonna do? I think it’s funny that the majority of people who watch fox are also deeply religious and ACE is an Atheist.

        • Cry Me A River
          Cry Me A River09-15-2012

          Did you ever think that maybe Adam is just choosing what he feels to be the lesser of two evils? Making an appearance on Fox doesn’t necessarily mean that he supports everything they promote. As a non-religious Libertarian, I primarily watch Fox news. Does that blow your mind?

        • Ribbit

          I think it’s just refreshing to have an atheist who isn’t Anti-religion. It seems to me that more atheists feel the need to “spread the word” than religious people do.

      • Mary

        Of course.

        • Cry Me A River
          Cry Me A River09-15-2012

          Well, at least you’re honest about your libtard close-mindedness. Enjoy fondling Obama’s nutsack.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running09-15-2012

        Fox News is a neocon news outlet, and a neocon is just a liberal with a bible and a gun. “Invade the world, invite the world.”

        Genuine American conservatism (i.e. based on the principles of the Founding) has no outlet in the mainstream news media.

        • Cry Me A River
          Cry Me A River09-15-2012

          I agree with your second statement. This was very evident during the Republican debates, when Ron Paul was barely given any time to speak his mind.

      • RoyalDryness

        It’s not just Fox News’s bias, it’s that they often intentionally misinform and make stuff up to serve their agenda. They have a counter point in MSNBC which is generally left leaning but MSNBC doesn’t outright lie in news segments to serve an agenda. The perfect example of Fox News’s tomfoolery is the clip of President Obama saying “you didn’t build that.” When listening to the non-Fox News edited version it’s clear that he’s referring to things like roads, bridges and schools that we ALL built, something that Adam says all the time, yet they played a conviently edited version, protrayed as some they knew full well it was not. They are allowed to editorialize but that is just complete misinformation. It’s like someone taking Adam’s “let’s drink some beers and rape” drop and using it as evidence that he’s a sexual predator.

        • Ribbit

          None of that on the left.

        • Cry Me A River
          Cry Me A River09-16-2012

          Remember when NBC doctored the George Zimmerman phone call and then had to apologize when they were called on their bullshit? I guess that conveniently slipped your mind. Don’t sit there and pretend that other news channels don’t have their own agenda.

      • syq

        The bias on Fox news is objectively exponentially much worse than on the other networks. For the most part, the so called “Liberal bias” of the mainstream media simply means more nuanced reporting or sensational reporting, depending on how good the journalist or program is.


    Man, I feel bad for Andy. No one is giving him any love.

  10. Mr. O
    Mr. O09-14-2012

    not good

  11. setlasmon

    an Aceman fan complaining about reurgitated material?? now THAT’S high comedy!


    • Gottagetiton

      …Haaaaa,.. ..I should have more acuratley said, more regurgitated than the usual regurgitation.. This was regurgitated regurgitation…

  12. Brian M
    Brian M09-14-2012

    Kindler as funny as dry toast

  13. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross09-14-2012

    Tough crowd, little yucks.
    Andy whatsisname – not funny.

    Big fan.

  14. ebony lobster
    ebony lobster09-14-2012

    Does Andy not like Dane Cook because Dane has jokes that work?

    • Oregon Jake
      Oregon Jake09-14-2012

      Dane Cook sucks, his jokes are dry and his delivery is that of a retarded school kid.

  15. the point man
    the point man09-14-2012

    abysmal show

  16. magilla

    That song in the mental illness commercial sounds like it rips off “Back In The High Life Again” by Steve Winwood! The hell?

  17. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-14-2012

    The best use of candy corn is for biting off the white tip and convincing others you just broke a tooth.

    Worst candy ever: Those cardboard flavored chewy chunks of shit in either black or orange wrapper that show up every Halloween for the past 40 years!

    Salami Flakes…Anyone?…Anyone?…*crickets*

  18. Google your nuts
    Google your nuts09-14-2012

    If I was a woman, my first stop would be one of these girly pillow fights I keep hearing about.

    • JRock 1970
      JRock 197009-14-2012

      Dallas Cowboys cheerleader showers

  19. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett09-14-2012

    Andy Kindler is too smart for the Carollatards.

    • Straight Cash
      Straight Cash09-14-2012


    • Straight Cash
      Straight Cash09-14-2012

      Andy Kindler can’t even keep his mouth shut. It’s as if he knows he’s failing when his voice just trails off as his unfunny statement ends.

  20. Izzy

    Mr. Kindler was absolutely painful to listen to.

  21. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian09-14-2012

    Andy Kindler is insanely un funny for being a “comdian.”

  22. Ras

    Fucking what a hilarious train wreak this live show was!!! Typically, Adam on a live show is not that good because it feels very forced and like he is trying to be a stand up rather then just being Adam – which his fans all love him for. All the shit Adam complains about in micromanaging segment producers for TV talk shows – ironically these live shows behave like Adam is his own worst TV segment producer for the entire hour and a half. It was hilarious around minute 56 of the podcast when the fucking unfunny douchebag Andy Kindler does not get the fact Alison is trying to work off his salami cereal joke – and you can tell Adam gets pissed when fucking stupid Andy does not even get that!!!!! Why the fuck is Andy Kindler in show business?? Does he have some rich jew-y uncle who is a Hollywood powerful jew? Everytime i see kindler on Letterman – all you get is embarrassed, confused silence from the audience. Who the fuck thought this comedic turd should show up with Adam on stage?

  23. Shawn

    lol, candy cane orea? looks less christmas and more halloween to me… Just saying. You might be on to something though. Wouldn’t be surprised to see that this winter in a store near me.

    • Kirston

      Candy Corn, not Candy Cane…

      • Shawn

        Hover over the image. That’s what I was referring to. Interesting concept tho. Is it not?

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running09-15-2012

        I prefer Kandy Korn. But you have to visit Karmine’s Krazy Kandy Korn Shack to get it.

  24. Ralph Burris
    Ralph Burris09-14-2012

    Sad. So much promise – such unfunny guests.

  25. Ninja

    You could have picked someone off the street and found a funnier guest than Andy Kindler. Is this guy getting paid for this? I really hope not.

  26. ras

    If there was ever a time when Adam needed more drops from Bryan to punch up the show – why does Bryan go to these live shows when he barely does any drops?

  27. kernel duke lacrosse
    kernel duke lacrosse09-14-2012

    Wow is Andy Kindler not funny

    • ubercat

      He just doesn’t know when to shut up…

  28. reb

    “Dirty Sanchez’s brother” + “Happy Goebbels” — two of the funniest quips in the show’s history within 30 seconds. Well done.

  29. Big Red
    Big Red09-14-2012

    Its great when Adam has people like andy on. Gives me hope that someday i can b on the show and not make sense or be funny.

  30. toorude89

    Ace had to really carry this show because the crowd and everyone listening was annoyed by the guest. Of course the live shows aren’t as good as the podcast and BB apparently goes to sleep at the live shows.

  31. paddym

    Holy Cow. Awkward show. Kindler just murdered they rhythm of the show. I actually feel bad for him he stunk so much.

  32. Cup o'Tard
    Cup o'Tard09-14-2012

    Andy Kindler was off – normally much funnier than this… Seemed uncomfortable with the format, commented that inprov is not his strength, made some awkward terrestrial radio jokes…

  33. Why Why Why
    Why Why Why09-14-2012

    Holy shit, Andy Kindler is so gd awful.

  34. ChrisF

    I disagree that live shows are typically worse than the studio shows, but it really depends on chemistry with the guest. It was really not there today. All in all, everyone felt off their game and the show was borderline awkward. Alison, who I do like very much, was really struggling against the current all show. Bryan was a non-factor for whatever reason and Adam couldn’t quite manage to carry the show all by himself this time. Andy Kindler might have an okay routine for all I know, but he’s not naturally funny in the least. No one was selling (or even getting) each other’s jokes, and the crowd sure wasn’t into them either. Not the best episode, but nobody bats .1000

  35. John Hindley
    John Hindley09-14-2012

    What is it, exactly, that Brian does these days? I don’t hear many drops anymore. And when I do, they’re a few seconds too late.

    • ubercat

      From the look of his live deck, he’s prolly rubbing table for mics and sound, so he’s probably pretty busy (while cutting drops and playing them, and being part of the live crew). I’ve rubbed tables and worked in radio for ten+ years and I’m pretty sure I’d get quickly flustered working his job. Dude is tallented. Busy and tallented.

  36. Dave

    Yikes, don’t have Andy back. Sucking the funny out of the room.

  37. Straight Cash
    Straight Cash09-14-2012

    Should have just brought up Ray and sent Andy to the audience

    • DefNottaJew

      Yeah, maybe Adam should have a “closer” waiting in the wings if the guest totally sux… like this one.

    • ubercat

      Ray! He has a shirt with a squirrel on it.

  38. Tom Tompson
    Tom Tompson09-14-2012

    Andy has some good standup, but this was…bad.

  39. Dan

    Great episode like always. I felt like Andy kind of bombed though. I don’t think he landed one decent joke in an hour and a half.

  40. Jonathan

    Would have been better off just sitting on this live show and replaying an old one

  41. chantall

    This show was not very good, I don’t think Andy was too terrible, the audience wasn’t very good.

  42. Terri

    What the hell….talking about urination…great. I love Andy as a rule but as usual, Adam didn’t work with his guest at all. Hmmm…Nerdist, Gould and FitzDog…here I come. Enough is enough.

  43. Brian

    I never thought I’d long for an episode with David Wild.

  44. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks09-14-2012

    That guest was the worst “comedian” I have ever heard on a live show.

    Horrendously un-funny. The crowd and Adam didn’t find him funny either.

  45. Dan Penny
    Dan Penny09-14-2012

    Agreed. Not good stuff, but to be fair to Andy Kindler, check him out on Greg Fitzsimmons podcast. He was much better, and I say this as a former hater. Adam doesn’t always bring out the best in his guests…

    Big fan.

  46. Mo

    Lame guest.

  47. theshaj

    I like the live shows but agree with the consensus that Andy Kindler was bad. He kept alluding to how he was alternative and ‘mainstream’ audiences wouldn’t get him. Isn’t that kinda like the avante garde modern artist who can’t draw but tries to convince you that the chairs he turned upside down are a comment on post modern feminist thought. I’d never heard of Andy and now I know why.

  48. SamuelJH

    Thank you.

  49. ian

    I just watched some of Andy Kindler’s Letterman clips from a few years back. This guy must be blackmailing some very powerful people. He hasn’t a clue how to be funny or what a joke is. Letterman’s audience is usually like trained seals, but even they could only manage polite applause as he doused them all with a fire hose of unfunny.

  50. Kevin

    “Some comedian I’ve never heard of.” Mike August clutch booking once again.

  51. ris

    Bald had a great drop towards the end that seems to go unnoticed. When Ace was mentioning how hot it was Bald dropped “milk was a bad choice” (with dramatic background music) had me howling. Random Genius

  52. DLV

    Isn’t this the 2nd time that Kindler has been on a live show? And isn’t this the 2nd time that he stunk the place up? He’s fine as a comedian on stage and he’s fine as a podcast guest, but for some reason if you make him a podcast guest on a stage in front of a crowd he becomes an awkward train wreck.

    • Tracy

      You’re correct on Kindler. He has been horrible on both shows.

  53. Lukas Holmes
    Lukas Holmes09-15-2012

    I think this one may have had the best joke in ACE’s history. “He went to the improv school of What? Huh?”. Brilliant.

  54. Alan

    Adam said he’s a millionaire and a genius and everyone should listen to him. He’s becoming unbearable with his narcissism.

    • ubercat

      Arrogance. You mean to say, “He’s becoming unbearable with his arrogance.” I disagree.

  55. Lpoolguy

    I got excited when it sounded like Adam was going to bring Ray on stage….he would have talked over Andy, who was so freaking unfunny it was painful. I think Adam and Allison did the best they could with what they had. I thought the salami joke was actually pretty funny…maybe that’s a JMOE?

    At least Andy was aware he was tanking, so he won’t try this again, right?

  56. BW

    Since they’re at the jon lovitz theatre why not have jon on?

  57. Robert

    Wow Andy Kindler was awful. And he has the nerve to take shots regulary at actual successful comedians with fan bases? So many people in showbiz are jealous/delusional.

  58. Lew Mack
    Lew Mack09-15-2012

    I have dog has ball sack dingle berries funnier than Kindler

  59. Adam

    I love Andy Kindler, but for some reason the audience just wasn’t into him. I don’t think the type of audience member who would show up for a live ACS show is the type who would dig Andy Kindler. By the way, I think he confused churros (cinnamon-flavored pastry) with chorizo (spicy Spanish sausage), which is why he made the Salami Flakes joke.

    • DLV

      There’s no mystery as to why the audience didn’t dig him, he didn’t say a single funny thing.
      Half way though, I swear that there’s a point where you could tell that even he was tired of listening to himself talk.

  60. Larry_Love

    Andy unfunny.

  61. Bret

    Andy was horrible and if Adam really wants to have bigger live crowds then he needs to have better live guests.

  62. Jack

    Easily the most uncomfortably and awkwardly unfunny comedian i’ve ever heard. I actually cringed every time he started speaking. You could tell Allison sensed it and was trying to alleviate things a bit, but Andy’s assault on the audience was not to be stopped. Wow.

    Thankfully by the end it seemed he stopped trying to be funny and just let it go.

  63. Greg

    One of the worst shows I can remember in recent history. Kindler sucks and I had to abort about half way through and catch up with the Sklaar Brothers.

  64. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah09-16-2012

    time to take a break for a little bit adam. come back in november with some new stuff.

    wut else yuh got?

  65. Guest

    I saw Kindler on A&E’s “An Evening at the Improv” 20 years ago, and I gotta say: he hasn’t at all benefited from 20 years of practice.

    I don’t think he’s blackmailing anyone, I think that stand-ups are such psychological messes that they want someone who sucks opening for them. I’m pretty sure he’s opened for Marc Maron, and if Maron’s at all as insecure as he plays on WTF, I bet that’s why he likes to clean up after Andy.

    • ubercat

      Oh yeah. Hostile audiences are really fun to perform for.

  66. DrClown

    You’ve doomed us all with your complaints & critcitism. Now Kindler is bound to become a regular on the show.

  67. Late Night North
    Late Night North09-16-2012

    Kindler was horrible and incredibly stupid at times! Completely uninformed about the most obvious subjects. Just another washed up bitter hack who still thinks he’s a gods gift to comedy.

  68. DannyTwosheets

    I love the live shows. Even the ones with horribly unfunny guests like Andy Kindler. Anything Adam does is gold in my opinion.

  69. Yog-Sothoth

    “I want pussy, I will have pussy” – Allison Rosen

    Someone PLEASE tell me that will be a new regular drop.

  70. Tim MacDonald
    Tim MacDonald09-17-2012

    So, normally I listen, then read the posts. This time I read the posts then listened. These posts are way harsh as far as to the entertainment value of this podcast. It actually became funny listening to Adam and Alison hauling this boat anchor around. Adam didn’t sound as drunk as he often does live, and Alison was sharp. Andy Kindler was a less than zero. Unbelievably bad. Agree that this was a pod where bald could have thrown himself into the conversation more to help bail the boat,

  71. MilChad

    Damn these live shows suck. Seriously, why bother?

  72. PMJ

    Kindler is not funny. I get why he doesn’t get bigger shows. The guise of “making fun of anyone and not giving a fuck” is just to cover up the fact that he isn’t funny and people don’t want to see him.

  73. Tooley

    ADAM pumped off to the 4 second tire change.

  74. drb123

    I don’t think it was that Andy Kindler wasn’t funny, just a bad mix. It’s like Adam is Jazz but Andy is Dixieland

  75. Tyrone

    Alison had some great one liners….too bad they pretty much went unnoticed due to the awkward retorts from Kindler~

  76. tony

    please don’t have andy kindler back

  77. Andy90

    I thought Adam was an F1 fan, since he often mentions it as a cultured alternative to NASCAR. But he obviously doesn’t pay much attention to it. Unless he was watching some old repeat, he would have been watching the most recent Grand Prix from Monza, Italy. And no one in F1 changes tyres faster than 2.8 seconds. There was a 2.9 second tyre change during that Italian Grand Prix, and the Speed announcers were exclaiming over the unprecedented speed of the change. Something above 4.5 seconds might be considered ‘a little slow’.

  78. Doug

    Wow, Andy Kindler was painfully unfunny.

  79. Col. Duke Lacrosse
    Col. Duke Lacrosse09-22-2012

    This Kindler guy SUCKED! He’s supposed to be a comedian??? Also, the show had a lousy start. Potty humor? Ugh! This is certainly NOT one of my favorites.

  80. Gemma

    This was the first podcast episode I have had to cut short. It was so unbelievably painful! Andy Kindler clearly was a NO NO!!! Otherwise, huge fan 🙂 Reppin’ the UK blacks!

  81. Winsten

    Ace was great, Kindler was shit.

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