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The show opens with Adam going through some recent Tweets that were sent to him. He rants about LA, Villaraigosa, and the same click it or ticket campaign that’s preventing us from focusing on the real issues. Alison then reads a news story about a hiker in Alaska that was mauled by a grizzly bear after recording eight minutes of footage.

David Wild drops by next, and talks with Adam about Bar Mitzvahs. The guys then chat with Alison about central AC versus wall units, and exchange their favorite songs of the week. Andrew WK then joins the podcast and talks about fellow concert rockers like Iggy Pop. Later, the guys talk about Dennis Prager’s peanut butter / airport snafu, and the show wraps up with complaints about the beach and brannock devices.


Andrew WK’s new podcast, ‘Partying with Andrew W.K.,’ debuts September 20th. Also visit http://AndrewWK.com, and follow him on Twitter@AndrewWK.

Also be sure to follow David on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.

Songs of the Week

David’s Pick- Mo, by George Harrison (Never commercially released).

Adam’s Pick- Devil Went Down To Georgia, by The Charlie Daniels Band

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  1. Philth E. Enward
    Philth E. Enward09-03-2012

    Guess I’ll check out Adam’s… oh…David Wild…

    Hey, I wonder what Leykis is going to talk about…?

    • Brian

      Yeah Mr. Wild is starting to get to be a little much every week Respect the man all…. but is what is what it is.

  2. Tim

    Get it on!

    And no complaining about David Wild when the podcast is free, you fuckers.

    • Josh

      Incorrect. Listening to the podcast requires time. It is not free.

      • Irk Jung
        Irk Jung09-06-2012

        …and the Internet Connection to get the Podcast cost money.

    • Uncle Spooge
      Uncle Spooge09-05-2012


  3. Josh


  4. Josh

    More rants on el Mayor and Click-it-or Ticket. Hilarious!

  5. richard cranium
    richard cranium09-04-2012

    North Carolina has the fender bender, pull over signs. it’s all over the south as well.

    • Sean

      And more importantly, but unfortunately equally ignored, the “Slower cars move to the right” signs. We need those stapled to some people’s windshields…

  6. IsaacThomas

    Adam in NorCal on 880NB-880SB there are signs to tell you get off the freeway and move over. In Hayward ca near Oakland ca.

  7. Britaliano

    Skipped this episode, just don’t like David Wild.

    Also skipped Dr Drew so I don’t have to listen to his unauthorised, pharma-funded subliminal drug ads.

    • idiotMan

      dr drew does suck

    • Darren Mcgrath
      Darren Mcgrath09-04-2012

      Do us a favor and skip all the episodes and the comments.

    • Uncle Spooge
      Uncle Spooge09-05-2012

      Thanks for letting us know, anything else you aren’t doing today?

  8. DLV

    Being that the segments are frequent and long, I really wish the Aceman would just give David Wild his own podcast already. That way I can avoid him completely.

    • JessNyeah

      Yes! Brilliant idea….

  9. That Man
    That Man09-04-2012

    They have those “No Injuries? Move to the Shoulder” signs in the Bay Area as well. Also a place where the traffic isn’t terrible. coincidence?

  10. marty

    Did you Party Hard Adam?, well did you?

  11. Herr Sauerteig
    Herr Sauerteig09-04-2012

    Get rid of David Wild.

  12. Boomer

    Liked Bryan’s comment about the country version of dropping the mic. Very apt.

  13. Andrew

    Would having Villaraigosa on the show be the greatest podcast ever?

  14. nAAter

    “Click it or ticket” campaigns exist soley so the state can negotiate lower car insurance rates.
    Doesn’t change a thing Adam said, but if someone their would inform him of the real reason,
    maybe he’ll sleep better tonight.

  15. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-04-2012

    Andrew W.K. …the poor man’s Dave Grohl.

  16. Acefan

    Hey Aceman, remember when the government built this podcast for you and made it funny?
    Remember when the government booked your live shows and prepared the material?
    Remember when the government co-wrote your books, helped advertise and sell them?
    Remember when the government co-hosted, co-wrote, co-produced, co-created The Man Show?
    Yeah, me neither.

    Hey Aceman, remember when the government gave your mom money for not working and crippled her into lifelong dependency, while robbing her working neighbors?
    Remember when the government paid cops to steal your money via BS tickets but not arrest drunk drivers that destroy your property?
    Remember when the government charges you to park on public property you help pay to pave but won’t fix the potholes that damage your car?
    Yeah, me too.

    Now worship gov’t and pay your fair share.

    • Nature Boy Ric Flair
      Nature Boy Ric Flair09-04-2012


    • Silent Running
      Silent Running09-04-2012

      Acefan FTW

    • Grendel Jones
      Grendel Jones09-05-2012

      Well done Acefan

    • Jon Putnam
      Jon Putnam09-05-2012

      Genius is so simple sometimes. Please come run my hometown. -Jon from Chicago

    • dumperdilly


  17. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-04-2012

    My new comeback for virtually anything: “Oh, yeah…you can’t hang a fuckin’ oak door, fAAAAAAg!”

    Damn-near did a laughing spit take on that one.

    • Can't Hang an Oak Door, Fag
      Can't Hang an Oak Door, Fag09-06-2012

      Best Ace quote of all time! I’m glad all the people who skipped the episode because of Wild missed it.

  18. SubDude

    David Wild is just plain boring. Why is he on so frequently?

    • Taylor Dayne
      Taylor Dayne09-04-2012

      Because Adam LUVS to have his ass kissed 🙂

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running09-05-2012

      I think it’s because he and Adam share a love of shockingly generic and forgettable pop ditties.

      Recall that Adam’s idea of good music is Kermit the Frog bitching about guitars getting smashed.

  19. TIMOTH

    Horrible song choice this week Adam.

  20. Permanent

    Love David Wild.

  21. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-04-2012


  22. Connard

    I have been guilty of bitching before on this board and I think y’all have every right to do it, but I also have the right to ask that you shut the fuck up with your incessant whining about Dameshek on Friday, yesterday’s right wing rants and today’s appearance by David Wild.

    • Justin

      Nobody whines about Dameshek. They simply point out that he’s a talentless, parasitic little piggie hack whose appearances degrade the podcast and cause frustration to listeners. He’s got no wit, has nothing clever or interesting to say, and relies on the limpest gimmicks to move time on his segments.

      So, in response to your request to shut the fuck up, No, dickstick, I shan’t.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running09-05-2012

      Sorry, there’s no argument that’s going to make Dameshek talented. It’s genetic.

  23. Nate Balcom
    Nate Balcom09-04-2012

    Hey there Aceman. The click it or ticket law drives me up the wall too. I like to call it click it or take it. Keep up the PSA’s. You’re doing the Lord’s work.

  24. Cesar Bernal
    Cesar Bernal09-04-2012

    Get it on!

  25. Walter

    More from CDC’s website:

    Primary enforcement seat belt laws
    Laws requiring seat belt use are either “primary” or “secondary” enforcement laws. Primary enforcement laws allow police officers to pull over drivers and issue tickets just because the drivers—or their passengers— aren’t wearing seat belts. Secondary enforcement laws only allow police officers to issue tickets for seat belt violations if drivers have been pulled over for some other offense.

    Secondary enforcement significantly limits the ability of officers to enforce seat belt laws. Rates of seat belt use are 9 percentage points higher in primary enforcement states than secondary states.

    If the overall prevalence of seat belt use in states with secondary enforcement laws had matched the higher prevalence in states with primary laws, an additional 7.3 million adults would have buckled up in 2008. Increasing the number of states with primary enforcement seat belt laws covering all positions will increase seat belt use and save lives.

  26. Robey

    Add Michigan to the list of states that have the signs on the highway that tell you to move your car to the shoulder in the event of an accident.

    Unfortunately – our traffic is pretty rough during rush hour – and it gets worse when someone trades a bit of paint. The two most frequent messages on the giant highway signs are “move your fender-bender to the shoulder” and “Click it or ticket”.

  27. TipCT

    Andrew W K, Mike Dawson – separated at birth. Freaky

  28. Ben

    “That Armenian dude looks pissed.” fuckin gold

  29. Nate Balcom
    Nate Balcom09-04-2012

    By the way I’m from Michigan and we Smelt dip here. I haven’t been in years, but Smelt fry dinners were very popular when I was a kid. I used to go Smelt dipping with my Dad. You’d call a hotline at a bait shop up north to see if the Smelt were running and surprise surprise they always were according to the store owners. At any rate, you go in the fall when it’s fairly chilly in the middle of the night no less. You don a pair of waders with a garbage bag draped down the inside that you pour the Smelt into. This is awesome for 2 reasons. When you pull up your Smelt net there can be 20-50-80 Smelt that you then dump into your garbage bag that you can feel swimming around next to your junk. 2 you will inadvertently dump Smelt down your waders that then end up mashed to your sides and feet when they make it down to the boots. When you get home you have to clean these little bastards which is awesome when you see a 5 gallon bucket or 2 full of these things. Takes a long time to say the least, but they are tasty. There like fresh water sardines and taste reminiscent of most lake fish like perch, trout etc. There actually very tasty. I was listening to the podcast this morning and wanted to call in, but I was a day late and a dollar short. Thanks everyone for the great show. I tell everyone I know to listen. Love you Aceman.

    Here’s a pic of what Smelt look like if your curious –> http://blog.oregonlive.com/environment_impact/2008/06/smelt2608.JPG

    – Nate

  30. DionRidesBikes

    Mike Dawson and Andrew W.K. have the same voice..

    • Roger

      Yeah, I thought the same. It’s that phlegmy smoker’s voice. All dudes that have been smoking 30+ years have that same laugh too.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-05-2012


  31. Jason

    We have “Move Vehicle to the side of the road” signs here in Georgia… and we’re really dumb here

  32. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-04-2012

    I always wondered what ever happened to that old Fruit of the Loom t-shirt I wore all summer when I was thirteen. Take good care of it Andrew W.K.

  33. Deaf dumb and full o' cum
    Deaf dumb and full o' cum09-04-2012

    You are in a bad mood Adam. Complaining is one thing, re-explaining and justifying your mayoral hatred is lame. Heard it all before dude. You are tired, take a break. Get a little something in your belly. Come up with some new thoughts.

    • Lpoolguy

      I was thinking (partly) the same thing…Adam seemed really pissed off today. Not the typical “I’m-gonna-rant-about-what-annoys-me-like-a-comedic-genuis” pissed off – he seemed really angry about something. I’m not uptight at all, but when he called the guy who tweeted about the bar exam a “fag,” it didn’t sit right with me. I agree with you – I think he needs a couple days off to unwind and relax. There’s nothing wrong with going over some of the old rants/jokes – sometimes those are the best bits – but today, it just felt like he was pissed off and needing a nap.

      • Raul

        I was glad someone still has to guts to use that in public. Louis CK does, no one seems too concerned about that.

  34. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian09-04-2012

    Surprisingly this is one of the funniest shows in a while. Even with the repeated rants. Good job.

  35. reb

    what’s with adam pronouncing “their” as “thur” and “symmetry” as “semmetry”?

    • Feetsthss

      It’s alright, wait until he says “gymnast”.

  36. Andy

    When Andrew W. K. said he taught him how to break the law and Adam said don’t talk about that…anyone know what that was about?

    • Fag

      Probably a conflict of interests on account of his advertisers.

    • Lpoolguy

      I was going to ask the exact same thing!!! He cut him off, and it sounded like there was a great story coming!

    • Sig

      I believe he said ‘we’ll talk about that’

    • adam

      I assumed that it was easier to avoid the subject than to add a disclaimer and lose the chance to work in a story about himself.

  37. Dave

    Andrew W.K. and his gratuitous laugher….made me want to slit my wrist

  38. Ryan

    I don’t mind Wild that much but I’ve had an impacted assload of his constant reminders that he’s Jewish. 1) We don’t care
    2) The context each time is never funny
    3) We don’t care

    Thought it was funny that Wild wasn’t a fan of AWK. He gave a half-hearted stroke to AWK in the beginning but when Wild loves the guest he gushes all over them. This was just him happening to show up on the same day as AWK.

  39. Jesse

    Don’t give ODOT too much credit for having those “pull over after a wreck” signs up. They constantly put unnecessary cement medians in the middle of new road construction so you can only turn left or right out of a new shopping center. Then you can’t turn around for a quarter mile, cus U turn is illegal by default in Oregon.

  40. chris

    Houston has a signs posted all over it’s free ways saying “Steer it, Clear it.” If you car still rolls, the steering wheel is still funcional and it’s not on fire and you’re not bleeding you are OBLIGATED to get it out of the way. And I am pretty sure you can get a ticket if you don’t. That’s the freeway and surface streets. Somebody texting bumps you at a red light, move it out of the way.

  41. Doug

    Bizarre mention about the “Fender Bender” sign. I was in the East Bay on the 880 on Sunday and noticed that sign for the first time….

  42. Dave

    Airplane food rants, click it or ticket, shitty mayors, pull over after an accident. Bryan and Alyson must be going bat shit crazy. Not funny or interesting .

  43. mia

    love david wilde. he is authentic, entertaining and funny. i love the music knowledge and warmth he brings to the show– a real gem.

    • David Wild
      David Wild09-04-2012

      Thanks man for the kind words. This can be a rough room, but I serve at the pleasure of President Carolla

  44. mia

    love david wilde. he is authentic, entertaining and funny. i love the music knowledge and warmth he brings to the show– a real jem.

  45. Robert

    I like David Wild, but enough with the garbage 70s music segment. It’s a forgotten era for a reason.

    • idiotMan

      Wow. Go fuck yourself.

      *Puts on spiders from mars*

      Yeah, go fuck yourself.

  46. Evan

    this is not a comment supporting Mayor Villaraigosa, its a comment of how Adams comments are foolish and ridiculous. Villar is still a spanish last name. the double “ll” makes the “y” sound like in Villarraigosa. so he didnt change it to get a hispanic vote. he already had that either way. Tony is short for Antonio so how is that also changing his name. Adam once said himself at some point when you grow up you shouldnt go with your nick name but your actual name. examples donnie to donald johnny to john. so i think antonio villaraigosa grew up like everyone and went back to his normal name.

    • ross

      Yes. I dont know much about Villaraigosa’s politics, but hating on him for his name just seems racist on Adam’s part. Tony is short for Antonio. And he changed his name From Villar to Villaraigosa in 1987 when he married Corina Raigosa (they combined their names). But he didn’t even run for office until 1994, so I don’t see how this was some calculated move to get more hispanic votes. As has been pointed out, Villar is also a hispanic name, and maybe white racists don’t know that, but hispanics (who he’s supposedly pandering to) would.


      • Raul

        Come on now, I’m Hispanic, raised in Latin America. Changing your name from Antonio to Tony is as much a douche bag move as going from Jorge to George (which a lot of Hispanics in the US do). Letting your wife talk you into combining your last names is a pussy move, probably calculated to make him seem modern and progressive. Adam’s point is that this guy is a scheming and conniving politician, which he is.

  47. Edna's Edibles
    Edna's Edibles09-04-2012

    Adam lost all credibility with that song choice. Let’s give Bryan & Alison a swing at this segment, yeah?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-05-2012

      Edna’s Edibles…good name for A’s V.

  48. SamuelJH

    Thank you.

  49. Jimi

    Yeah, What did Adam not want Andrew to talk about?

  50. The Hoss
    The Hoss09-04-2012

    I’m the type of person that would say “I love David Wild” just to be different, but my brain won’t let those words come out of my body. He’s an excellent writer. I’ll give him that.

    • adam

      If Wild could refrain from trying to be a political humorist each appearance, maybe he could find the time to entertain the audience with an insightful musical anecdote beyond reactionary name-dropping.

  51. John Hails
    John Hails09-04-2012

    David Wild, great writer, horrible guest. His audio treasures make me reach for the fast forward option. Adam is a genius at comedic social cultural observational stuff. More news, rants, stories, one on one interviews and more Ray. Cannot get enough Ray! Also love the Deaf Frat Guy.

  52. Late Night North
    Late Night North09-04-2012

    That was the worst George Harrison song ever! No wonder it was never released. Really wish they would deep six the whole segment all together, it’s embarrassing.

  53. DanofSac

    If it weren’t for the bear jokes this would have been some dull pod; a “the mayor is an idiot” rant, traffic is awful rant, click it or ticket rant, a parody of a George Harrison song, an effed-out pop ditty from Adam, a dull guest (party guy; really?), and I can’t even remember how it ended. I wonder if Bryan and Alison nod off in these retread rant-a-thons?

  54. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Ask 100 people what their favorite band is and you would be lucky to have two that agree.

    Like David Wild, maybe they could add in some talk about new music releases.

  55. Chris

    Houston has a “Steer it? Clear it. It’s the law.” campaign.

  56. Balki

    The freeways are full from fender benders because of all the dirty Mexican illegals roaming around.

    • liberalsRstupid

      I know many clean illegals. I dont care about the hygiene part, its the illegal part that bothers me. And specifically the part I am forced to pay for at the point of a Govt Gun…

  57. Charlie Rose
    Charlie Rose09-05-2012

    We have the “Move Cars to Shoulder” signs in St. Louis. From the state website: The “Fender Bender” law requires motorists to move their vehicles to the shoulder of the road following minor, non-injury crashes. If you don’t follow the law, you could face a $110 fine and court costs.

  58. Mark

    I can sing the entire “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” even without the music. Who wants to touch me?

  59. Zeke

    I think I am over David Wild

  60. Lyman DYKE
    Lyman DYKE09-05-2012

    C’mon group David Wild is not as bad as SheK

  61. George

    David Wild definitely wins on this week’s song. Shees, Adam has some bad taste in music (other than The Pretenders that is).

  62. Jay

    There are click it or ticket billboards as well as radio and tv ads in Oregon all the time for the last couple years. The move to the shoulder campaign is in addition to the other crapolla.

  63. Jeremy

    Wisconsin and Minnesota also have the “Accident? Drive onto shoulder” signs in urban areas.

  64. liberalsRstupid

    Villaraigosa is short for Villa-Raigosa, his former wifes maiden name. Maiden name, get it, maiden name, huh huh huhh…

  65. liberalsRstupid

    You life long civilians… Its called a “Blanket Party”… Sheeesh

  66. Good1AceMan

    Good sign off Bryan!

  67. Raul

    I think Adam is great, except for his taste in music. I find it sort of elitist. Whenever I hear a song that he or David choose, it sounds good to me. But if I had to listen to music like that all the time, it would drive me crazy. Kind of like classical music.

  68. Doug

    More Deaf Frat Guy. Less David Wild and Dameshek. When Adam and David Wild talk music it’s just painful since their taste in music pretty much sucks. No offense, guys! 😉

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