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Adam opens the show discussing some of his travel woes from a very long weekend of performing. Stories include getting lost on the way to the venue, spending bonus bucks in the hotel, and getting accosted by a drunk guy in the elevator. Matt Atchity then enters the studio and talks with Adam and the gang about some new movies like Looper, End of Watch, and Dredd 3D.

Adam then welcomes Andrew McCarthy to the show and talks with him about his path to acting. The guys also chat about the Pretty in Pink premiere that they were both at, and Andrew’s second career as a travel writer for National Geographic. Adam then shares his love of ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’, and talks with Andrew about his directing career.

Alison opens the news discussing some controversial Fox footage of a man killing himself. The guys then laugh about some classic news reporter guffaws, and Adam recalls the ‘Lineman Dyke’ controversy. Other news stories include Danny Bonnaduce being bitten by a fan, Justin Bieber barfing on stage, and a new bill that will give juvenile delinquents a second chance. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss Taco Bell’s new Mountain Dew morning drink and a new tablet made just for kids.


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J. Lo News

Keepin F’in That Chicken

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  1. Krijtiana

    I love love love Andrew McCarthy.

    • reb

      He looks like an eternal 27 years old

      • zero1media

        The shooting Bald Bryan couldn’t remember happened April 30, 1998. Daniel V. Jones committed suicide in the middle of an L.A. freeway, protesting HMO’s. The incident was shown live, during rush hour.

  2. Connard

    Looks like Ace is wearing his jam-jams

  3. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol09-30-2012

    GET IT ON!

  4. Sink Slash Urinal
    Sink Slash Urinal09-30-2012

    you know what im gonna do, im gonna visit my father Ever Day in the Hospital For 2 Weeks While i do a Daily podcast and only talk about him once a week

    bc i am

    old man carolla

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-01-2012

      Adam does four to five podcasts at a time.
      When he talks about his Dad on one show he would just be repeating himself on the next shows.
      Adam is pretty open about his family, when there is news he will tell us.

    • Gregers

      You have a really weird obsession about this.

  5. Herr Sauerteig
    Herr Sauerteig09-30-2012

    No David Wild! Hurrah!

  6. Sky

    Awesome show…and no David Wild!!

  7. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent10-01-2012

    Holy shit…does Andrew McCarthy sleep in a fucking oxygen chamber, or what?!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-01-2012

      He looks a helluva lot better that James Spader.

    • Anniepatra

      I know! Why am I looking older and Blaine still looks like frickin’ Blaine?

  8. STL Tom
    STL Tom10-01-2012

    Good show Ace Man – Going to miss not seeing you in Chi-town. Need to miss the show due to a work conflict (what the fuck?!?). Oh well — if anybody is looking for VIP tickets to the Chicago Show — need to unload them. Can’t believe I am taking work over drinking with the Ace Man. Just hit me up on the reply — I have no idea how to sell these or get them to you but we can figure it out. Looking ot make my money back or best offer.

  9. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle10-01-2012

    “Why is she wearing a hoodie?”
    …great line Alison.

    • Becky Honkington
      Becky Honkington10-02-2012

      I caught that one too. Alison rules.

  10. PJVermont

    On a recent episode David Wild played a “deep cut”, the title was “Mo”. Anyway, here’s a link if you’re interested in downloading the “Pirate Songs” album from which it comes.


  11. RickyG

    The food was great. Thanks!

  12. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle10-01-2012

    That’s a good picture of David Wild.
    …oh wait, nevermind.

  13. jw

    It’s when Adam has guests like this, who may be less gifted conversationally, that you really get to hear how good he is. When he’s having to try and get something going, but can’t turn totally negative because the guest is there, it’s really entertaining.

  14. Pedro

    Adam and his crew seem to have lots of trouble getting around, do they know how to operate their fucking cell phones? Or do they have crappy Apple maps? Also, this is a case of horrible planning. Trying to leave Boston at 5pm on a Friday is impossible and someone who is supposedly from Massachusetts (one of the Mikes) should know to fly to Providence instead.

    • Tyler

      Or just fly to Bradley International.

      • Sam

        I had the same thought. It did make me laugh that a guy so proud of his driving could not handle New England at night.

  15. paddym

    Can’t Adam get some fucking guarantee from the venue/promoter like a driver to pick them up at the airport?

    • Prison Mike
      Prison Mike10-01-2012

      Not when the venue is two states away from the airport.

  16. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick10-01-2012

    Aceman? Any ETA on my book jacket? I sent it in July.

  17. Ken

    A news Helicopter collision over Phoenix skies a few years ago after one of these “high speed chases” caused the local news to send only one helicopter per incident to prevent helicopters from competing in the air space and possibly colliding.

    This probably lent itself to the problem of one single feed to all the networks.

    Tragedy that we all call this news.

    It’s why I don’t watch the local news – it has become entertainment news. High speed chases, fires, robberies caught on tape etc.

    Good show – keep up the good work.

  18. Bob

    Kind of a dud.

  19. ras

    Has anyone on the Ace empire heard of google maps? Shouldn’t you have the specific location already verified using this? I am not talking about just typing in the address but typing in the address AND making sure it lands on a location that looks like where you need to go?

    • North-South-East-West

      Looks like Adam and the crew can use the story to state that they are “Definitely Not a Jew”

      You always have to check where you are going in advance.

  20. joe

    Can we have one co-host? BB – you interupt the flow of the show. I know you want more input but it’s not working.

    • dori

      Na ah. I totally disagree. Love Bryan’s input.

  21. Les

    Mike A,
    WTF?! Get a frickin GPS. It’s 2012 man. It will save your marriage.

    • David

      They’re getting rental cars, aren’t they? (I zoned out in part of the story). Can you even get a rental car that doesn’t have GPS?

  22. Chris

    Could you please use (Left) and (Right) by the guest names when writing your description of the show so we know who is who?

    • Ccgrendel

      Fatty on the left Matt Atchity (still love you and your work, Matt). Then there’s Adam. The man frozen in time on the right is Andrew McCarthy. One is sort of a regular and the other half-way famous. Or use google images after you use google maps if you truly want to get your google stalk on.

  23. Jorm_valadez

    If you guys like manly action movies, check out Dredd. Or don’t complain later on we only get crap.

  24. slowtimer

    I have a new game where I predict what rehashed story Adam will tell based on where the conversation is going. Totally called the lineman dyke story. I have heard it on the show a few times, and I read it in the book, please think about retiring some of these stories. So tired.

    • bubbles

      I hear ya. The handful of sound effects are spent as well, although I didn’t notice Bald squeeze in the music for ‘the more you know’ this time around – hopefully it’s retired for good!
      Funny how he went on a long rant about dip just the other day, then was accosted in the elevator for not holding any. It’s ironic; I’ve lived in the south since ’83 and have never had a stranger ask me for chaw! Oh, and haven’t encountered a plug in a water fountain since college (knock on wood).

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-01-2012

        Bubble head, is that the whites only or colored drinking fountain?

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle10-02-2012

        Just saw dip in the water fountain at Wal-Mart on Sunday.
        …just saying.

  25. MR. ICE
    MR. ICE10-01-2012

    Anyone know where Dr. Bruce has been?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-01-2012

      Sticking his finger up people’s ass.

  26. Cup o'Tard
    Cup o'Tard10-01-2012

    Bring back the Lightning Round!

  27. Felipe Solis
    Felipe Solis10-01-2012

    If i was to meet adam carolla, ill act like ray and annoy the hell out of him…..maybe he will talk about me the next day 😉

    • ubercat

      …or maybe he speed-bags yer head.

  28. GM

    Stony Curtis

  29. Mike Bordin
    Mike Bordin10-01-2012

    speaking of news f ups. Look up Rob Blair, and his Martin Luther King Jr. mess up

  30. real life Harold
    real life Harold10-01-2012

    Nice hair piece Andrew!

  31. jc

    Pretty sure Julia Louis-Dreyfus won an Emmy for ‘New Adventures of Old Christine’. But point taken – Veep is a damn good show.

    • Micah

      Was prepared to say the same thing (including point taken); she did indeed win an Emmy for “Old Christine”.

  32. MPG

    Does Andrew McCarthy ever age? He is — what– five years older since he did Bernie’s 25 years ago? 🙂

  33. paddym

    good show.

  34. Kay Sadilla
    Kay Sadilla10-01-2012

    I knew a girl who thought the word niggardly was racist.

  35. ZigZagstory

    Does nobody have a phone with GPS… Seems kinda retarded

    • Lauren

      Hey Zigzagstory-tard (though they covered this in the pod) they lost the signal about 10 miles away from Foxwoods. This might amaze the fuck out of you but some places the GPS can’t receive the signal from the satellite. I lived in CT and had it happen more than once wooded areas, it’s kind of like going through a tunnel.

  36. DR sbruce goose
    DR sbruce goose10-01-2012

    Yo…… yuze got any dip? I spit da last uh mine in a hospital drinken fountain….

  37. Yeah

    shout out to alison from a couple days ago…

    “no one wants a mouthful and an earful”


  38. Robert

    Julia Louis Dryfus in 40 and fuckable lolololol

  39. Brian

    Jesus! He looks exactly like he did 25 years ago……

  40. Trimegistus

    Adam’s Boston airport anecdote reveals that he doesn’t understand Boston. Roads in Boston are not meant to get you where you’re going. The whole Mass Department of Transportation’s job is to prevent people from getting to their destinations. And they are helped by millions of free-lance Boston drivers who are also trying to prevent you from getting there.

    After you drive in Massachusetts for a while, this is absolutely irrefutable.

  41. DS Siobhan Clarke
    DS Siobhan Clarke10-01-2012

    This whole thing with Larry Miller has really got me bummed. It’s been six months. Six months! I really wish Larry a full recovery. It will be nice to get back to the LMDS zany times. I know this isn’t the right spot to be commenting about this but I just had to say something. Come on pal, we’re all pulling for you! Come back, we miss you.

  42. andygirlll

    WOW – Andrew McCarthy is still dreamy 😉 As an icon of the 80’s and their mutual friend, Molly I thought there’d be more reminiscing. Good times!

  43. BEATnick

    julia louis-dreyfus did win an emmy for new adventures of old christine

  44. Higgs

    Not having a GPS is a little weird, but I live in Boston and that part of the story is spot on. There was a little government boondoggle you may have heard of called The Big Dig. It was a road project that was supposed to improve the awful traffic situation around Boston. The whole things lasted about 20 years, with a whole lot of of graft and corruption, and a few unnecessary deaths, and when it was done, traffic only got worse and now no one really knows where they are going.

    Boston: where the expression “128 North is the same as 95 South” is absolutely true. That’s right kids, there is a major thoroughfare that runs north AND south at the same time. I mean a single side of a highway. Never mind, it would take way too long to explain.

  45. Puddy Mo
    Puddy Mo10-02-2012


    You’re from Scumerville and you don’t know what I-93 is? You grew up in the Boston area and can’t get to 95 from the airport? Granted, I’d want to forget my upbringing if I had to live in that sh-thole, but still…

  46. Ras

    Ace – first you make timely “Ask Jeeves” references and now you keep referring to “Map Quest”. Please you sound like a crusty old luddite fart. What’s next – the wonders of MySpace and Rock ‘n Roll

  47. Big B
    Big B10-02-2012

    Would have liked to hear some stories on his first film, “Class.” I’d bet he had some great stories about Jacqueline B.

  48. SamuelJH

    Thank you Adam Carolla, Andrew McCarthy, Matt Atchity, supporting cast and crew.

  49. ross

    Adam is flat out wrong on the gender role thing with kids. How the fuck is hating pink in Sonny’s DNA? Its a fucking arbitrary color. That’s obviously socialization

  50. Dale Skinner
    Dale Skinner10-04-2012

    Expected to hear about the Blind Sheik and Mr. McCarthy’s prosecution of him. Interesting to learn he had a movie career before becoming a lawyer.

  51. Chris

    I love the 2 vs 2a roadway rant. Here in New England every road started as a cow path. Then it gets paved. Then they need it wider than a cow. So they rename it 2a, and create a 2. But 2 and 2a merge and diverge since 2a is wider than a cow in some spots but not others, so they didn’t need a new 2 everywhere. That’s what we call New England charm 🙂 Eh Ya.

  52. Yossarian

    He said “plucking that chicken.”

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