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Adam opens the show discussing the crazy travel weekend he just had with Mike August. He also talks about visiting his dad’s old stomping ground in South Philly, and walking through Detroit and Denver. Later, the guys listen to a clip of Glenn Beck praising Adam for his Occupy Wall Street comments, and Adam comments on his own lack of self-esteem.

Alison begins the news discussing the suspension of Herman Cain’s campaign. They also discuss Madonna’s upcoming performance during Superbowl Halftime, and Adam talks about Lynette taking the kids to Disneyland. The last news story deals with the LA windstorm knocking power out all over the city, and Adam shares more stories from his weekend on the road.

Alonzo Bodden joins the show next and talks with Adam about recovering from his Ducati accident. The guys then talk about the world of Moto GP racing, and Alonzo’s background working on planes at Lockheed. Returning the news, Alison talks a bit more about Herman Cain, and the guys contemplate whether or not his wife knew he was having an affair. There’s some brief discussion of the Scarlett Johansson-Ryan Reynolds-Blake Lively love triangle, and the show wraps up talking about hitchhiking in the 70s.


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  1. mpm

    I disagree with Adam about his adamant pissing on protesters. I’ve made a wage for myself since the age of 14. I’ve never drawn unemployment or welfare. I want a cookie, and I want rational people to protest and demonstrate and occupy the fuck out of this country.

    • Andrew King
      Andrew King12-06-2011

      Stop being mad at rich people and Wall street and start going after what the real problem is: Government

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana12-06-2011

        Rich people shouldn’t get bailouts. They got a huge one. And guess who’s going to get screwed because of it?

        This is not pure Capitalism. And This is not America (cue the David Bowie song).

        I’m a far-right Republican, but I agree the Occupy Movement has some valid arguments.

  2. fast_dave

    Goodbye hipster hat!

  3. rushbaby

    great show guys. Bodden seems like a nice chap.

  4. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-06-2011

    I can’t wait to hear the Glenn Beck comments, I don’t listen to his show or Shawn Hannity who also was praising, I hear; Adam’s comments. Good Job Ace Man!

  5. Dave

    I haven’t heard the pod yet but Scarlett all the way baby! Where’s my Lubriderm?!

  6. Nick

    I find it odd that these conservative pundits like Adam’s views on stuff. They are not really listening I guess. He has perhaps Libertarian views, but GOP, not so much. I too disagree with Adam on the Occupy movement. He truly doesn’t get it.

    • Patrick

      Actually, I’d say Adam has it spot-on. The “Occupy” movement is mostly people that are unwilling to make their own way in life and resent other people’s success.

  7. JessMan

    it’s adam’s other black friend!

  8. a fan
    a fan12-06-2011

    Occupy Wall Street is not about people who don’t want to work. It’s about the 99% of the population needing the government to be for the people by the people. Insane corporate greed, corruption, lying, cheating and stealing have become the norm in business. It has brought the country to it’s knees & the 99% is paying the price. Laws have been broken, we have all been ripped off on a major scale and no one has been held responsible. Government agencies looked the other way so they could get hired on later with the offending companies. Then big business was bailed out by our taxes to keep the economy going. Instead of reinvesting in the econmony, big business gave themselves record bonuses and raised prices. Meanwhile, the message is we the people are lazy and shouldn’t need any help from the government. Republicans voted to stop unemployment extensions & some are suggesting we do away with social security – that we’ve all paid into. We’ve been sold out.

    Adam’s message is to shut up and go to work. There are simply not enough jobs. Adam was surprised to hear about the lawyer delivering pizza because he can’t find a job. That’s everywhere and I can’t believe he doesn’t know it. Republicans vote to continue to stack the deck for corporations. They ask for “deregulation” for big businesses when it’s clear the laws on the books aren’t even being enforced.
    I wish I could join the Occupy Wall Street protestors, but I have to work and take care of my kids for less $ than I made 15 years ago. Adam, do you even know what Occupy is about?

    • Patrick

      These people complain about government. These people claim to represent the feelings of most of the voting citizens of the United States. WHO do you think puts this government in place?

      YOU vote them in and then complain you have no control of their activities. Obviously 99% of the population doesn’t have too much of a problem with these politicians because we keep seeing the same faces year after year.

    • swingset

      Does Occupy even know what occupy is about? No one in that mass tantrum can even agree, most seem to be professional agitators. They have no cohesive anything, with no direction or ideas except disrupt and be unhappy. Adam is right, you’re wrong. Grow up.

    • Logic.

      Thank you, but you’ve wasted your time. The people opposed to OWS, like Ace, have made up their mind on less than no facts and don’t really care to hear anything else.

    • traenk

      Please stop lumping me in with you, Bottom 20%. Stop calling yourself the 99%.

  9. dlodiego

    Adam was right on with his OWS comments! Thank you for telling the truth.

  10. reb

    cre-ate-iv . . . NOT CRATE-ive

    sim-it-tree. . . NOT SEM-et-tree

    what’s new about “entitlement” apart from more people using the word “entitlement”? when was this idealized time when people saw a rolls royce and aspired to be like it’s owner? when did that suddenly change to envy?

    the self-made man, rugged individualist, fellatio alger stories are just as tiresome as any other basically true cliche.

  11. Mark

    Alonzo Bodden AND a UCONN sweatshirt?! GET IT ON!!!!!!! NATIONAL CHAMPS BABY

  12. ajs

    Great description of downtown Detriot, a very desolate place indeed. But Detroit has nothing on Flint, MI. Whole neighborhoods abandoned, the main drag through downtown has the social security office, the prison, and a couple of other shops/bars, everything else is abandoned. It wasn’t to crazy to be driving and see a burning house without any fire engines in sight. Surprisingly, the colleges (Kettering University, U of M Flint, Mott Community) haven’t pulled out yet, and are probably the only thing keeping Flint from eating itself alive.

  13. J-Bob

    Great Zo is back.
    Ace, I have a Rich Man – Poor Man for you. Living in a hotel. Richard Gere in Pretty Women was living in a hotel but poor people and drug addicts live in run-down hotels and motels.

  14. blah

    You should have the Umgat Egypitan guy as a guest. He sounds really interesting and i would like to hear more about it.

  15. Dan

    Wow. Thought this would be a good one. Instead, we got some solid beginning stuff and Alonzo repeating stories from when he was on both the Podcast and Car Cast.

  16. Justin

    I agree completely with Adam on the evils of endless government subsidies.

    Now, what group of people received $7.7 trillion, interest free, from the government the past three years? Whose multi-million dollar bonuses were paid with that money? Who has been allowed to break laws and, as a consequence, receive special treatment from its regulatory authority in the form of “agreements” pay a miniscule fine without admitting wrongdoing, i.e., with impunity? Who was allowed to marshall all the resources of the state in advancing a massive fraud scheme from 2000 – 2008, including: sanctions by lawmakers sponsored by the fraudsters, regulatory agencies who refuses to detect the fraud, State-created entities that “purchase” the fraudulent “products,” a Treasury Dept insistent upon reimbursing any losses from fraudsters’ derivative bets on the frauds, and a Federal Reserve that continues to act in secret concert with the fraudsters — all because the fraudsters are deemed “systemically important”? Who is that?

    Hint: It’s not the Occupiers. But they’re the ones Adam castigates?

    • Jacks

      If the man read these boards, you’d hear the sound of your post whizzing over his head. He’s a funny guy, but the podcast I think was, and is at its best when he’s interviewing interesting people, or riffing with comedians about funny topics. His rants are starting to scratch a really annoying groove in the record… Their lack of insight or nuance detract from his image as a truly fast and funny force in comedy…

      • Eric

        @Jacks +1: Getting real tired of his political rants. Just keep it to comedy. All of what you he is talking about is incredibly anecdotal and is just becomes tiresome, and this coming from a guy who has always been in the middle of the aisle. No one comes on to listen about politics from a guy who barely graduated high school and was a host of the Man Show.

  17. bob

    Praised by Glenn Beck. That pretty much says it all. Hey Adam, when you have a complete fucking idiot praising you, it might be time to do a little self check. You know, read a book perhaps, go down and talk to some protestors, think about what’s actually happening out there in the country, and why people are occupying. Hint: It’s not because they’re lazy and they want free bong hits.

    Oh sweet irony. An ignorant dipshit like Adam can spout ignorance over the internet (developed with public dollars) while spewing anti-collective, knee jerk horseshit he heard on talk radio.

    I vote for raising Adam’s tax rate to 90%, just on general principles. Either that, or at least have the balls to spout your bullshit when there’s somebody around who might disagree with you. Otherwise, you’re an intellectual pussy ass-wipe, to use your nomenclature.

    Have a great day!

    • Jll M.
      Jll M.12-06-2011

      Well said Bob.

    • swingset

      I can see the spiddle flying out of your commie man-pleaser all the way through the internet. And, I like it. Poor little liberal, held down by The Man.

    • Eric

      Ya, I love his comedy, but it is annoying how he will always back down in interviews to people who he disagrees with and then calls them out in following episodes.

      I would love to see him bring on someone who actually knows politics and rip his observations apart.

  18. Dustin

    At least the Tea Party just showed up for a day, said what they wanted to say and left. It’s amazing the amount of hate vomited up over the Tea Party, but now when a bunch of smelly over educated bums sit in a park for 2 months it’s supposed to be a marvel of free speech and “making a difference”. At least if you hate the tea party they were gone in a few hours and you didn’t have to navigate human filth just to run your coffee shop.

  19. Ras

    I have been listening to Ace for over 10 years – his opinion about the Occupy pussies is not different then anything else he has been talking about for over a decade. This just seems to have caught attention because Glenn Beck/ Media Circus/ More Douchey People trajectory we have been on as a society. I don’t mid people protesting but I am convinced that most of these assholes protesting are not willing to WORK for a solution but just want a Hollywood ending where everything is solved because the rich, evil, white guy decides to have a heart and that resolves all that was wrong.

    • bob

      Hey Ras, what exactly “convinces” you that you know so much about the OWS protestors? Where do you get your information? How did you form this opinion? From Adam and Glenn Beck? Would you care to go down to an actual occupy protest and talk to some people? Say, one holding a sign saying “I’m a WWII veteran?” Then you could tell that lazy hippie how lazy he is.

      Jesus, Adam has some real ignorant fans. What a shocker.

  20. Moody

    Glen Beck can’t help but love the Ace Man. Indeed, we all know that Adam is, along with Dr. Drew, a man of passion.

  21. Bobby

    I could not agree more with Adam on his OWS comments and I’m addicted to this podcast. Yes OUR government should temporarily assist those that through no fault of their own genuinely need it. Only a TINY fraction of those currently on welfare fall in that category. To all the rest I say; Get off your ass and work hard. Do so with a decent attitude that reflects an understanding & appreciation that you live in the greatest nation (even with its faults) in human history, where more opportunity abounds than all other nations on earth combined. You will be surprised by how far hard work will take you, and as a huge bonus you will feel exponentially better about yourself. By that I mean the wonderful, almost subconscious sense of deserving to relax and enjoy yourself at the end of a workday. This always happens because you KNOW you’ve earned it and it makes you more confident and comfortable in your own skin. It’s the only decent way to live because perpetually relying on government is subtly degrading and corrodes the spirit. Sorry for the rant but it’s true.

    • Justin


      What do you think of the people who stole several billion dollars from us hard workers across this greatest nation? Do you think they should be prosecuted? Or should we hard workers just agree, through our elected representatives, to give the thiefs a few more billion dollars?

      I honestly want to know what you think about this. Do you think Ken Lewis and John Thain and John Corzine and Angelo Mozilo (and every other swindler on Wall Street and at Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae) are also just “hard workers” who earned every penny they received, lost, and received again from the government?

    • Jacks

      Propaganda all, and nothing to do with what most of the OWS protestors and those who support them are complaining about. They are not asking for welfare to be increased, they are asking for our government to give a modicum of support to the populous, rather than handing our collective nest eggs, and their own solvency to a small, largely corrupt, largely amoral fraction of our community that ran the economy into the ground, but ask us to pay for it in the form of job losses, increased debt, and the devaluation of our currency, while they continue to reap staggeringly large bonuses which are often taxed at lower rates than the average joe. It’s not about folks being lazy and looking for a hand out, we are being fleeced by a few elite in the financial sector, and it must stop or this country is in big trouble.

      • Joker

        Well said Jacks. Please read this everyone.

  22. JessMan

    SR-71 and ScarJo’s tata’s. Some beauties up today!

  23. Matt

    If you want to understand the generational differences that Adam is ranting about you should read The Fourth Turning by William Howe. It explains very clearly how generations act, why they act the way they do and it helps explain all the behavior that goes on around us. Check it out sometime. These generational attitudes have been repeated in England (and eventually America) since the 1400s.

  24. Ronada

    Adam’s comments today like many days sometimes make me want to blow him from my iphone jack, and I am not even sexually attracted to him! I just keep finding it so amazing that someone can have an opinion out there so close to mine. I just think people are such crazy insane self absorbed dumbasses these days. Do I think I am any better than most of them? Sometimes, but only because I am just a regular person trying not to be so pretentious and poor me. My life is hard, and I work for a boss who is an asshole like most people, but you just have to do things you don’t want to do sometimes in order to get through life, and if you are lucky you get to enjoy some of it too. I love love love the comment on smoking a joint while having an abortion! I find it confusing that so many people on the right want to get in your pants (literally) and so many people on the left are like Hey Man, get out of my pants, but lay on top of me with your big government dick inside me! Most of us don’t really belong on either side of this fence. Thank you Adam for getting me through my long commute everyday and making me laugh!

  25. T Money
    T Money12-06-2011

    Uh oh, the Ace haters are coming out of the woodwork.

    When I was 22 and wrapping up my masters in accounting my roommates would talk shit because I was often passing up boozing and other college shenanigans to hit the library till it closed. Fast forward 7 years and I make significantly more money, as they struggle and frequently post shit on facebook about OWS and complain about how the GOP wants to cut entitlements. I posted a picture of my 750i.

    Kicker is my education was paid for by the lottery funded Bright Future’s Scholarship, or as I like to call it: upward redistribution of wealth. Suckas

  26. Brad Moreland
    Brad Moreland12-06-2011

    The SR-71 Blackbird was never designed to carry missiles. Thus, they never had to “redesign” missiles for it to carry. It’s not a fighter nor a bomber. From its inception it was a reconnaissance aircraft. It was only used for flyovers and surveillance. However, it flew too high and too fast for surface-to-air missiles to track it. It could simply outrun any pursuing fighters or missiles.

  27. CACAHD

    In my best nasally voice “Let me be the first to say, Adam Villa-re-tardo
    for mayor!”

  28. Jost

    Ace was 100% correct about the occupy idiots. Was it wrong for Gov’t to bail out the banks? Of course….but that’s the fault of the policians both Dems and Repubs..not rich people.

  29. Afee90

    Lefty that agrees people need to pull themselves up by their own boot straps. No handouts, right? Okay, does that apply to Big Corporations? I want fair market rules to apply to them as well. Where was Adam’s outrage when BofA, AIG, CitiGroup, GMAC needed welfare? Let the big corporations not take handouts. Let them fall on their ass if needed. My friend had a business (not making this up) on Main st. in Santa Monica, the economy tanked she went under. Okay, but huge corporations tanked and they just borrowed tax payer money and went back to slicing back benefits and hiring. I’m just asking for fairness.

  30. BPiddy

    That Blake Lively is a little bit of alright – woohoo…still don’t know why she’s famous

  31. Dave

    I think Adam is telling us what he thinks. He’s not telling us what he wants us to think. So his views on OWS protests are his opinion and what he thinks on the topic. Glenn Beck heard the podcast, he agreed with what Adam’s opinion was and put it on his (The Blaze) website. So on this topic Glenn Beck agreed with Adam on this issue.

    It does not mean Adam and Glenn Beck now agree on all topics and issues.

    You can agree with Adam on any topic you want, and you can agree with Glenn Beck on any topic you want, it doesn’t mean you have to take all of their ideas and thought as your own.

  32. John

    Dear God Adam doesn’t know anything about politics. Why does he continue to whine about it? “Who’s stopping you from getting a job?” hmmm… the economy, the lack of jobs maybe? NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN TO HIS POLITICS

    • God

      Dear John,
      Adam has a point. If you don’t see it, you’re even more of a moron than you think Adam is. By the way, stop touching yourself so much… you’ll go blind. Unfortunately I DO see everything.

  33. Nate Balcom
    Nate Balcom12-06-2011

    Hey where’s the Amazon link? I am ready to do some Amazon shopping, but not seeing the link. Lil help..?? Anyone..??

    • Patrick

      Click the Support the Show tab and you should see the amazon link

    • slim pickin's
      slim pickin's12-07-2011

      You may have an ad-blocker on your browser. Same thing happened to me. Depending on the browser, you may need to ‘allow’ amazon. Good day.

  34. Eric B
    Eric B12-06-2011

    Actually it was Jack Northrop who designed and built the flying wings way back in the day, eventually culminating in the B-2 Bomber…Not Kelly Johnson…Both aeronautical geniuses in their own right.

    Always like when you have Alonzo on your show..Good guy.

  35. Richie

    Oh well, you should grabbed that radio deal, i just can see in a few years Carolla turning into the Andy Rooney like mascot of Fox Network, all wrinkles and grey curls bristling because, i don’t know, parkimeters come with spanish instructions or some other mexican related chicanery-

    I’ll stiil tune in whenever Dana Gould is in, good luck to all, and Allison, please, go back to school while you can.

  36. matt

    HITCHHIKERS – there’s a great podcast from Freakonomics about “Where did all the hitchhikers go?” – combination of good cheap cars (more people driving…. ridiculously larger number of cars on the road) more/better public transit. Worth a listen….

  37. Daniel Blazek
    Daniel Blazek12-07-2011

    It made me sick when Glenn Beck co-opted my nickname, and makes me even sicker that you’re playing his horse dung on my long time favorite podcast. Cut the crud. Your rants are your own, the right wing just wants your bandwagon. You don’t need his pat on the back, and you certainly dont need to drive your real listeners away.

    The real “Blaze”

  38. Joker

    See, MATT MAROUN! The f|_|ck|ng train station, to visitors, has become the sad icon of Detroit. DO SOMETHING WITH IT. Adam, there is a lot to Detroit that is cool, but admittedly it’s hard to get past the sore thumbs in the landscape. Please come back again so I can see the show. I had too much work to do this time to carve out time to go to RO. Yours truly, Assh*le on the Left…with a job.

  39. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac12-07-2011

    “Comment moderation make take some time??” I say, I say, I have been censored!

  40. Johnny Dilznik
    Johnny Dilznik12-08-2011

    Question for Alonzo would be:

    You would eliminate a black candidate solely because he is conservative? Talk about small minded foolishness. The dems have pulled the wool over the non-white communities eyes for decades.

  41. Big Ed
    Big Ed12-12-2011


    You are really getting tedious. You were a lot better when you talked about things people could relate to, like left turn arrows.

    With each passing day, you are becoming more and more removed from the working man and sounding more and more like an entitled celebrity. The great irony is that this is what you say you are against – entitlement. Not to mention envy (envious of your own family, having a good time? No, not all).

    Everyone knows you are a hard working man. You are also very fortunate. There are plenty of talented people who have worked hard – harder than you – and not achieved the same level of success as you. Jimmy Kimmel, anyone?

    And Glen Beck fans are becoming Carolla fans? No better measure of your being out of touch than this.

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