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Adam opens the show discussing the star-studded party he attended over the weekend. He also talks about taking the kids to see the Harlem Globetrotters, even though he never got to see them as a kid himself. Adam then talks about a bad review for Celebrity Apprentice he got in Rolling Stone, and chats with Dr. Bruce about Jeremy Lin.

This week’s Healthwatch begins with the guys discussing Whitney Houston’s death. He also talks about the claims that we are enslaving bees to make our honey, and explains why Obama is considered the worst pot president. Adam and Dr. Bruce argue about whether or not the heads of pharmaceutical companies should feel bad for people overdosing on their product, and Dr. Bruce responds to a couple listener calls.

Comedian Alonzo Bodden joins the show next, and talks with Adam about his new car. Later, Alison opens the news with more discussion of Whitney Houston, and the Bobby Brown funeral-seating controversy. Other news stories include the toxicity of new car smell, a school paying its students for attendance, and a candy company reducing its product’s calories. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss crash test dummies needing to be fatter.

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  1. ryan

    haven’t listened yet but already cracking up at the rolling stone review. even took a wildly unnecessary shot at drew.
    “doesn’t think before he speaks”?!?!?!?!
    “funny-guy shtick”

    • JV Australia
      JV Australia02-20-2012

      The lead singer from Midnight Oil, Peter Garrett, is now a politician in Australia.
      He’s the Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth and Crash Test Dummies.

  2. tony

    hey everyone, it’s true, I do in fact have AIDS.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-20-2012

      Now you tell me!

  3. reno

    Wow….. you are such a good man.

  4. mnoswad1

    Sorry, but in this picture Dr Bruce looks like a homeless bobble head. Hope he actually gets to finish a heath news story this time.

    btw, Adam was pretty good in the board room last nite.

  5. DougInLV

    Alonzo Bodden always brings it.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-21-2012

      Black History Month is in full swing.

  6. Elias

    I don’t understand how Dr Bruce just doesn’t get it. He says that he gets it but immediately starts talking about something completely different. If you’re manufacturing toilet paper, you have have to be happy that people are throwing rolls at trees and houses. if you grow pumpkins, you’re happy that people are carving pumpkins around Halloween. If you sell milk or popsicles, then you have to be happy that elementary school kids are using milk cartons and popsicle sticks for arts and crafts. There’s plenty of examples for this shit.

    People buying your product for unintended uses means more sales for you. Now if you’re going to tell me that there are unintended consequences then spit it out! What are the penalties incurred on pharmaceutical companies when people are abusing medications? Do those penalties outweigh the extra profits from selling more product? Maybe they do or maybe they don’t.

    • Bobby F
      Bobby F02-20-2012

      There are very few doctors who think objectively when it comes to the very thing they have devoted their lives to. While you all were out getting laid and doing keg stands, they were burried in the books. They graduate med-school realizing this and are quick to defend any attack on any part of their industry. Dr. Spaz is no different. Doctors are great minds and essential to our society but they aren’t driven by common sense all the time.

    • Josh

      Except that Bruce was right and Adam was wrong on this one.

  7. TS

    Hilarious review.

  8. Woochunk

    Bruce forgot his gel today, didn’t he?

  9. Cameron

    Whaaat?! Adam talking about how cute his kids are again. Adam of all people should know, nobody finds other people’s kids cute. Adam’s kids sound like spoiled pains in the ass to me.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-20-2012

      Just Natalia.

      • WikiWha

        Oh MAN! I can’t wait until Natalia turns 13! She already has the Carolla quick wit.
        Watch out Adam! It gets worse….muuuuch worse

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle02-21-2012

          In ten years Adam will have a black kid at his front door asking if he can “prolapse his daughter’s anus?”

    • Michael Pemulis
      Michael Pemulis02-20-2012

      I read four sentences from you and I was tired after the first.

      Nobody likes people who use question marks and exclamation points together. Am I right?!

  10. editorite

    How does Dr. Bruce tolerate being interrupted and dissed by Adam every week?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-20-2012

      Because he still owes Adam $58,000.

  11. Another Adam
    Another Adam02-20-2012

    Did Dr Bruce seriously say that Doctors need more education on prescription drugs?

  12. danaconda

    This guy should think before he writes. Wrote either instead of neither like a big ole dipship

  13. Mark D
    Mark D02-20-2012

    Bodden is always great, one of the few guests smart enough to keep up with Adam. can’t wait.

  14. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-20-2012

    May on the House – I Spent my weekend cutting and then later patching holes in drywall, drilling holes up and down thru blocking, crawling around the attic fishing Romex, HDMI and Coax cables all so I could have a new 47″ flat screen ($600 at Costco, amazing!) mounted up above the bedroom closet door to watch my very first Celebrity Apprentice. I missed the first 20 minutes but it’s now permanently set in TiVo. Get It On Ace Man, make us proud!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-20-2012

      You should have flush mounted it in the wall like Adam did at Jimmy’s house.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee02-20-2012

        I’m not that good, plus I bought a wall mount bracket that tilts out so I can lay in bed and watch. I did put a nice double retro box with a power outlet and HDMI outlet that just plugs in. You can’t see it and it looks beautiful if I say so myself. Still debating whether I should texture and re-paint (you can’t see that either), where is that puke avocado paint that momma selected?

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle02-21-2012

          You should paint and re-texture for the next episode of Doodee on the House.

    • Sandman

      They don’t make a T.V. that ISN’T a flatscreen. Even C.R.T. (picture tube) televisions over the last 10 years are flat.

  15. Jim

    I love looking at the pictures here first and wondering what they all have in common, then listening.

  16. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle02-20-2012

    “Quit your grinnin’ and drop your linen.”
    Makes me smile every time. Good stuff.

  17. Bartenational

    Adam, Frankly if we can’t even dominate bees we have lost our way … I mean bees? really? God wanted us to go to the land of milk and HONEY not tofu or bean sprouts … if bees were in charge they would exploit us …. you think we wouldn’t be servicing the queen? bee’s are mean!

  18. mie

    google tom shales he may be the ugliest man in the world

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-20-2012

      Tom Shales is the true definition of virgin. There is no way in the world that man has ever touched a naked female body.

      • Jeff714

        Shales is out of the closet.

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle02-21-2012

          Then he has never touched a naked male body.

  19. Rekab

    Enough with the Whitney Houston discussion already. You’ve run out of interesting angles.

  20. donewithidiots

    Adams feeling the wrath of the lib press for his common sense views, pure and simple. It will only get worse as he gets more recognition. That’s what they do. Libs are on the march from the highest offices with the OWS and media kings. The FCC may eventually control podcasts as they do everything else. That would suck. I have to relate my disgust with the Celeb App. I hope there’s an episode where Adam stands up in the middle of one of trumps kids spouting their arrogance at him or somebody else, and lets them ALL know exactly what they need to hear. I watched one episode and couldn’t stand it. Charities are involved but geez.

  21. bluerat

    Dr. Spaz obviously not a fan of NBA players getting inked up. I would say that there are some players who probably over do it, but I don’t think Jeremy Lin was overlooked for so long because he’s NOT tatt’ed up like Bruce seems to imply at 30:20.

  22. jpmoneypants

    I love how Alonzo ALWAYS spouts the liberal talking points. “Not inviting women to the table on a discussion on contraception”. F&%^*ing retarded liberal untrue talking point. The recent congressional panel was on 1st amendment religious freedom in regard to contraception NOT a debate on the validity, effectiveness, morality, or popularity of contraception. F@#$%ing LIARS.

    • MothersSon

      You Repigs are so angry. It makes me giggle every time you ‘rant’ hehehehe

      • CB

        You idiots who act as if there’s a difference between a person putting a D or R next to their name are the real tards and yes, you make me giggle every time you show your stupidity.

        Idiots, ever heard of divide and conquer. Sorry, that would require reading. My bad.

  23. Tony

    It would be sooooo helpful if the slideshows for each episode had image titles like they always used to. Please, please go back to the way it was. Awesome episodes otherwise!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-20-2012

      They still do, just put your little mousy thingy in the image(s) before you open the slideshow… the more you know

    • CB

      just mouse over the pics, u can read them. or if u really have to, just right click and go to view image.

  24. Brad

    I wish Adam talked about the movie “Drive” today. I would love to hear his opinions on it. It had cars in it so I bet he liked it.

    • garysmith

      Actually Alonzo was in the engineering room when Adam brought up Drive and Alonzo said he agreed with Adam that it sucked. -Gary Smith

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle02-20-2012

        Gary, quick, hit the comment moderation OFF button.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-20-2012

      I’ll take that bet!

  25. Tony

    When Adam always rails about how “Kids these days don’t even open presents because they get so many” I have no fucking idea what he is talking about. He is totally unaware that that is a problem unique to rich guys and their spoiled ass kids. Also, he is always complaining against women these days who supposedly “can’t cook and don’t earn”, which is equally ridiculous. Dude, you married a chick who can’t cook and doesn’t earn, that doesn’t mean they are all that way. My wife both cooks AND earns. A lot of the the things that Adam regularly complains about are self inflicted problems.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-20-2012

      And your point is…?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-20-2012

      Mine cooks and earns. Now ask me if she puts out?

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle02-21-2012

        Mine earns and puts-out…but she can’t cook.

    • donewithidiots

      Actually it’s a middle class thing as well as a lower income thing these days. Check out the stuff poor kids are wearing, and playing with these days. It’s unreal how much poorer kids get for gifts all the time. They will get the extravagant shit comes from the parents having criminal connections that shoplift or strong arm the good stuff. Seriously.

    • CB

      wtf are you talking about? seriously, you’re delusional. try actually listening to what ADAM says instead of listening to that retarded voice in your head that arises every time you hear him. got straw men? WOW

  26. B-Real

    “Your mouth needs a handicap ramp to get to your brain.” Ha Ha Ha

    That was one for the ages.

  27. Ras

    Ace – totally disappointed in your position that kids should be paid to go to school. Whatever happened to delayed gratification?????

    Also – would you only pay to kids that are troublemakers? In that case you are creating an incentive for kids to become troublemakers. Other nations have kids NOT go to school because they have to walk 5 miles to cart clean drinking water back home everyday. Cry me a fucking river that a kid needs to sit still and listen through their History and Math class. If they can’t sit still and go through school then I say cut off public assistance to that asshole who threw away their opportunity for gainful employment and let that asshole starve in the streets. Let starving assholes in public be the warning to future assholes who can’t sit through school.

    • CB

      “In that case you are creating an incentive for kids to become troublemakers”

      We’re already doing that, derp.

      Seriously, stop clinging onto and even giving a shit about what Ace’s opinion is on stuff. Nobody listens to the pod so they can agree with Adam’s views…particularly when it comes to politics. If that’s what you’re interested in, then you’re listening to the wrong podcast.

  28. CNS

    Will someone w/ Facebook please correct the idiot who wrote the RS article. Clearly payback for Adam’s rants about RS’s lack of credibility. I refuse to use Facebook because everyone I want to know about me knows about me, but, on the downside, I cannot post on sites where the login is a person’s Facebook password.

    • CB

      I dont actually use FB either but I’ve made an account to post on pages like you’ve mentioned.

      Any info you enter on FB is there permanently (in their system) and then they turn around and sell that info en mass to advertising companies. Fuck facebook.

  29. Joe

    cindy crawford died ace man? minute 79

    • CB

      lol glad i wasnt the only one who noticed that

      • Allison

        Plus she actually does own a house in Decalb. She wanted her kids to be close to their Grandmother.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-21-2012

      Don’t tell me you are that stupid.

  30. Allen Corona
    Allen Corona02-20-2012

    Alonzo Bodden rules!

  31. raiderswt

    Has anyone else that claims to have no self esteem ever thought as highly of their own opinions as Adam?

    • CB

      First off, he claims to have no self esteem, not low self esteem. Moreover, self esteem has absolutely nothing to do with how you view your opinions, it has to do with ACTIONS and things you’ve accomplished. Sounds like you’ve been brainwashed by the PC crowd about self esteem. I would suggest viewing Penn & Teller’s Bullsh!t episode on self esteem, for starters.

  32. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol02-20-2012

    Damn you Adam for inventing iConfirm, the cops here in Palm Springs are using it for the speeding ticket I got this morning.

  33. Dave

    I think I would rather have Adam as my doctor than this Bruce guy. Sounds like the average doctor douche who’s in the pocket of big pharma.

    How naive is Bruce to believe that pharmaceutical companies don’t want to sell as much as they can?

    I think if Adam ever got really sick he would quickly become frustrated with dopes like this doctor and their circular logic. Most of the anti-depressant, anxiety and pain drugs are given to people who the doctors can’t figure out a proper diagnosis, so after all the tests the dopey doctor can think of come up negative, the bottom of the flow chart is depression/anxiety.

    • CB

      Another incoherent rant irrelevant to what was actually said. Do you just hear a sentence or two and then extrapolate bullshit onto that person’s opinion? Seriously, you don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Moreover, why the fuck are you expecting seriousness from Adam’s show, much less a doctor on his show? I guess Drew’s a hack to you too? Fuck your life must be sad.

      • Dave

        Yes, I’m the incoherent one saying pharmaceutical companies are trying to make money. I believe that was the point Adam was making too.

  34. Wolfy

    I always hear Adam plugging the Amazon banner, but it’s not on the front page or on the “support the show” list. Am I missing something?

    • CB

      Click the ‘support the show’ link 😉

    • CB

      It’s at the top of the support the show page

      • Yossarian

        I don’t see it. Maybe AdBlock is blocking it.

  35. Lindsay

    Hi Adam!

    I am still in the beginning of this podcast, but I have to say, that Rolling Stone blurb is so out of touch that at a certain point it ceased to be insulting and became laughable. Those louts are so full of themselves- just a bunch of overflowing vacuum bags, wallowing in their own dead skin cells and dust mites, desperately in need of being emptied. I think a lot of people who read it will be turned off by its ignorance and nasty tone.

    “Foul-mouthed schlub”?

    First of all, you’ve got a better and more creative command of the English language than most people who’ve graduated from ivy league schools. I know this for a fact, because I’ve lived near Harvard Square for half a decade, and yikes. You do not have a foul mouth- you’ve refined a lingual art form, which involves incredibly accurate detail paired with precise emotional recollection sprinkled with just the lightest dusting of a perfectly timed expletive every once in awhile.

    Secondly, there is nothing ‘schlubby’ about you. While watching Celebrity Apprentice, I noticed you were one of, if not the best looking, most put-together guy there. And not to be too creepy, but your skin looks great- does Lynette give you facials? You just looked sharp, totally healthy, and with-it. Schlubs tend to be ‘depressed’ overweight (as opposed to jolly, Santa Clause overweight), have pasty, acne-prone skin, smell like day-old McDonalds cheeseburgers, and wear unflattering, wrinkled clothes, which probably very closely describes the hipster simpleton at Rolling Stone who wrote all that stuff, except he probably wears neon Chuck Taylors and smokes cloves and is considered cool for those two stupid reasons.

    As always, thanks for the podcast!

  36. holly

    it’s getting increasingly more uncomfortable between Ace & Dr. B. Ace… give him a break or discontinue the segment!! (for heaven’s sake)

  37. Allison

    Midriffs are a privilege not a right. Maybe VS is too

  38. Bee Expert
    Bee Expert02-21-2012

    Carpenter Bees do NOT sting. They DO NOT have stingers.

  39. Yossarian

    It’s getting upsetting how Adam treats Dr. Bruce. I wish he’d shut up and let Bruce speak!! I’d like to hear Bruce answer some calls for once!

  40. Will

    What happened to the captions on the photos?

  41. ed

    Thanks for yet another brilliant podcast. Keep it up!
    I was just wondering if Brian could tell me the name of the generic disco song he played in this episode and i think he has played it before a couple of times.
    Thank you.

    • spiral

      It’s called “Machine Gun” by the Commodores.

  42. cow14

    sometimes i wonder if dr bruce is retarded… i’ve had similar conversations as adam/bruce with other doctors where doctors have no understanding of how incentives work. of course companies love it when idiots take 100’s of their pills. the fact that dr’s prescribe them is irrelevant. doctors are people and can be corrupted with money just like everyone else.

    there is a great example of this in medicare reimbursements. i dont recall the details, but the gist is that there were 2 types of eye surgeries. #1 had high reimbursement rate to doctors from medicare. #2 has low reimbursement rates and was considered extremely dangerous by the medical community. for whatever reason the law was changed; the reimbursement was flipped from surgery #1 to surgery #2. immediately #2 became safe and preferred and #1 became dangerous. hundreds of these examples in medicine. anytime someone tells you that doctors are above money, it’s complete bullshit.

  43. cow14

    also, companies know exactly how much they sell to each market. if they sell to illegal immigrants, they know how much. if they sell to drug addicts who get the product illegally, companies know how much they get from that. in some cases they dont even hide it. western union for example, a big chunk of their business is illegal immigrants sending money to mexico… western union knows exactly how much they make off that group and how to market to that group.

  44. RJ

    Why is Dr. Bruce still on the podcast? He doesn’t get it and keeps hoping for more air time. It’s painful. He can’t keep up with Ace and doesn’t follow the conversation.

  45. jake

    OH, good. The “attempted murder joke again.” How clever

  46. Jenn

    Love Alonzo and Dr. Spaz.

  47. Hollie P.
    Hollie P.03-02-2012

    Listening to Adam & Dr. Bruce talk about Jeremy Lin and hearing Adam say that there aren’t any Asians in the top 500 NBA scorers makes me wonder…has Adam ever heard of Yao Ming? I get the point he’s making because there really aren’t that many Asians in the NBA, but it wasn’t like Yao was this sub par player that spent 2 seasons with the Clippers and then retired…

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