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Adam and Aimee Mann open their 1-on-1 podcast discussing the shitty 80s music that constantly plays at the Burbank Airport. They also talk about how expensive it gets to put on a live show, even though so many of the people seem to be getting paid for nothing. Adam then talks with Aimee about this weekend’s upcoming boxing match, and the difficulty of staying relevant in today’s music industry.

Later in the show, Adam talks with Aimee about her early days going through college and eventually becoming a member of the band Til Tuesday. They also discuss her relationship with her biological family, as well as the Penn family, which she married into. As the show wraps up, Adam and Aimee talk about her upcoming holiday concert, and some of the surprise guests that may swing by.


Visit www.AimeeMann.com for tour dates and more info on today’s guest.

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  1. isle of Mann
    isle of Mann11-10-2011

    OMFG Aimee Mann is the best! Thank you SO much for this, made my day!

  2. toorude89

    I can hear people talking the the background…I can’t believe Ace isn’t teeing off on someone.

  3. Tuvan Throat Singer
    Tuvan Throat Singer11-10-2011

    Live At St. Ann’s Warehouse is a great album.

  4. JohnWayne

    Listening to this now. Hopefully she talks about working with Paul Thomas Anderson.

  5. nathan

    Milk was a bad choice.

  6. T Money
    T Money11-10-2011

    Anyone with an iPhone and the Ace App know how to keep the podcast from going away when the screen is locked?

  7. Headly

    2 of my favorite people. Great to hear them together. I was a bit worried that this episode wouldn’t work, but it was great.

  8. Good Gravy
    Good Gravy11-10-2011

    One of the coolest guests to date.

  9. sfmark

    short show..but good

  10. slim

    Haven’t listened to todays podcast yet but I just need to know something. Where is the Amazon link? I want to support the show but can’t seem to find the link. I checked the ‘Support the show’ page and it isn’t there. Maybe I’m missing something. I see all of the other links but not the amazon one.

    Just trying to help.

  11. Kain

    Nice to see you changing up the shirts these last few weeks Ace man. I’m very proud of you.

  12. Darican

    Good interview… And she looks a lot better now than she did in the eighties…

  13. Kristina W.
    Kristina W.11-10-2011

    OMFG Aimee Mann! Yessssssssss. I’ve been anxiously awaiting her appearance on the show. THANK YOU.

  14. Isaac

    Thanks Ace ……Get it on!

  15. Glenn Stefani
    Glenn Stefani11-10-2011

    Aimee Mann is a great guest and really made for some “good pod”.

  16. Peter_the_Gr8

    I had the honor of unintentionally scary the crap out of Aimee Mann at a bar in Boston circa 1998. She was hanging out at Foley’s bar with a guy who owed my friend money. I had recently quit drinking and was easily agitated. I stormed over and screamed. “Pay Ken the fucking money you owe him, Godammit!” and then walked away. I was later told that Aimee Mann was freaked out. I said, “Aimee Mann? I love her music, I didn’t even know she was there.”

    Interesting side note, Ken never got the money and then he died – mostly of alcoholism. I still don’t drink.

    You can’t judge.

  17. Steve Schlesinger
    Steve Schlesinger11-10-2011

    Aimee Mann is a musical genius! I just love her music. She’s got a great voice and great songs. I really enjoyed the podcast today. It went from an interview to psychotherapy at one point. Please bring her back again Adam.

    Now, let me tell you about Carolla Karma. I had to buy a couple of hard drives a few weeks ago and the ones I was searching for weren’t on sale. The best price on them was at Amazon for $77 each. I was going to click through to buy them, but as a guy who has no choice but to get it on I had no choice but to stop off at this website first and to click through. I had to give a little love to Adam.

    Not even a week later their was a huge flood on the factory floor of a parts supplier. These same hard drives went from $77 to $159 in a few days. So, clicking through this website on your way to Amazon is the virtual rubbing the Buddha tummy, it brings you good luck.

    • Donny Sac
      Donny Sac11-13-2011

      You consider that good luck? Sound like you suffer from Schadenfreude.

  18. BucketheadShred

    It’s wonderful to hear an intelligent woman speak…well, intelligently. Excellent guest!

    • AFan

      I agree wholehertedly! 😀 Some of the quality of the first year on this one!

  19. Queefer Milan, Fart Wishperer
    Queefer Milan, Fart Wishperer11-10-2011

    Ace on the Sarah Silverman Program as the bearded escalator guy is so fucking hilarious. I totally forgot all about this episode until I got high watched it in netflix this morning.

  20. Flatulator

    Hush hush/Even downtown/Horrible farts carry

  21. Michael

    As Ace might say, easy on the ears AND easy on the eyes. She should be a regular, talking music once a month or so with the crew.

  22. LC

    That was great pod! I love Aimee Mann and I love your podcast Adam!

  23. Joe

    Terrific interview – well done, Ace. Aimee is very interesting + talented.

  24. Armin

    Like the idea of image gallery that relates to the show.

  25. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy11-10-2011

    What up Aceman…new site looks decent……

  26. JT

    LOVE the 1-on-1 shows, Adam! HATE it when 4 people are stepping all over each other’s sentences… I can’t get enough of your voice!!! 😀 Makes me happy…

    • marco

      Dude, are you gay?

  27. bob

    dude, great show. you should have PFT on sometime – he has a great take on the “Cake vs Pie” debate… 🙂

    also, he’s a great conversationalist and very funny. He frequently guests on podcasts, and he’s always the best guest anyone’s had. He makes it look so effortless.

    Though, i would use him for a banked/solo episode. Just more facetime for the guest on those.

  28. BuckIV

    GET IT ON! Love me some Aimee Mann.

    Can’t wait to listen to the podcast! Although, considering my expectations I could only really be disappointed by it. What to do…what to do?

  29. Scott W
    Scott W11-10-2011

    Aimee Mann is wonderful… a fantastic singer / songwriter / musician. This was a great interview. One of the best 1-on-1 podcasts yet. Nice job Adam.

  30. Dan Browne
    Dan Browne11-10-2011

    Aimee!!!! The Nihilist’s Girlfriend!!!!!

  31. sean h
    sean h11-11-2011

    i had such a huge crush on aimee in that voices carry video when i was a kid, actually still do. glad to find out she is also a wicked cool and funny person.

  32. Mike P
    Mike P11-11-2011

    Elvis Costello Sucks! I cringe every time Adam uses him as an example for “Good Music”.

  33. Jimmy Olsen
    Jimmy Olsen11-12-2011

    We choose to dance to a tune in this decade and do the other things
    not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

  34. Jorm_valadez

    I’ve heard her music before but I didn’t know who she was. Loved her, great guest.

  35. Donny Sac
    Donny Sac11-13-2011

    The song “Drive” is about drug abuse and the lyrics are not “Who’s going to plug your ears when you scream” – it “Who’s going to plug their ears when you scream.”

  36. murderfan's revenge
    murderfan's revenge11-14-2011

    thanks for the name of that song ace man I’ve been looking forever for that Depech mode song.

  37. Nathan Mack
    Nathan Mack11-14-2011

    The page’s bugs have been fixed! Looks great!

  38. Jeff Jacobs
    Jeff Jacobs02-05-2012

    Aimee is the best. Adam is such a tool!!!!!!

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