Adam’s Rotten Tomatoes Review — Scary Movies


Watch  the latest review from Adam.

  1. Screatus

    I love this new format and the movie review bc Adam and I have the same way of thinking and ,,,well , just the same brain mentality. Every theory he comes up with , I’ve already thought or agree precisely with him. Well done Carolla crew.

  2. Sun_GOD

    This was fantastic. A lot of fun. Keep it up Aceman. P.S. Shelley Duvall’s face is the scariest part of The Shining.

  3. Rob Murray
    Rob Murray11-10-2011

    Get it on!

    Nice work with site Carolla crew! I think Adam hit the nail on the head in regards to today’s horror movies. With everyone popping Adderall in between tweets its no surprise that movies have no build up anymore. Keep up the great work!

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