Adam Interviewed in USA Today


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  1. Rrrrr

    That was a sad interview. No fire. WTF? take 2 please.

    • Gendo

      What? This isn’t his podcast, it’s an informative and interesting look at how the podcast came about, from the kings lips to your ears. I wish the podcast was a video…

    • Grrrr

      LOL they cut off his jokes, then edit all the funny parts out – way to go USA Today. EVERYTHING MUST BER SERIOUS

  2. Jeff

    Ace, thanks for the inside info. You inspire guys like me who are also trying to make it with internet-based projects.

  3. David Abrahamian
    David Abrahamian02-22-2012

    Imagine Adam telling you this at a party? sounds like the re-insurance guy he rants about.

    That being said, it was a good history lesson. He’s a talented SOB

    • Laura

      I don’t think that he’s like the insurance guy, David. I think that he’s being asked about his business and is answering the questions in a sincere way that may come off as dry because he is not trying to put some jokey spin on it.

      Anyway, Adam is kind of a DILF.

  4. C Rip
    C Rip02-23-2012

    Why not just have this link on the front page instead of linking to a link on a plain white page. Isn’t Ace all about design?

  5. rodney

    i dont know how to retweet and add my comment either…

  6. patrick haywood
    patrick haywood02-23-2012

    Hand to god, HAND – TO – GOD.

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