Adam, Sonny, Jim & Ray

Jim, Adam, Sonny, and Ray

Jim, Adam, Sonny, and Ray

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Show Summary

Today on the show, Adam is joined by his dad, son, and buddy Ray. Adam teases his kid for always calling him ‘father’ instead of ‘dad,’ and then talks with his own dad about what Thanksgivings of the past were like. Jim explains the history behind the Carolla/Carollo name, and talks about his cross-country journey as a musician.

Later in the show, Jim talks about potentially having a learning disorder when he was a kid, which may explain some of Adam’s problems in school. Adam then talks about what his past assistants have done to get out of work, and why getting a pickup truck will always keep you busy. Adam and Ray then discuss the importance of being motivated, and as the show wraps up, Adam argues with his dad about whether or not his mom hates America. It gets awkward.

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
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Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Audio: Gary Smith
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Mike Lynch
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Alexander

    This should prove to be interesting.

    Thanks for keeping the content coming out on Thanksgiving.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee11-28-2011

      Loved the Joel McHale interview, I skipped the Lotzi tapes because I have lousy speakers and the audio is bad. Looking forward to hearing Sonny but Howard’s back from vacation “AGAIN!” so I must listen to him first. Also, listener Moe made a comment last week about Community being put on hiatus and more people should be watching it, I agree whole heartily with you Moe but, this is true; if you TiVo shows they do not get credit with whatever new system they use to track shows so if it comes back next season we must all watch it live. With that being said Moe, “did you know that when it snows my eyes become enlarged and…” greatest show ever!

  2. Steve

    this looks adorable. Can’t wait to listen!

  3. Cyrus

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, little Ace, the rest of your family and Ray! Good stuff as usual

  4. DES

    after ACE’s shnooze-fest yesterday i AM EXPECTING SOME YUK YUKS..

  5. DES

    cant do it…tapped out after 2 minutes of pop’s Carollo

  6. Tolley

    This podcast, along with the last one with Ace’s grandpa, are themost fascin
    ating podcsts I’ve ever heard . Thanks Ace, Ray, Jim, Sonny,& all for letting us into the history of your family ..very interesting !! Sincerely, Tolley

  7. Ryan

    Ace’s dad sounds like grandpa Lotzi – should put a drop of airplanes flying overhead when he talks.

  8. Gary Lee Grah
    Gary Lee Grah11-25-2011

    Adam, Warm up the microphones and get your sister on the show. I want to hear her side of the story about your family. Are you like your mom, mm, no. Are you like your dad, mm, no. Grandma,mm, maybe. Love the shows. Get It On! Gary

  9. sfmark

    Wow, adam rants a lot on this one. had some really good things to say and jsut want to contest his car assumption about his mom.. He’s either thinking way too much into or a talking outta his as… he’s the king of unique cars and a Peugot is a very unique vehical. His cars are of the same fold only with a performance and pricy edge.. I’d like my parents to drive unique cars like that but it was vanilla caprice classics..lighten up adam. Also interms of saying that she hated the USA..you don’t have to have flags and god bless the usa shit all over your house to like the country… Also, adam in this respect do you own an american car? don’t think so and in your history of cars can’t recall this..you diss on them all the time and your collection reflects this..from your daily diver lezus to your datsuns to the beamers to the lambos…

  10. Bobby

    This is far and away the best podcast in the country primarily because of Adam’s great sense of humor, quick wit and shrewd observations. But behind it all, what I most enjoy is the unpretentious honest talk. Today’s slightly tense discussion and the family/friend dynamic was interesting and real, and most everyone can relate to that.

  11. Connard

    I suspect that Adam’s Grandma’s smoking Euro cigarettes, driving a Peugeot, marrying a Hungarian and embracing communism was simply a way that she expressed herself. Sure its contrived but she felt that she was sophisticated and wanted to differentiate herself from the masses.

  12. DoMeNiQuE

    EDDYSTONE??!! your Dad was Mr. Entertainment today, enjoyed his stories, but prolly biased as I am from Philly….and Sonny is truly adorable…DDD

  13. stnuntrnd

    Show Summary is much appreciated. Good work!

  14. G-man

    Lotsa good observations about human nature….The military one was good. It will force ppl to do something. The fact that some like being lame so ppl won’t bother them. That is a microcoism of the welfare state in America…

    • Wow

      You’re confusing facts with one man’s pure, oversimplified opinion. Now that ‘s a microcosm of the state of Americans’ thought processing.

  15. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.11-25-2011

    What more could you ask for? Today’s show was amazing.


  16. Will

    Loved it! The family/friend dynamic was great. Keep up the good work Aceman!

  17. Lorelei

    Respect for Adam’s Dad and Ray. I totally got what they were saying about Adam’s opinion on his grandma. I still love Adam tho 🙂

  18. stnuntrnd

    Jim C.’s getting out of the 3rd floor one room digs in S. Philly and landing in Mom-in-law’s house in N. Hollywood was a pretty big life achievement.

  19. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah11-25-2011

    that got weird. ray nailed it.

  20. jessica

    So you’ve become a piece of your mother and grandmother as you constantly complain nee HATE Los Angeles, USA

  21. mike

    Ace do a podcast with your mother and ask her if she likes Amnerica. She will be honest with you and that will help get to the answer. With her depression you talk about, and all of your expeience with drew on loveline in family dynamics you are probably correct. But if you interview her she will tell you her side of her fellings towards her dad and America. Arguing feelings with your dad willnot answer the quesion of your mothers patriotism towards thiscountry. And by the way she should like this country for the reason according to you that she never worked but collected welfare which payed her living expenses. In other words the government through taxpayers supported her for years, and she owes the country thanks for giving her money to support her. If she really wants to live in Europe and thinks it is better for her to be there let her move there. Niobody is making her live here on welfare

  22. Linda

    Love the guest appearance by Sonny, even though he only said a few words. Adorable!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee11-28-2011

      More Sonny next time, less beatin up on Pops…

  23. Kyle X
    Kyle X11-25-2011

    Adam needed to leave his poor dad alone. He was correct as he is about most things, his grandmother obviosly does not got out of her way to drive a shit car and smoke crappy cigarettes for no reason. That being said, once he won the arguement he should have moved on instead of going on about it for 30 min.

  24. KansasJOn

    I agree

    Adam’s grandma sounds(ed) pretentious but not necessarily anti-American.

  25. Tom

    Great change of pace show, like listening to family chatting casually at dinner. I love that Adam’s show becomes a great conversation I am part of every day – and hearing Jim tell stories gets Adam into interest topics and pseudo-therapy.

  26. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana11-25-2011

    “Dad” is a term of endearment, while “father” is more formal. You should call him “offspring” or “junior”.

  27. DRUNK Report
    DRUNK Report11-25-2011

    more SONNY! hahaha. that dudes a pimp. love it

  28. Lonny

    I’ve listened to this podcast since day one and have been constantly/consistently amazed with his generous and prolific brilliance; and am thankful for it.

    This podcast is emblematic of what The Ace Man has is all’bout — love/honesty versus apathy/phoniness.

    Ace is describing observable behavior from Grand-ma-ma; his father and friend are unable to present a rebuttal and resorts to characterizing his “attitude” — as if that retorts the bullet points that supports his case.

    She couldn’t say anything positive thing about America.

    That can weigh heavy on a mans soul.

    She didn’t have the realization, that she was afforded the easy and affluent lifestyle that many American and foreign lives worked/compromised paid for the freedom she enjoyed.

    Some of us . . . are in constant battle against you who refuse to realize this.

    “Never give in. Never give in. Never, Never, Never- In nothing great or small, larger or petty — Never give in except or convictions of honor and good sense.” — Winston Churchill.

    The Aceman is a contemporary Winston Churchill/J.D. Salinger — read “The Catcher in the Rye” before you tell me i’m wrong.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee11-28-2011

      “Contemporary J.D. Salinger” Really? Do you have to buy Catcher when you get a headache Lonny Hinkley?

  29. holly

    sonny interjecting unnecessarily through pops carolla’s stories… like father, like son. love it. i can’t wait to see his kids as teenagers.

  30. big jim
    big jim11-26-2011

    Heck yeah, three generations of Carolla’s and one Oldhoffer. Should be a good one!

  31. chuck

    pretty interesting…..nice that Ray jumped in and kinda defended Dad. Adam got kinda shitty and petulant about it after awhile and I think Ray wanted to kinda protect Dad.

    I think Ace is generally right about it, but I think what Ray/Dad eventually got out of him about his feelings towards her colored his selection bias. I’m sure there was probably a day or moment where she felt good about America but Ace’s blind outrage covers it up. and to what end? I wanted Dad or Ray to ask Adam at some point, “what are you getting out of this?”

    it got a little uncomfortable when Ace is haranguing Dad about “give me ONE example!” and the lack of response. Dude. He’s freaking 81 years old and has no interest in fighting a battle he forgot about. And by the way, he’s your dad. Show some respect, christ.

  32. dancingspanishman

    D’AWWWW Sonny Boy!

  33. Listener

    That’s good pod.

  34. Dan K. Stanley
    Dan K. Stanley11-26-2011

    It’s pretty apparent that the AceMan has issues with almost everyone he grew up with that didn’t turn out how he thought they should. Its shows like this that give you a look at who people really are, and Adam is kind of a dick. Sure he’s funny but I wouldnt like to be one of his childhood friends when he’s at a party and calling you out on how your life isn’t going as well as his.

  35. Mona

    Good show. I agree, I think Ray nailed it. Jim’s responses were also right on, after hearing him I have a different take on poor Adams childhood…he needs to let it go.

    Ray needs to be on more to call Adam on his BS.

    It would be great to hear from Adams sister and his mother.

    But really why comment? Adam doesn’t read them.

  36. Eric the Butcher
    Eric the Butcher11-26-2011

    Oh! and I just bought a product from one of your sponsers GOTOMYPC.

  37. Juiceman2000

    For some reason I loved how Adam’s Thanksgiving Family Special somehow ended up with Adam grilling his Grandpa and trying to force him to admit Grandma was a Commie traitor LMFAO! Well God bless the Carolla’s and I feel terrible that made me laugh so hard. Great wonderful stuff lol

  38. Zimbo the Pet Monkey
    Zimbo the Pet Monkey11-27-2011

    I can see why Adam gets so frustrated with his dad. The guy only talks about what he wants to talk about. And he has zero charisma.

  39. Steve a
    Steve a11-27-2011

    Great family dysfunction in this episode. Adams argument with his dad had nothing to do about his grandmother, but everything to do about their fragile relationship. Jim Had a tough time growing up, I think it led Jim to his career in psychology through self discovery. Adam said the best thing his dad did was introducing Jim to therapy. All thIs dysfunction is why it is the best podcast in the world. Thank you Carolla family.

  40. Kaveman

    Loved hearing Pops blow his horn! The rest was great too.

  41. mg nelson
    mg nelson11-27-2011

    I just want to know one thing…after all these years of talking about your parents..in embarrassingly, truthful detail….why are they even speaking to you much less being on your show? Do they not know what you’ve said, do they feel no embarrassment…..or what? It’s hilarious stuff….hand to god!

    • Paul Santos
      Paul Santos12-12-2011

      Because it is not the truth. It’s his public persona. People would be bored with the truth, so he exaggerates everything and fabricates where exaggerating the truth just wouldn’t do it.

  42. Carollacultmember182.Ventura

    Adam, are you sure that’s your dad? Dude, you guys nothing alike. Oh, and Ray looks like Will Ferrell’s ugly younger brother, or is it better looking brother? Hard to tell with that genetic make up. Your boy is adorable, love the formal addressing of his pop. I think I’ll start making my kids address me as such. I deserve it, I’m a classy guy.

  43. Greg

    The end of the episode was Adam’s catharsis at it’s best.

  44. Brian

    Grandma not a fan of this country? Lets look at Adam’s record. He drives Italian cars, helped Kimmel with the feast of San Gennaro, constantly complains about how dumb Americans are, complains about not having Little Italy in Los Angeles (as if it were a theme-park attraction), etc…

    Why should a woman in the 1960s know anything about Peugeot?

  45. Stevie

    It was really uncomfortable hearing Adam grilling his Dad on how his life didn’t turn out how he hoped and how people thought he was slow. That was followed by the Grandma is a communist rant which we’ve heard many times before. Even if she was a female Sadaam doing 40minutes on her on Thanksgiving is pretty strange. I like that Ace speaks his mind but when he just attacks these people who arent there to reply he comes off like a bully. He talks all this shit about Tom Arnold and Rob Schneider and then they come on and are fantastic guests and he doesn’t say shit to them. Ray is the only person who will mildly suggest Adam is being unreasonable

    • Winsten

      Great point. How can an 80 yr old man keep up with the constant

  46. Mike

    Some awkward moments….I thought you hated “Dirty Laundry”, but fascinating

  47. DinaL

    Adam seems to be in the dark about what cousin Vince did. I can take a good guess: he was associated with the mob. How do I know? Because my grandfather was also in Atlantic City around the same time and “was a bartender” but really he was a bookey. AND, we are from the same family – my Dad and his Dad were first cousins (mother’s side). My Dad would never talk about it either.

  48. Andrew

    Cripes, can’t you just be irritated with the Euro-Americans and their Subarus? I can’t stand those people and I don’t even think they are wrong on some things. But they aren’t really interested in being right as much as just irritating everyone else. It works!

  49. george

    “… right Sonny?”

  50. Brett

    I like Ray and Pops Carolla keeping ACE honest and reeling in his rants to what is really the bee in his bonnet!

  51. JD

    Listening to this ust a mile down the road from where the Red Barn used to stand. Italian Restaurant (The Chateau) now.
    Love hearing Adam make his Dad laugh.

  52. Gavin

    Pops Carolla made me turn off. Sorry. Only him and that chick from Crank 2 have made stop listening to a Carolla Show Pod before…

  53. theMisterLister

    One observable detail about adam’s grandma that speaks to her love for America: she chose to live there! A free country where you have the right/responsibility to speak freely about its shortcomings.

    And what’s the connection adam makes with gays and europeans?

    Great show insofar as it’s nice to see adam’s tired rant picked apart by those who know him best, causing adam ALMOST to do a little introspection.

  54. MrMind

    Jim Carolla Is boring

  55. Terrence

    Now this was an honest podcast. Ray and Jimmy were’n’t afraid of underminding Carolla’s statements while on the air. The ending was also very tense and dramatic. Adam needs to invite more of his family on the show so we can get another episode of this soap opera.

  56. Sean

    Seems to me Ray and pops were saying that Adam isn’t going to get this angry about a relative purely because they didn’t like American things (taking him at his word on this). As he said, she did a lot of good things. So, what else happened in his life that causes him to show such vitriol? It’s awfully hard not to connect this with his opinion on the liberal Hollywood folks. I wonder if his anger is that he sees their attitude in her actions, thus causing him to speak with such passion.

    For his general apathy about his family in general, this is clearly a sore point for him. Something in his childhood cause him to build up these feelings. Hoping it’s what caused him to pull himself out of his lower class experiences. It is 90% attitude, 10% ability. He didn’t let himself get into that cycle, and that is commendable. OF course, the whole getting a job with Jimmy Kimmel was pure luck, but you gotta believe he would have had some success some other way.

    Luck is where the crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet

  57. BIRDY

    wow, Sonny looks like Pop’s “mini-me”!

  58. Susie-Q

    I think Adam is deep-down more upset about how uninvolved his own parents were in his life but he couldn’t say that directly to his dad because he was there in the room. He did talk a lot about how his dad’s parents shaped him (Jim) as a man. But he could talk a lot about the only one who was not there to defend herself (but was very instrumental in shaping his mother to be the way she was), his grandma. I think that he’s right. His parents are the product of their parents before them, good or bad and in this case it was bad. It sounds like he’s changing the template and not doing that with his own kids. Good for you, Adam!

    Really enjoy the podcast and I listen every day!

    Susie in Seattle

  59. stacey

    couldn’t do it. listened for about 15 minutes but that’s it. can’t listen to jim’s drone (sp).

  60. eric

    Adam hates america cause he like European sports cars. And drives a datsun race car hows my logic

  61. Don S
    Don S12-09-2011

    On Thanksgiving Ace! not cool.

  62. Big Ed
    Big Ed12-12-2011

    This was one of the best shows I’ve ever heard. For a while. Getting into what makes Jim, Jim was incredible. I thought for once Adam was finally going to have some understanding and compassion for his father.

    And then Adam did what he seems to do the best these days: grab onto something totally unrelated (his grandmother), strangle the shit out of it, and never let it go for the rest of the program.

    Kudos to Jim and Ray for standing up to the man who is quickly becoming an enormous douchebag who lives in his own self-entitled world. I’m seeing the same thing here that happened to Dennis Miller circa 2001.

    You used to be cool, Adam. I’d say “what happened?”, but anyone who’s listened to you for years knows the answer.

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