Adam on The Tonight Show


  1. Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez03-13-2012

    Love the show! Love your candor!

  2. Samantha

    Adam getting kicked off Apprentice was very close to the worst day in my TV watching life. So sorry.
    PS- Come back to Dallas already. Geez

  3. Thomas

    Love it, you could’ve been so much more rude to Jessica Simpson but you reeled it in. Impressive and quick as ever Ace. GET IT ON!

  4. Avomuse

    The Ace-man always comes prepared and never disappoints. Get it ON!

    • Cam

      Unless you are Buick…….

      Great job Aceman!

  5. Chief Seattle
    Chief Seattle03-14-2012

    that was a great appearance !!!

  6. Bryan

    The only reason my wife and I were watching the Apprentice was because Adam was on it. After the edit job they did on that episode, we are done with it.

  7. Will T.
    Will T.03-14-2012

    Well done Ace. Is Leno just mailing it in at this point? How many Duesenbergs can he water ski behind?

  8. joe

    Wow jessica simpson is huge

  9. David Amaya
    David Amaya03-14-2012

    Leno: Nice appearance all around. Like that you kidded w/Jessica without taking cheap shots. Made you look charming… when you made her blush,I thought ‘Wow, I think the Ace Man would have had a shot at her under the right circumstances!” Only watched the Apprentice while you were on and now I’m out. Love the pod cast.

  10. Jeff

    Nice job Ace.

  11. Arturo Mendoza
    Arturo Mendoza03-19-2012

    Ace man great appearance! Jay is good but when will we see you on late night TV… That I would watch! Keep it up Ace Rocolla.

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