Adam on The O’Reilly Factor


  1. Chris Ervin
    Chris Ervin05-14-2012

    Nicely done, sir! I appreciate how you stood your ground when O’reilly tried to steer the conversation toward Stahl’s interview technique. The point is the tack she was taking was that of a person who was indignant of the tactics necessary to extract the necessary information. She should keep in mind that these tactics don’t violate the Geneva Conventions.

    Thanks for being the voice of reason, even though at times it isn’t the easiest stance to take.

  2. Joe

    O’Reilly bleeped out crap herself. weak.

  3. Ryan Royer
    Ryan Royer05-14-2012

    Next two vids are woman abandons daughter during knife attack and coolest bra ever?! good ol’ fox news. get it on.

  4. Shiori

    Stahl went so far as to call the techniques ‘Orwellian’ – which, frankly, is laughable. A characterization like that, particularly in her aghast, J’accuse tone, is hardly playing devil’s advocate or bear baiting – it’s phony righteous indignation. The liberals in the tank media long ago made their feelings plain on this issue with their constant vilification of Bush, Cheney, Guantanamo Bay, and American Soldiers all throughout the war on terror. O’Reilly, as usual, completely missed Leslie Stahl’s obvious editorializing and disrespectful attitude of contempt toward a man of honor – a man who has saved countless lives. Maybe O’Reilly should have tried a little bear baiting in his now infamously weak interview of Obama instead of kissing his butt for 20 painful minutes. In conclusion, Adam’s right – O’Reilly’s a goofball – Leslie Stahl should isn’t qualified to butter Adam’s bagel. Thank You.

  5. Lonny

    Adam Carolla is a Bad-Ass-Mother-Fucker!

    Bill is is going to give Adam a little lesson on broadcasting?

    Fuck that.

    Adam is giving out lessons on how not-to-be-a-fuckin’-Puss!

    What the fuck Bill? Grow a sack.

  6. b d
    b d05-14-2012

    Unions too powerful?? are you high? the koch brothers themselves could crush any union they so desired.

    Stay away from politics dude, stick to what you know, comedy

  7. osidechris

    Adam looked kind of PO’d throughout that interview. Must have talked to the dude at the rims place before going on the Factor. All kidding aside, when Adam gives a take, it’s pretty much common sense. I think Bill is being coy when he refers to Leslie Stahl innocently playing devil’s advocate and it misses the point.

    This isn’t Sesame Street where we all say, “Let’s cooperate”. This is war and these are terrorists, you’re not going to be able to extract info by saying, ‘Please’ and making a puppy dog face.

  8. scooter

    jesus, adam carolla is now another right wing douche? how lame and disappointing that someone of his wit now chooses to show the world that is the next dennis miller.

    • Sullivan

      Well, Scooter, it’s a good thing you found out early, isn’t it? Now you don’t have to listen anymore. Fill up your complimentary MSNBC tote and head back to your band of idiot friends. What’s your point? Stick to the sites of people you appreciate. Rosie O’Donnell allows comments on her site. Why don’t you head over there?

  9. phil landers
    phil landers05-15-2012

    Love the Ace, unfortunately here he is exposing his lamest side …well that and his narrow bias of music…but for wit and comedy Carolla can’t be topped. He is so entertaining in fact, even your most bleeding heart liberal will forgive his not entirely enlightened political views for the ensuing hilarity. As he has mentioned before to his viewers ” We don’t have to be sympatico on all subjects listeners”

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