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Adam, Lynch and August drive home from a gig in Sacramento, speeding along in a Porsche Panamera and responding to your email questions. Adam talks about his love affair with Porsche, why his dislikes hockey, and why the First Wave channel plays such crappy music. He also flashes back to his high school days, and gives some advice about in-laws.

Later in the podcast, Adam makes fun of August’s ringtone, and complains about his radar detector and the police that enforce it. Adam also responds to questions about motorcycles, guns, the paranormal, and getting it on with the Mrs. As the show wraps up, Adam discusses an annoying acupuncture experience, and the Mile High club.


Send your email questions to: questions@adamcarolla.com

Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. dave


  2. Dave

    Is this the Run DMC version?

    “Yeah”, he said in a disappointing tone.

  3. Hey Adam
    Hey Adam12-18-2011

    Yeah like anyone is going to listen to this cop out. Come on you have an interview with Norm Macdonald!

  4. Heartsonthehouse

    I agree…that car is UGLY

  5. Bobby

    Maybe not the best show of late but I liked it much more than Friday’s podcast with that annoying woman. If you need another Adam fix I just found an excellent one on one hour long interview (audio) with Adam by Paul Gilmartin. He’s a comedian that has his own podcast called “The Mental Illness Happy Hour”. Go to bottom of page and click on “episode archives” and click back to Episode #3 with Adam. Also check out his very good interview with most recent guest Allison Rosen, Episode #39. I’d never heard of Paul Gilmartin until I listened to the latest “Laughing Out Loud Singles Edition” podcast with Lynette Carolla.

    • Tony

      I heard “For Crying Out Load, Single’s Edition” also and I too plan on listening to those two podcast. Did you know Paul Gilmartin is the “Republican Representative Richard Martin from Ohio” comedian that Adam has on every now and then? Yup, true story.

      • Bobby

        Interesting. Didn’t know that. I listened to several of his (Gilmartin) archived podcasts and really liked them. The brutal honesty is what makes it good….Incidentally, I listened to Adam’s (car) podcast a second time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Much more than first time.

  6. IamNICK

    Cant handle overhearing a conversation in car. Maybe a best-of next time?

  7. Cyrus

    Dunno what everyone’s complaining about…just turn the volume up a bit.

  8. toorude89

    Uhg where is Norm

  9. toorude89

    If you didn’t want to do a show you shouldn’t have done a show. Ace sounds like he hates this.

  10. KROCK

    don’t listen to it if you don’t like it, it’s free you bologna titted dumbass

  11. Superman (no really)
    Superman (no really)12-19-2011

    If I’m going to GET IT ON in a porsche, then I’d rather it be with Alison.

  12. GuyDudeBro

    god damnit ace your really dropn the ball lately … Joe Rogan here I come

  13. GuyDudeBro

    train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night… All day!

  14. Boych

    I hate when Americans try to talk hockey.

    • JoeyJoJo

      Seriously, an octopus is thrown on the ice when a hat trick is scored? *ROLLS EYES*

  15. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks12-19-2011

    I don’t know who did that, “I’m in jail” song, but I know it was played near the end of the movie, “Pump up the Volume” w/Christian Slater.

    • Fizzasist

      I am ashamed that I know this but the song “Dad I’m in Jail” is by “WAS (NOT WAS)”—same group that did “Walk the Dinosaur”

  16. Born Again Gangbanger
    Born Again Gangbanger12-19-2011

    I’ve been listening since the podcasts of the old radio show and this was one of my favorites. It’s like hanging out with Adam on a road trip, and the questions were really good.

  17. rushbaby

    NOT INTERESTED!…but I due respect your resourcefulness…but bad sound…and low energy…makes me appreciate what Bryan and Alison bring to the table…maybe if someone farted or something?…

  18. Jo ke
    Jo ke12-19-2011

    good show

  19. yako

    why doesn’t carolla plug in his ipod/iphone so he can avoid the “awful” music he hears on satellite radio? every modern car features a blue tooth setting or has an aux jack to plug your iphone into. carolla seems to be a guy who tries to identify the root of the problem at hand & then make adjustments to eliminate the issue.

    c’mon ace…you’re better than that.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle12-21-2011

      Then he can’t complain about the music.

  20. Melinda Bourn
    Melinda Bourn12-19-2011

    Everybody is such an ass-hole, go on the road, have a better podcast, it’s Christmas for Christ’s sake, (it is written right in it), give Adam a break-I for one am glad to get something at this time of year when everyone else takes off-

  21. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac12-19-2011

    Sad. A sixty minute commercial for Porsche.

  22. Matt Smith
    Matt Smith12-19-2011

    I made an extension for google chrome that reminds you to go through adam’s amazon link if you had instead typed in amazon.com directly. That’s all it does. No spying. I made this because I kept forgetting to click this link myself. Search the google chrome extension gallery for “Adam Amazon”. Email me for source if you want to check or if you want to help me make it better. Let’s make this popular on our own and help Adam out!

    • aceheartspie

      I downloaded this. great ext. happy to help the pirate ship any way I can.

  23. TipCT

    Don’t like hockey either, but c’mon – octopus on the ice? Detroit Red Wings, man.

  24. Brad

    It’s like listening to three old men complain about music. “What’s with this rock and/or roll? Whatever happened to Glenn Miller?” Syntho music? LOL

  25. PB

    Adam’s rants about inequality are accurate in that, yes our country is a better place to be than some third world shit hole, but the bigger issue is why would he compare this country to someplace like that. Yeahm compared to Liberia, our poor people are doing pretty well. The better argument is how do we do compare to western Europe, e.g. Switzerland, France, etc. In that comparison, USA does well in some areas, and pretty poorly in others. If you are born into poverty in the Netherlands (whatever the definition of poverty is in The Netherlands, the bottom 10% lets say, what is the likelihood that you can move out of that decile, vs in the USA.

    • Aaron

      Exactly… We compare quite unfavorably to most other first world countries when it comes to income mobility and wealth inequality. Look up and compare our Gini Coefficient to other OECD nations for an example.

      Anyway… Other than the poor sound quality I thought the show was pretty good.

      • Cyrus

        Wah wah wah

  26. TipCT

    …and for Christmas, can you just retire “retarded”?

    Love the show otherwise, but don’t like paying for fandom by feeling like my kid’s getting crapped on.

  27. Trevor Corey
    Trevor Corey12-19-2011

    You sure Adam didn’t purchase a gay-dar by mistake? Seemed to be going off an awful lot.

  28. Tony

    And by the way, any podcast by Adam is good podcasting. Stop complaining, it’s free.

  29. CNS

    Cut Ace a break. The guy posts five podcasts a week. They all aren’t going to be gold, but they are all better than nearly (see next) every other podcast. I say ‘nearly’ because other podcasts need a goog guest to be any good – Luis CK on Fitzsimmons or Kimmel on Bill Simmons. Ace just needs someone to give him topics. Allison and Brian are great as well. Allison – stand up to Adam more: it makes for a great podcast when you challenge him.

  30. Travis Clark
    Travis Clark12-19-2011

    If August’s phone happens to be on Verizon Wireless, I believe the classical music is a what happens when you’re phone used to have a ringback tone (like his beloved Reggae music) but you never renewed. My phone has that same tone and I never selected it. Quick fix would be to select a different ringback tone or tell Verizon to cancel that crap. And, for what it’s worth I like the car episodes…real podcasting my friends.

  31. Beaver

    Don’t be a bunch a bitches, they guy can’t do a new podcast all the time,
    he works for christ sake. don’t listen if you don’t like the subject.

  32. Ric

    I enjoy your show but i am tired of hearing about you hating The New Wave station on satellite. I am your age and almost always have this station on. They play the Pretendenders, Elvis and many others you like all the time. I might be wrong but on Saturday nights they play mixed dance music for 8 hours. not sure when you were driving but may this was the case.

  33. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-19-2011

    Hey guys Adam’s on the road, at least he’s giving us something to listen to, calm down…

  34. Dustin

    Hahahaha I laugh every week at how damn whiny the comments are.

  35. Dan Carrol (Octopus and the Hat Trick)
    Dan Carrol (Octopus and the Hat Trick)12-19-2011

    The octopus is a tradition of the Detroit Redwings. Why? no clue, But that’s what they do …or at least did until PETA and other animals rights activists got involved. You still see it on occasion, but they have to sneak it in, I can’t imagine what it feels like to smuggle an octopus in your pants to a hockey game but it’s good times for the fans.

    The Hat Trick. This one is simple. If a player scores 3 goals in 1 game, it’s called a “hat trick”. The fans respond but throwing their hats onto the ice.

    Get it on, AceMan. Thanks again for coming to Toronto. I turned on a few new people to the podcast as a result.


    • JoeyJoJo

      In the olden days, you needed 8 wins to win the Stanley Cup. An octopus has 8 legs…

  36. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone12-19-2011

    Hey Adam, glad you don’t buy into the pseudoscientific aspects of acupuncture and chiropractors or ghosts. How about getting somebody from the skeptic community to be on the show sometime? Michael Shermer from Skeptic magazine or Steve Novella from Skeptics Guide to the Universe or heck, have your buddy Penn Jillette come on and discuss it.
    And Mr. Lynch. I think the woman on celebrity ghost story was more likely having a hypnagogic episode episode which can involve sleep paralysis which can involve all sorts hallucinations both visual and auditory. These seems much more likely than a “recovered memory” of molestation. Just ask the teachers in the McMartin (sp) pre school case.
    Enjoy the show. And really, get a skeptic on there. I think it would give Adam a lot to rant about.

  37. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.12-19-2011

    Not a great episode.

    • Dan

      Not a great comment! LOL

  38. Midwest

    Get it on! Not a bad episode. I like the fan email q&a.

  39. BJTowne

    What’s with all of the complaints? Adam and crew do 5 pods a week, for FREE. Cut him some slack. Also, in late December, you have to expect some short-cut pods like this one because of the holidays and whatnot. Ease up people!

  40. katie

    Made it in about 5 seconds, heard the sound quality and said, NOPE.

  41. chuck goolsbee
    chuck goolsbee12-19-2011

    It is the Detroit Red Wings fans who throw an Octopus on the ice – this was a tradition that began in the early days of the NHL when it only had six teams and it took eight wins in the playoffs to to capture the Stanley Cup.

    Hockey is the best spectator sport ever. Adam, if you ever went to a game, you would be hooked.

  42. Chief Bullshagger
    Chief Bullshagger12-19-2011

    Your taste in music is fucking abysmal.

  43. SpaceCowboy

    Are you Not Entertained?

  44. stnuntrnd

    min 33:00, chirping of radar detector.
    min 33:50, Adam refers to “stretch of the Grapevine”.
    min 34:27, Adam says he’s “staring down an almost endless straightaway”.

    is Adam driving the Grapevine, or is he on a flat straightaway part of I-5??

    • thedecade

      It seems like he has mistaken the Grapevine 45 miles north of LA for the entire stretch of the 5 that runs up through the center of the state towards Sacramento.

  45. TIADave

    I know it was in a car, but the sound production was unbearable. Not a great ad for Pinnacle College for sure, assuming Dawson actually graduated.

    • Mike Lynch
      Mike Lynch12-19-2011

      Before you start blaming Dawson for this one it was my doing. I’m not an engineer and thought I was getting better levels on the recorder. Sorry this one wasn’t up to snuff.

  46. JessMan

    It was a fine episode. Hey trolls, some of us need shit to listen to at work and will take what we can get

  47. Sig

    Ace seems to ironically have fans that are the whiny entitled generation.

  48. Graham

    The reason the radar detector’s false alarming so much is that it’s going off for X band (you can hear the voice alert within the first 2 minutes)… I’ve never seen a cop use X band. It’s always K and usually Ka for highway patrol. If you set it to highway mode you’ll get a fraction of the false alarms.


    Besides the poor audio from the loud road noise this was actually a good episode. Its nice when he gets away from the same everyday format.

  50. Fenom

    this is a something different, and it’s just as good, he’s a little more thoughtful in this, as hard to believe as it may be, he keeps it even more real in this

  51. johnycakes

    How come this took so long to get posted this app is slow as shhhh cmon people

  52. Conurtrol

    Working hard, and complaining about the growing income inequality in this country, don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I understand that there are many whiny freeloaders like Adam’s mother out there on the left, but there are a lot more people these days who work hard and have little chance of making it to the middle class, let alone doing better than their parents did. Focusing on lazy hippies is a straw man argument that ignores the true realities of the American economy in the 21st century. I wish Adam would have on some experts to discuss these things in depth rather than just use shallow, unreliable anecdotal evidence.

  53. Max Girth
    Max Girth12-19-2011

    As a car guy I’m suprised that you’re not running a V1 from Valentine Research. Not a completely sure thing, but I have had one for a couple of years and hate driving in a car without one. I drive briskly everywhere I go and it hasn’t failed me yet. I’m shocked by the number of cops who drive everywhere with their emitters on full blast. The V1 is pretty expensive but the rest of them on the market are a waste of money in my opinion.

  54. Frankie

    Podcast from the car suck dont bother take the day off…!!!

  55. Heybud

    I think the Porsche is one of those cars that looks better in person than in print. Hard to explain. I thought I was going to hate it until I actually saw one. Not a beauty queen by any right, but deserves more credit than it’s given.

  56. veriverte

    Rebel Yell is a great song btw.

  57. DES

    Appreciate the effort but todays show was fukkin weak-sauce.
    Piss pour audio, no laughs, gawd damn this sucks!!!

  58. Jim

    Another great show. Thanks Aceman!

  59. BIRDY


  60. tom s
    tom s12-19-2011


  61. Kyle

    I liked the show… I thought it was interesting!

  62. Kyle

    I liked the show

  63. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse12-19-2011

    damn good show, ignore the retarded coments im listening for the Ace Man.

  64. MPG

    Ace and I probably disagree about 90% of things that relate to working and climbing the ladder, but I agree with him totally about working for free in a certain field before you get paid.
    I flew one of my (depressed) musician friends from Michigan to L.A. and put him up in a hotel for a few nights in ’09. It cost me almost $1,000 total. I did it mostly as an altruistic gesture, and at the time I was glad that he made a few contacts and gained whatever edge he needed to get in those few short days.
    HOWEVER, later when I requested a few of his songs to put in one of my tiny-budget movies, he demanded cash from me.
    And this is why that idiot is still living in rural Michigan and perpetually high all the time.
    This time it wasn’t even a case of working for free. It’s just a fool who wants everything handed to him.
    I did a lot of work for free as a PA, including wiping down cars with rags and water from 2 PM to to midnight.
    Fuck that idiot.

  65. stephen

    Adam, Mike & Mike,

    A great show to listen to in the car, especially having been on that drive 50 times easily.

    Thanks for doing what you do! Mike, NAFF

  66. Jose from Panama central america
    Jose from Panama central america12-20-2011

    Hey adam, Im a venezuelan entrepenour living in Panama city, and i have being listening to your show since 2009. Every day i listen to your podcast while sitting at my office and i think its nice for a change someone from latin america appreciating your work, due to the fact that i share 98% of everything you believe in, exept i do believe in God, lol. Nevertheless i wanted to let you know i appreciate your work and i was wonderring if you could holler at me on your next podcast. Also, if you are ever interested in visiting panama city, i would be more than happy to show you around or refer you to all the nice places in panama. I live in a ocean view, 33rd floor, front of the sea apartment, so if you are every interested to have several colombian chicks wating to serve, just say it lol. best wishes man , really appreciate you even know we dont knoe each other. best regards.

  67. Peter North
    Peter North12-20-2011

    Here’s a crazy idea. If you don’t like the music they play on the satellite radio 80s channel, then QUIT FUCKING LISTENING TO IT.

  68. Matthew D
    Matthew D12-20-2011

    I work overnight and the Adam Carolla show gets me through everynight. I really appreciate you putting out a 5 day a/week podcast thats actually great. Also, saw Adam in Tampa Bay a month or so ago. He was awesome. Thanks for staying after to sign autographs. BTW, was listening to a couple of episodes in the back catologue. Heard Allison upset over a few D bags talking Shit about her on the message board. Let’s put it to rest right this second. Allison is very hot! Im not going to sit here and lie and pretend that she’s the hottest girl ever but, she’s a solid 9 and that just looks. Not to include how Fing funny she is. SO as a complete package ill give her a 9.4. Now excuse me as I go beat off too Allison in my head

  69. Matthew D
    Matthew D12-20-2011

    Also, forgot to say Bald Brian is the best bit guy ever concieved.

  70. LOBO

    Adam I totally get why you podcast driving. It makes sense, is an efficient use of time, and you are still awesome …. so go for it.

    -But can you work on the audio? It’s painful to zero in on the audio over the engine sounds, et cetera, over extended periods …

  71. LOBO

    I’m sorry (to the AC show and producers). Didn’t read to see it was already a topic. LOVE you guys (and your work) 99.99999% of the time.

    You have a better track record than NASA! Pls ignore.


  72. McDouche

    Somebody tell Adam that First Wave NORMALLY plays great music from the Pretenders, Joe Jackson, and Elvis Costello. However, on Saturday nights (when this podcast was recorded), they play several hours of dance tracks during their “Saturday Night Safety Dance”. Hence, the f*cked-out club tracks.

  73. Rob

    Love the show but the car podcast is weak sauce not every minute of your life is pure gold, im a fan of professional adam not the I can knock out a podcast anytime anywhere adam. Really wish we could get another podcast with the def frat guy too I loved his character and the podcast you did with him in the car was a huge disappointment please no more half ass car podcasts.

  74. JoeyJoJo

    Adam, here’s an idea, don’t listen to the New Wave station if you don’t want to hear Depeche Mode, New Order, SImple Minds, etc. You don’t see me listening to the Classic Rock channel and complaining that I don’t hear any Classical music, “but but but it has the word ‘classic’ in there….”

    I consider Adam complaining about music the same as old people from the 50s complaining about Elvis. You’re old, to you, newer music sucks. We get it.

  75. Bartenational

    other peoples called this show weak but this touched me today. I just got out of a 20 relationship with someone who should have been on meds, but would never ever seek the help. her eyes would dart back and forth in her head with rage. I loved her and worked hard to stabilize her, but I lost my support system and was unable to hold her up anymore. Now I am a single dad trying to get my kids to finish growing up on a sped up timeline cause daddy is kind of depressed. So your talk about your wifes mom reminded me of the many times I was confronted with a shit show after a hard days work then had to go back in the next day and do it all again … mental health is probably the most neglected piece of our society. we spend all this time and money fighting cancer, which can’t be solved right away, why not spend half that money on getting people to take care of their brains. The bars in cincinnati are full of depressed and crazy people who self medicate. There are bars every five feet around here.

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