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Ace hits the road this December with his new “Adam Carolla Hates the Holidays” show. Check the dates below to see if Santa Carolla is coming to your town…

Enjoy these ADAM CAROLLA HATES THE HOLIDAYS shows by clicking on a venue near you, and of course Happy Holidays!


Adam at the Keswick Theater - Glenside, PA

Glenside, PA

Keswick Theater, December 1st

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Adam at the Royal Oak Music Theater - Royal Oak, MI

Royal Oak, MI

Royal Oak Theater, Friday December 2nd

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Park West Theater, Chicago ILPark West Theater, Saturday December 3rd

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Adam at the Paramount Theater - Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Paramount Theater, December 4

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Adam at the Tower Theater - Fresno, CA

Fresno, CA

Tower Theater, December 8th

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Adam at the Crest Theater - Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, CA

Crest Theater, December 9th

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Adam at the City National Grove - Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, CA

City National Grove, December 15th

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Adam at the Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

Palace of Fine Arts, December 16th

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Adam at the Orpheum - Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

Orpheum Theater, December 17th

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Adam at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Mandalay Bay, December 18th

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Adam at the Reno Nugget for New Years

Reno, NV – NEW YEARS 2012

Reno Nugget
New Years Eve and New Years Day
More information coming shortly.
Mark your calendars, and save these dates.
Keep an eye here or at the Celebrity Showroom



Adam at the Carolina Theater in Durham, NC

Durham, NC

Carolina Theatre, January 19th

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Adam at the Carolina House of Blues Boston, MA

Boston, MA

House of Blues, January 20th

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Adam at the Filmore of Blues Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring, MD

The Fillmore, January 21st

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  1. david

    uh….are you still going to be in SJ during november? Why did those dates disappear? I called the improv and they said it was still going to happen, but dude…..don’t skip SJ! You are awesome!

    • AceCast

      Yeah, show is still good. You caught the site as it’s being updated.

  2. Jonathan

    Do you think you’ll ever make it out to Columbus, OH? Thanks, love the show! Get it on!!!

  3. Allison

    Do you think you’ll make it to St. Louis or Chicago during this holidays 2010 run? I would love love love love to see a show but they are all so far away!!!

  4. JLG

    Any news on the NYE show at El Portal, i.e., when tickets go on sale, etc.? The announcement above mentions it, but the event doesn’t appear on the calendar. We’re looking at flights to come out from Denver for the NYE show, so we want to make sure it’s on. Thanks!

    P.S. – Please come back to Denver!!

  5. Jason

    Is Atlanta show still on/sold out? Can’t purchase online through Punchline and their phone# goes to voicemail.

  6. max

    I can’t believe DC is already sold out!! Please come back some time…

  7. Caren

    Loved the show last night at the Houston Improv, Adam! Thanks for trying to complain about Larry Miller.

    • Jaseman

      I was at the Houston show, too. Loved it! Get it on! Larry Miller in the sweatpants and shorts. haha

  8. James

    WTF happened to the Hollywood, FL show at the Improv?? I was SOOO looking forward to seeing Adam, got tix, and now my life is in ruins…When you coming to Florida to get more material for Germany or Florida?

  9. Ref

    I thought the last time Adam told the story about being asked if he was half Mexican he said it was Nick Dipaolo, not Greg Giraldo? Maybe I heard wrong.

  10. iou4usb SEAN
    iou4usb SEAN10-12-2010

    I can NOT wait till 12-3… Adam will be in Fresno!

  11. Stacia

    Why did you cancel the South Florida shows?

  12. Sander

    Is the Miami shows cancelled for sure?

    • Stacia

      The Miami improv refunded my tickets and the dates are no longer on the events calendar.

  13. David

    So disappointed about the South Florida shows being canceled… So who screwed this up? Donnie or Mike August?

  14. anon

    Hey, are all the FL shows cancelled? WPB, FLL, and MIA?

  15. Sofia

    You would make my year if you came out to Palm Springs….GET IT ON!

  16. Nick

    Hey Adam, are you still coming to the Imrpov in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Sunday October 24th? I was just about to buy 3 tickets today but the improv site says you’ve been canceled. If the show is canceled, are you planning any other shows in Florida any time soon? Please let me know.

  17. Freddy

    Fuck! I wanted to see you in South Florida

    Good thing i’m comin back home to SoCal in 2 months! See ya the next go round!

  18. Bill

    What happened to the South Florida shows & are you ever coming to Tampa Improv? GET IT ON!!!!!!!

  19. Francisco Ferreiro
    Francisco Ferreiro10-14-2010

    I made a point of buying a couple of tickets to the Miami show to surprise my girlfriend on her birthday. This last minute cancellation leaves me with “no choice” but to go out of my way to TJ Maxx to find replacement gift. Apparently, neither the necessity nor the legal mandate to “get it on” apply in Florida.

  20. Katie

    What is going on with the Florida shows? I was looking forward to seeing Adam in Ft. Lauderdale.

    Why are the shows cancelled? I hope it is not due to low ticket sales.

  21. Keith

    WTF!!! Are you going to reschedule the south florida shows??

  22. Katie

    Adam – what is going on with the Florida dates? Are you going to reschedule?

  23. Keith

    Some how some way… I think it was Donny that fucked this up. You gotta come to S.Fla. We can’t be a weekly bit and not get a live show!

  24. nick

    Hey Carolla, why not take trip up to Toronto after New York?

  25. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington10-16-2010

    WEAK SHIT! I just moved from Boston to Miami and you go to Boston and cancel Miami?!?!?!

  26. Steve

    Very bummed the West Palm Beach dates got cancelled. I was planning on attending all of the WPB shows. Hope you can reschedule them sometime soon.

  27. Keith

    Why hasn’t Adam put The Hammer on itunes?

  28. Mike

    I just got an email that the DC shows are cancelled! WTF, maybe the terrorists HAVE finally won… say it ain’t so Aceman!

  29. John

    Any word one why the DC shows were cancelled or if they will be rescheduled?

  30. Peyman

    Dude WTF? What happened to DC!? I canceled a trip for that show.

  31. Laura

    Why were the DC shows cancelled? You ruined what was going to be the best birthday present ever!

  32. Sam

    These live shows are awful disappointments anyway. It’s just a drunken blowhard complaining about bullshit for a few minutes and then a boring fucking slideshow. A complete waste of money. Don’t waste your time. Really.

  33. Bill

    Aceman and Donny, when you reschedule your FL dates please include Orlando…we’ve got lots of people here to fill up events for you. And I’m in dire need of hearing some complaints about Disney.

  34. Jon

    What happened to DC ? you had 2 sold out shows? I’m really disappointed!!!

  35. SR

    If you reschedule a show in DC, which I imagine you would after selling out two shows, please specifically mention it on the show or prominently on the site i.e. please don’t just add it back on the Live Events page without a specific mention.
    If the DC Improv is a pain in the ass to deal with, please book a show at another venue in the DC area such as the Arlington Cinema Draft House or State Theater in Falls Church, VA

  36. DC guy
    DC guy10-19-2010

    I canceled plans to attend your show in DC. I therefore want you to announce ASAP the rescheduled date. After all I assume you would be pretty damn mad if we canceled you. So get your ass over here and get it on!

  37. Jessie

    Please please please reschedule a DC or Baltimore area show.

  38. Nick Davies
    Nick Davies10-19-2010

    will you ever come to boise! I just moved from sacramento and will have missed you twice!

  39. Joe

    AHHHHHH! Was just in ATL, missed him, shoulda checked the website first!

    • Billy Lawless
      Billy Lawless10-21-2010

      Joe, I think he’s doing two shows tonight at the Punchline in Atlanta.

  40. Casey

    Come to Goodnights in Raleigh!!!!

  41. Billy Lawless
    Billy Lawless10-21-2010

    Thanks for the show in Atlanta last night. It was fun.

  42. Bart

    What happened to the DC show on Nov 7th? Got tickets right when they went on sale and was planning a weekend trip around the show. Does it have to do with book promotion? Any plans to come out east again any time soon?

  43. Brent Lindsey
    Brent Lindsey10-22-2010

    Just read of the West Palm Beach cancellation. Hope everything is ok with Adam and the crew and that it’s not another tragedy calling him back to L.A. I couldn’t have gone to the show, although I live near the WPB Improv, but just concerned. Big fan, best wishes.

    Also, get Randall “Tex” Cobb on the show for an interview!

  44. Dave

    be careful about getting tix, he cancels you know.

  45. Karisa

    Please come to Seattle!!!!

  46. M

    All three South Florida dates were canceled. shame. Does anyone know why?

  47. SaraLucy

    PLEEEEEEASE come to St. Louis!!!!!! 😕

  48. Deeboh

    What Happened to the D.C. Show Date??? Don’t fail me Ace Man My whole office was gonna show because we listen everyday

  49. Tony

    I was lookin forward to the DC show too—please come out soon, we’ll support your hairy ass 🙂

  50. jason

    What happened to DC????

  51. Brian Cavanaugh
    Brian Cavanaugh11-02-2010

    i think you guys mean Boston University.

  52. wut

    I would cancel all shows in south Florida too.

  53. Bryan

    Please come to Mpls, and hurry up cause it will be frozen soon.

  54. Darrin

    Big Fan, listen to a lot of shows on the Network. When you coming to Minnesota? would love to see one of the live shows.

  55. savage

    Please Explain the DC incident. Two sold out audiences deserve to know what happened.

  56. Brad T
    Brad T11-08-2010

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee come to St. Louis!!!! The Funny Bone and all St. Louisans would definitely love to have you!!!! Love Line is broadcasted here and I know you have tons of fans here from when you were on.

  57. Dre18

    I went to NY show from Va, and I ask Ace why he canceled in DC and he said is bc Mike Booker schedule 3 shows back to back in NY and he knew he was going to be work out and plus is Football Sunday !! But Donny did say they will come to DC in future!! Get it on

  58. Sofia

    Yay! You are coming to the desert! See you Dec 1st

  59. Chris

    The DC cancellation was bushleague…two sold out shows?

    The least he could have done was addressed it on the podcast instead of mysteriously taking it off the schedule and not giving the DC Improv any reason whatsoever.

    Slap in the face if you ask me…

  60. Hillary

    So no more SF in Dec? C’mon, please?

  61. SamEyeAm

    Two more weeks until Fresno!

  62. Stacey E
    Stacey E11-21-2010

    I’m thoroughly confused. I went to the El Portal website hoping there “may be” any decent seats left, and practically none of them are taken. Is it not hip and cool for the Hollywood types to buy tickets when they go on sale?
    I had this same experience for something else I saw there, which ended up selling out. You people are weird.

  63. Rob

    Made the San Jose show on Friday night. Tons of fun. Thanks for coming up to the Bay, we loving having you guys!

  64. fastdiablo

    where are the san fran shows?

  65. Austin

    San Fran shows: http://www.cobbscomedyclub.com/calendar.html

    Adam’s there Dec 9-11!

  66. Jerry Etchingham
    Jerry Etchingham11-29-2010

    Maybe I’m late, but when are tix for your SF show on 12/9 going on sale?

    • Fenom

      they’ve been on sale for a long time

  67. josh dutson
    josh dutson11-30-2010

    Im looking for a pair of tickets or 1 ticket for the fresno show. Someone help me out!

    • josh dutson
      josh dutson11-30-2010

      Also, ill buy the damned thing. If that wasnt already implied….

  68. Zeke

    Hey Charz, wanna meet me there? You don’t?? Too bad! Do it anyways!

  69. Brian

    I am in Vegas Jan 1 to 5th. You all seriously need to have a Vegas date to ring in the new year!!

  70. Megan

    Please come back to Portland!

  71. Natalie

    Hey Adam,

    Love the show most days, but I have to say the Most Interesting Man in the World was really the most BORING man in the world. WTF.

  72. Heather

    When are the tickets for the New Year’s Eve show going on sale?

  73. victor

    I could not believe it when I heard that Adam was coming to Fresno. I was excited. I wanted to greet him after the show, but unfortunately for me there was a whole group of “1 other person!” who wanted to meet him as well. I say unfortunate because after speeking to this first guy, adam completely blows me off and jumps in his ford SUV and races off. JESUS CHRIST… I would understand if there was a giant crowd of people, but REALLY! two people waiting for you and you can’t even let me tell you how much you affected my life and kiss your ass. That’s “Bad Times” right there.

    Huge Fan Severely Disapointed & Disillusioned
    Victor From Fresno

    At least Donny was kind

  74. Randy

    Fresno show was awesome!! Thanks Aceman, can’t wait until you come back to Fresno. Get it on!

  75. J. Ko
    J. Ko12-06-2010

    I saw Adam in Vegas. He graciously autographed my book.

  76. Randy

    Hey Randy from Fresno here again. Just read the comments from the fuck stick Victor above. Don’t let this asshole fool you. Adam signed books and took pictures for over an hour after the show. I was there, there were tons of people waiting for him when it was over. After waiting for an hour the Aceman signed my book, took a picture and thanked me for coming to the show. Adam, you and Donny were both super cool and courteous; come back to Fresno soon!

  77. Marshall

    Come to Portland!!!!

  78. Allan

    Will Adam come on Poorman’s new radio show? Poorman’s Radio Invasion. Does he have the guts! http://www.kcaaradio.com M-F 1-2pm KCAA Radio 1050m AM

    • Allan

      Adam, Dr Drew and Howard Lapides are wanted on the show. He is mentioned in the article published in the I.E. Weekly after only 4 weeks on the air.

      Trevor Garner, KCAA Radio / Producer ” Poorman’s Radio Invasion”

      Check out the I.E. Weekly article, Poorman was on the cover of the magazine.


  79. Darrin

    Would like to see you in Mpls someday.

  80. Revia

    Come back to Seattle!!

    We love you here!

  81. Lynette

    Great time in Sacramento!

    Thanks, Adam, Weezer, Lynch and anyone else at the show. It was GREAT fun. My friends was a Carolla virgin, but no longer. She laughed longer and louder than I!

    Hope you all had a good time in the Capital city. Sacramento isn’t TOO bad and the Crest Theater is gorgeous.

    Really, really enjoyed the show. Thanks for autographing my book and photo.

    Happy Holly Daze to you, Lynette and the kiddos!

    Best wishes,
    Northern California Lynette

  82. Gabe

    WTF, when are you guys coming to Northwest Arkansas???

  83. mel

    hey adam, thanks for the new years show it was awesome, you were great. The pilot was hilarious cbs is retarded for not airing your show. thanks again sir look forward to going to another one of your shows.

  84. Jake

    Hey, just wondering when i can get tickets to the show in chicago, can’t wait to come see u live

  85. Natalie

    Can’t waiting see you in Reno!! Get it on!!

  86. Ronman

    Up in Alaska. Just had a future ace fan with blue and pink beanie??? WTF I gaurantee I’m coming down to one of your shows this new year. My wiener got in the way for coming down for one last year. Thanks guys!!!

  87. Brandon G.
    Brandon G.01-07-2011

    can you gather teresa, bald brian and do a show @ spearmint rhinos in las vegas?

  88. Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect01-10-2011

    About newsgirls (journowomen?): Part of the compensation will be exposure, obviously. So if an opportunity comes around, they’ll take time off to go on interviews. Whoever misses out will be back to substitute.

  89. Steve

    I’ll go as long as Allison Rosen is not there. Man she sucks.

  90. Tim

    You’re turning into a blow hard douchebag. I switched to Marc Maron’s podcast. Too bad, Aceman. You used to be awesome.

  91. Casey

    You need to come to Raleigh Ace man… I have turned enough friends on to the show to fill Goodnights up myself!!! Plus you could visit Wilmington and maybe be on an episode of One Tree Hill this time or better yet Easbound and Down… GET IT ON!!!

  92. androo

    hey aceman! if your iphone is still falling out of your pants, put skateboard griptape on the backside of it


  93. Eli

    Damn, between the Super Bowl and UFC in town it’s hard to find a hotel room for Feb. 5th. I called the front desk of the peppermill and was able to get a room even when they said booked on their website. Thanks for adding the 11pm show, I would have missed out otherwise.

  94. Tom

    Thank you so much for the second show in Reno! Need to book a room near by because the Nugget is sold out…..bummer.

  95. fluffer

    awesome loveline,great book, good movie, u even managed to evolve Jimmy into a funnyman…
    Ur just funny– and not like a clown-
    U could read anything and make it funny.Even the bible.
    Especially the bible! Man, u should read a passage each day,lol
    So, since i dont train boxers, i offer, because i wont say plead, to submit some MANdsome material…(+ more)
    -writer offer, no strings,no money

  96. Tim Crook
    Tim Crook01-30-2011

    Hells yeah…Ace Man in Chicago in March, finally. Get it on!

  97. scandihoovian

    minneapolis! I think you guys will like the venue, Varsity Theater is one of the nicest places around to see a show.

  98. Damon

    Get it on ADAM! I’m comin for the Minneapolis show, been waitin for you to come.

  99. Ryan

    tickets procured, see you in minneapolis.

  100. Bwilson2000093

    wow alison is way hotter than i though. wow and similar to theresa anyway, she is a step behind boo. anyway she is hot yah!

  101. dorty

    Just got my pre-sale tickets for the April 28th Minneapolis show… Can’t wait! GET IT ON!

  102. MannyBoy

    When is Adam coming to Oregon?

  103. Justin

    The Napa show was amazing! I brought my whole family (fiance, parents, sister) and they were all floored. Adam was absolutely hillarious!

    Thanks for another great show!

  104. Stephanie

    Adam needs to come to Sacramento!

  105. JessMan

    ever coming to DC??? ever????

  106. Andre B.
    Andre B.02-08-2011

    When’s Adam coming back to Sacramento? I know Stephanie just said the same thing but I’d like to see him here, and not have to drive 400 miles to Thousand Oaks, since I’m lazy.

  107. Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton02-09-2011

    Is it just me or did I hear Dawson say yesterday “Moore Theater in Seattle on March 13th”… though when I go to the Moore theater ticket sales on the 13th of March the only thing going on is ‘Great Big Sea’ at 8pm. Perhaps they mispronounced Mike Lynch booking the gig and you’re calling it Adam’s “Great Big C”? Or is it a double booking with Chelsea Handler? Either way, I see on the calender that the Ace Man will be up for a book signing that day in the U District. Regardless this elusive phantom show, I’ll be happy as a pig in shit if I get my book signed and finally meet the immortal Ace man in the flesh. “Yeahhh hah hah! GET IT ON!!!”

  108. Megan

    Seattle but, no Portland!? Bummed!

  109. Gael

    Please come to Portland!!

  110. J@mes

    Carolla is sounding especially xenophobic this morning. It’s ironic that he referred to the US as a “sober” country that needs to assume the role of a “designated driver” to clean up the mess in Mexico when US drug consumers are the ones funding the violence by the cartels. Btw, it’s also ironic that Adam referred to the US as a great nation because we dont invade our neighbors and take their resources. Hello. US vs Mexico war anyone???

  111. Dave K
    Dave K02-18-2011

    West Palm Beach shows – bad info. Shows are listed here as Sat. March 4th and Sun. March 5th. However, the venue lists shows for Fri. March 4th and Sat. March 5th. Please clarify the dates! Thanks.

  112. Mike F.
    Mike F.02-19-2011

    Hey Adam (and the gang),

    Portland has the Bridgetown Comedy Festival happening April 21st – 24th. Are you guys planning on being part of the entertainment? Much to my chagrin, I had to miss last year’s festival due to a wedding (where are my priorities?). But it seems like it would be a great venue for one of your live shows!
    Please consider it! Love the show! Alison is a great addition.

  113. Lori

    What about Boston MA or Providence RI?

  114. Christian

    how about San Diego?

  115. Andy


  116. Brett

    Booking for the Cleveland show!

  117. skinz

    hey adam, just heard you cancelled your book signing in portland. just wondering when you plan on coming back out this way?

  118. hs76

    No Michigan? WTF? Come to Ann Arbor for fuck’s sake.

  119. Power Bottom
    Power Bottom03-02-2011

    When is Dameshek coming on the show?

  120. Benjiwan

    Better bring Dameshek on the road with you. I hear he’s out of a job, and the price of mustard is growing higher every day.

  121. Admiral Akbar
    Admiral Akbar03-05-2011

    Daves of Thunder

  122. Danny

    Come back to the El Portal or Jon Lovitz on City Walk (by the way on city walk the Zen store has the shitty water massage you talked about on a podcase)

  123. John

    What a shame! How was the Daves of Thunder cancelled?????!!!!!! That show was off the charts boy! There will be riots in the streets if this isn’t fixed soon. The world needs Dameshek and more importantly Dameshek needs the world to deliver his infotainment!

  124. kaiser33

    i think Dameshek should be on Adam’s podcast more often….the Adam & Dameshek together podcasts from back in the day are the best ones

  125. Robert Eat Lee
    Robert Eat Lee03-07-2011

    Daves of Thunder!

  126. vicki buss
    vicki buss03-07-2011

    I need you to come to DC Adam! Fuck Shitsburgh Pa

  127. Jesse

    Funny all the DOT bullshit comes in one burst. Must be the same person, HUH? Get a life.

    • JohnG

      Not really dipshit, it was a great podcast

  128. JB

    Back to VEGAS!

  129. Charles Bukowski
    Charles Bukowski03-08-2011

    Daves of Thunder!

  130. Aaron

    See you in St. Lous, Ace!

  131. Perry

    Would love to see you come to ATLANTA!!! Huge fan of the Show.

  132. John

    Not spending a penny on the Ace Man till my two Daves are back!!

  133. Bryan

    Stitcher seems to be a day behind in shows.

  134. Steve

    Aw, gay. What happened to the Mahalo message board?

  135. todd

    hey adam a little tidbit i found on Walter Reed Junior High and yoko ono;s daughter kyoko. i think you might have been there at the time,

    In 1977 Kyoko was attending the Walter Reed Junior High School in North Hollywood, Calif. under the assumed name of Ruth Holman.

    her dad tony cox was hiding from yoko in l.a.

  136. Rach

    Can’t wait to see you in Windy City Saturday!!!!!

  137. CeCe

    Big fan of the podcast, Adam & Co. Any plans to come back to Chicago? I saw Chris Hardwick perform on Saturday night. Wish I could have seen ya both.

  138. Nate

    I heard that Adam’s show in Phoenix on April 15th and 16th is canceled….is this true? Will the show be rescheduled or moved to Tempe Improv?

  139. Dizzle

    Got a call from the tards at Stand Up Live in Phoenix saying Adam’s show is canceled. Not hard to believe since the venue isn’t even close to opening.

    Just book the Tempe Improv! Downtown Phoenix is hipster douche nozzle central anyway…

  140. Layla


    • Megan

      Yes please! Come back to Portland!!! We love you just as much as Seattle!

  141. adams

    I would ask you to come to OKC. but Im trying to get the Hell out of here myself SO try to work your way back to Dallas….

    • Susie

      Yes, please come back to Dallas!

  142. Jared

    I agree you must come back to Portland!

  143. Jenn Brewer
    Jenn Brewer03-25-2011

    Portland will definitely be a sell-out on whatever night you come here — PORTLAND LOVES ADAM CAROLLA!!!

  144. chris

    Time to make your way back to Vegas, it’s been too long… if you don’t come… I will…

  145. Kevin

    Come To Idaho.

  146. Adam

    Come to BOISE!

  147. Sean


  148. Gloria

    Tampa or Orlando!!!!!!

  149. Dan

    Ace man when you coming back to Vegas….we need you to insult the airport some more I don’t think they got the hint.

  150. GoDucks

    Oregon loves Adam Carolla, Please come to Eugene. Conan O’Brien first stop of his i.p.t.b.f. on t.v. tour started here! What else is Eugene known for? Oh yeah! Go Ducks! Just Do It! (Nike)

  151. Andrew

    Ace man, you need to come out to Washington, DC!

  152. Benjiwan

    Bring Dameshek with you on the road. After the slap in the face that the ACE Broadcasting Network issued to him and his friends, it’s a matter of common courtesy. Plus, the guy needs a job.

    • Stratton

      Great show in Indy. Now you have to come down to Louisville and go to The Derby.
      You should go to the Barnstable-Brown Celebrity Party and hang out with the other B listers 🙂 It’s the party that Anna NIcole got knocked up at. Thanks for all the laughs, Cheers, S in Kentucky.

  153. Dustin Daniel
    Dustin Daniel03-31-2011

    Adam…..Come back to Addison, Texas.

    I was there the first time you were there….It was sick……I brought my mother and my wife and they were rolling…..what a way to get the in-laws together…..good times!!!!!!

  154. Megan

    Just checked tickets in Portland, MUST bigger venue and tickets are more expensive. Glad you’re doing well out on the road! Hope I can go!

  155. Megan

    Just checked tickets in Portland, bigger venue and tickets are more expensive. Glad you’re doing well out on the road! Hope I can go!

  156. Stephen

    ACE man, you really should come to New Orleans. I bet you could use a drink.

  157. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.04-04-2011

    Tampa or Orlando would be awesome 🙂 I’d be there in a second

  158. BG Fan
    BG Fan04-04-2011

    WTF?! No love for Seattle???? 🙁 Dam the SeaTac TSA!!!! I blame u! Get it on!!XD

  159. Kevo

    I know you’re not a huge fan of the Inland Empire, but we’d love to see you head east for a few shows.

  160. Justin

    Thank you for coming to Indianapolis. The show was great! We hope that you come back soon! GET IT ON!!

  161. Dylan in SF
    Dylan in SF04-05-2011

    Adam – let me talk serious with you for one moment. I love your comedy, I’ve been a fan for years. I love supporting you whether it be buying your book, visiting your sponsor our going to your live show…wait scratch that last one. I will NOT be attending your live show this go-around. Why? Well, because what once was about a $20 ticket to see you at a comedy club has now turned into a $60+ ticket to see you at a larger, ticketmaster sponsored venue.

    Do you not realize that the middle-class American that loves your brand cannot afford such outrageous prices? Maybe you didn’t realize that trying this new venue meant attaching Ticketmaster fees. Regardless, $60 x 2 (because I have to bring my girlfriend as well) is just too much to ask from your audience. Go back to Cobb’s and I will see you there. I don’t want to be mean, but I hope that you don’t sell a single ticket here so that you can realize the mistake you made.

    • Ford Prefect
      Ford Prefect04-05-2011

      Any decent man should be able to scrounge $60 times two. I made more money at 18 than I did at 30

      But I was tired at 30, really tired. And burned out, totally.

      You, I think you can afford the ticket price, unless you’re grossly underachieving. Argue with me.

    • Hinke

      Dylan in SF-

      Time to man up.

      You’ve been listening to Carolla’s podcast (which are fucking HILARIOUS) for FREE.

      Don’t look at it like it’s 120 for you and your girl friend to see the ACE man – Look at it like this:

      You paid $1.50 for the last 80 podcasts and Ace threw in 2 tickets to see him in person.

      Such a deal.

      • Dylan in SF
        Dylan in SF04-07-2011

        Ford Prefect & Hinke,

        I never said that I was either a decent person or an overachiever.

        I make decent money, not a ton, but enough to make it by – I work for a state agency which should let you know that I don’t make much. Sure, Adam puts up the podcast for free, great. Then I also purchased the live shows when he did that. Then I purchased the Basic Cable Commentary. Also purchased the book and the dvd set and I’ve seen him perform live for $20 (as opposed to $60). I think with all that added up, I’ve shown my support and will continue to show my support BUT there is a point at which supporting may become too rich for my blood.

        So, in a year, the ticket price tripled. Does that mean that next year, each ticket will be $180? I’m definitely not buying two tickets at that price. I’m not begrudging Adam for trying to make a little money. All I’m saying is that maybe if he wasn’t viewing these ticket prices through a gold-rimmed brandy sniffter maybe he would realize that $60 is pushing it.

        Hey, if $60 x 2 is nothing to you two, why don’t you buy me some tickets? Come on throw some of those greenbacks around since apparently they are so easy to come by. You’re decent people right? You wouldn’t judge someone because they can’t afford a high-priced show (yes, I said a high priced show – any day of the week in this city you can see an amazing show for less than $20 – anything over $40 better come with a BJ).

        • Rex Montana
          Rex Montana04-14-2011

          Another way to put it is: it’s the price of 7 to 10 McDonalds meals depending on where you’re living, which pays for two hours of entertainment. I would be on your side if it were more expensive, but $60 for decent tickets sounds like it’s priced to market (perfectly). Then again, I live in a high cost market where a bag of frozen chicken fingers costs $8.

          Yes, it would be nice if they had tiered pricing (crap seats for 30 bucks) but maybe they don’t want to go that way.

          A loyal listener discount would be nice too, but again, maybe they’re not interested.

          I think the prices are higher with Ticketmaster because they know what the market will bare (that’s their job; that’s how they make money). And I think you have to accept that.

        • Rex Montana
          Rex Montana04-14-2011

          And the thing about making lots of money when I was young, that wasn’t to brag. It was to illustrate that when making money was important to me, I found a way to make money. And I think everyone would, and could, should they desire. But when money was not so important, I was happy to go without (and much happier as a result).

          I don’t understand people complaining about the costs of things. It’s like they don’t understand trade..

          Maybe it’s just a perverse form of misery? Instead of hoarding wealth obsessively, they begrudge wealth obsessively? Either way, it’s consuming (IMHO).

          • Dylan in SF
            Dylan in SF04-26-2011


            I thought that you’re first comment was fair – I don’t agree, but it’s fair. It is my opinion that $60 is too much and that’s that. Also, I HATE ticketmaster – they are just a needless middleman making money off of me so (for the most part – there have been a few exceptions) I don’t go to shows that use ticketmaster (or as I like to refer to them – Ticket-raper). Maybe I would be a little softer on the $42 if there wasn’t $18 in fees attached. Yes, ticket-raper has figured out what the market will bare, but they do not necessarily charge what would be a “fair” price. For example, many big venue, major acts are 95% sold out before the tickets officially go on sale to the public which forces the fan to buy from scalpers at outrageous prices. So is a ticket worth $300 because the ticketmaster has forced the market to bare such prices OR is ticket-raper a bunch of souless thugs who have cornered the market on ticket sales? BTW, I don’t have to accept anything. I live in a high cost market as well and many venues that host bigger shows than Adam’s (sorry Adam) don’t use ticket-raper.

            as for your second comment (which I found ridiculous), oh how I wish I were hording money. If only that were the case. You’re right, I have no idea about trade – I thought that if I just wished really hard magic golden tickets would fly out of Adam’s ass and e-mail themselves to me. Also, complaining that something costs too much does not equate to begrudging someone else’s wealth. If a hooker wants $1000 for a BJ I’m going to think two things: 1. that had better be the best damned BJ ever, and 2. that’s why I have a girlfriend – I don’t get pissed off that someone else is willing to pay that much or that they have the money to afford such costs.

            What I am doing is exactly what ANYONE who does not agree with this price should be doing which is not go to the show. I still listen everyday, but I just won’t support Adam when I disagree with what he thinks his show is worth. That $60 will be much better spent going to 3 other shows. And, if someday Adam figures out a pay scale or venue or whatever that meets my needs then I will support that show, until then……
            Complaining is my God given American right and lifeblood.

  162. Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect04-05-2011

    For $99 plus the cost of a ticket, I can shake hands with His Highness Ron White, plus get a free “200 proof” shot glass.

    Your stories are better. They’re more genuine, funny, detailed and authentic, but he tells his stories better.

    Your fans would appreciate some general disregard, IMO.

  163. Lu

    Adam please come to San Antonio, Tx. Last time u were in Dallas I was stuck in San Antonio, and when you were in Houston I was stuck in Dallas. FML

  164. Bryon

    When are you coming up to Toronto? Don’t lie at customs and you wont have any problems getting in.

  165. Jeremy

    Adam please come to Augusta, Georgia!! I could not get to Atlanta when you played there.

  166. John

    Yes! Totally going to the Minnesota show….this is gonna be awesome

  167. Anton


    Are you planning any Michigan performances this year? It’d be great to see you somewhere in Ann Arbor or even Detroit. Thanks for the comedy.

  168. Pavan

    Adam at Carolines! Niceeee…will be there with bells on

  169. Canuck-ette

    Please, please, please come to Canada! (Toronto 🙂

  170. J.P.

    Ever gonna reschedule the D.C. shows that got cancelled? Not like there isn’t enough shit to complain about here…

  171. Ady

    Please please please come to Vancouver!!!! !

  172. HUBIE

    ready to get it on in KC! just bought my ticket!

  173. Barry

    Just ordered a ticket for the Portland show. GET IT ON

  174. Tim


    Do you know who your guests are going to be for the live podcasts in NYC?

  175. Elliot James
    Elliot James04-17-2011

    Adam, the next time you’re in Miami, we’re gibe you a tour of the SCORE magazine building.

  176. pjt

    TORONTO SHOW! Please you have fans up north!

  177. JayCliff

    Ace Man,

    Come up and see us in Salt Lake City.

    Big fan. Get it on.

  178. austinnate

    Austin Texas!!!!!

  179. runron

    Come to Tampa, ask Larry Miller about the great time he had here.

  180. scandihoovian

    Varsity Theater tomorrow night!!! this will be epic.

  181. Milkcow

    Why would anyone want to pay anything to this talentless poor excuse of a human? Sixty dollars is a lot to ask especially for an Anti Semite. Invest in a real comedian with talent that has originality. yuck

    • JD

      Hey milkmaid, er cow…calm way down. Don’t be so uptight. If carolla didn’t speak some truth then it wouldn’t be funny. People laugh because it’s all so painfully true. So get off your high horse, come down to the level of us little people people, grab a drink and laugh a bit. Life is too short to be wound so tight. It’ll be even shorter for you if you don’t laugh and lower your blood pressure a bit.

    • BillyBones21

      C’mon… Adam is just a comedian. A modern day jester. Sit back, relax and expand your tolerance – don’t forget, the delight at the end of a joke is the result of a complex set of conditions and processes – if you can’t process Adam’s, so be it, just move on. No need to evil.

    • Nick

      Mind giving me some examples of “good comics” I’m sure your pics are all hilarious.

  182. J D. Shaffer
    J D. Shaffer04-28-2011

    Adam, I know you don’t necessarily like coming out to do these shows but thanks for a great time at the Varsity in Minneapolis tonight. You were terrific… and I’m happy to be longtime crewman on your pirate ship.

  183. J D. Shaffer
    J D. Shaffer04-28-2011

    …not to sound too gay…

  184. JB

    Due for another Vegas show! Get it On Ace.

  185. BillyBones21

    Seattle, Washington is the place you ought to be… so load up the cars and move to the Emerald City!

  186. JakeyJake

    Anti Semite? That is ridiculous! You do realize that Alison is Jewish, don’t you? And do you know how many Jews Adam has on his show? TONS all the time. Go to hell you whiny little piss ant Schlemiel.

    • Eddie

      To be fair, limiting Adam’s bigotry to the confines of simple anti-Semitism is a bit too confining. He has plenty of awful and ignorant things to say about many other races as well, in addition to women and homosexuals. Is he an outright dangerous KKK member? No. But, some of his comedy does proceed from the essential premise that white, straight, American males are fundamentally better human beings than everyone else who doesn’t fall into that category. This is not a made-up issue — his heart may not be filled with violence and hatred, but Adam is still undeniably a bigot. It’s unclear why people are so reluctant to admit that in the face of such overwhelming evidence.

      • Brylee

        Wow! YOU ARE THE IDIOT WITH AN OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF INFORMATION IN YOUR FACE! Can all you sensitive a-holes please for the love of Christ learn to get a sense of humor!!!???

  187. Dan


    Great podcast. When are you coming to DC?

  188. Lawrie

    Come to TORONTO Adam. We just had the two “Princes” of podcasting in (Rogan and Benson) – but we want the KING!!!

  189. Nathan

    Anybody know where I can purchase tickets for the Palace of Fine Arts show directly?
    I want to avoid the goddamn Ticketmaster fees.

  190. Miguel Lopez
    Miguel Lopez05-03-2011

    when is adam carolla and the rest of free fm comming back to the airwaves and what happened to danny bonnadueshbag?

  191. Chad

    Down with Israel!

  192. Suzanne

    Adam – You hate L.A. I hated L.A. when I lived there. I now live in Phoenix and love it. You should give this place a try and with just a one hour plane ride back to shitsville, you can still do your business there when you absolutely have to. We get to carry guns here!

  193. Ryan

    Love the podcast. Listen everyday at work. Would love to see you come east to Raleigh, NC.

  194. Hugo

    Got 4 tickets for the Wiltern show this sat may 21, 2011 at 7pm. I have a final rescheduled for that saturday evening and can no longer make it. I am selling them at face valley if anyone is interested. Don’t want them to go to waste. Sorry Ace Man.

  195. Scott

    Any chance you are gonna come to Indianapolis during august 4-7? There a huge convention there and I would love to go to an ace show.

  196. Benny

    Ace, VEGAS please!!! Why no love for Vegas in June?? San Diego, but no Vegas? Green Valley Ranch won’t book you? C’mon! You should be here for a 2 night deal!

    “Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy!”

  197. Lu

    Adam- Please come to San Antonio or Austin Texas. We need you.

  198. gabriella

    Toronto – finally! Can not wait to get it on!

  199. Lawrie

    YEAH!!!!! Toronto show at last! Tickets are purchased and I can’t wait to get it on!

  200. Josh

    On board for the Toronto show. Very pumped to have you north of the border!

  201. Courtney

    Im so glad you are coming to Canada, but PLEEEEEEEEEEASE COME TO VANCOUVER!!!!!

  202. Chutley

    Vancouver shows , please !

  203. Lagmasta

    Come to Vancouver Adam! If you like Seattle, you’ll love Vancouver.

  204. Chrissy

    Boston! Boston! Boston! Please? 🙂

  205. anDREW

    Adam, Please come back to west palm beach, FL .
    We (fan base in the deadbeat state) miss you terribly.
    Adam I would like your opinion on the Discovery channel’s show “DUAL SURVIVAL”. Do you like it or hate it, I want 2 hear your opinion.

  206. Brian Gass
    Brian Gass05-31-2011

    Finally something that I can agree with the Canadians about! I’m sorry that I missed you in Seattle, I’m close enough to Vancouver to risk life and limb going to Canada to catch a show!

  207. Corb

    Austin! Austin! Austin!

  208. Jordan

    Please set up a date out in Sacramento, I’m in the. Navy and will bee deployed in the begging of September 2011. I live in sac and would bring a bunch of tickets in for the ACE man…….Lets get in on!!!!

  209. reg

    If you’re taping a podcast in NYC, does that mean that Bryan and Alison are also coming to the show at Caroline’s?

  210. Heath

    Adam come to Texas

  211. Emily

    Pretty please come to Madison, WI!!!! I would die to see you 🙂

  212. Jeremy

    Adam please come to Augusta, Georgia. I was away when you went to Atlanta. We never get any good comedy shows here you can’t turn this unfunny town around.

  213. Latigo

    I am with Keith and Corb…Austin! The Paramount Rocks!

  214. Gavin

    Adam, you gotta come to House of Blues in Dallas!

  215. LunaH2O

    YAY Santa Barbara!!! 😀 Last time i saw him here was in Isla Vista with Jimmy back in 2000 😛

  216. Felix

    Ace man, come to Dallas please!

  217. Jaime

    I heard on KROQ that you were coming to San Manuel Casino In So Cal but I don’t see it on your calendar. Was it true?

  218. Tim

    Ace Man, how about coming to one of the Connecticut casinos? Or beautiful downtown Hartford?

  219. Levi

    Gotta do a live show in Austin, man.

  220. Am

    Please come to Vegas! Get it on!

  221. Mike Pio
    Mike Pio06-14-2011

    ACE MAN! Toronto is ok, Montreal is better!!

  222. Ben

    Come back to Reno!

  223. Eric

    Adam, we’re so excited to see you when you come to Toronto!

    Did you know Toronto now has 30% less douchebags? 10% less than when Joe Rogan was raving about our fine city on your podcast.

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing your nasally drone live.

  224. Doug

    Ace man – come to DC!

  225. Jeb Hunsinger
    Jeb Hunsinger06-16-2011

    Hey Ace man; any thoughts on coming down to New Orleans? We guarantee you won’t get pulled over…

  226. todd rhyner
    todd rhyner06-16-2011

    douche nozzle, seattle?

  227. Revia

    Please come to San Francisco Adam!

  228. don

    What no Boston? We need you to cut through our political correctness.

  229. Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect06-18-2011

    I’m disappointed your Poconos date wasn’t over the July 4th weekend.

    That’s a mistake. Your fans could travel much further on a long weekend, so you could draw a much larger audience, especially on the East Coast.

  230. James

    You will come to Washington DC

  231. Jordan

    ace are you gonna be at lovitz on the 23rd or in NYC? They both have you booked it looks like!

  232. Consuelo

    I agree with Don, you definitely need to get up to Boston!

  233. Matt Davis
    Matt Davis06-23-2011

    Just bought front row seats for TAMPA SHOW! GET IT ON!!!

  234. Kristen

    Would love to see Adam in the Seattle area!!!! Friday or Saturday perferred…

  235. Lee

    I realize that typically anyone would want to avoid the area, but any chance of seeing a Detroit or Toledo date?

  236. PSTONE

    Just got my tickets to the show in AC from my wife as a BDay gift…very pumped

    I’d say “hey Aceman lets hang out after the show” but that guy Jay Leno is in AC as well that night so I figure you will be hanging out with him….

  237. DC

    I don’t suppose there are any plans on coming to Texas are there?

  238. highstick

    Please come to Vancouver.

    I promise we won,t riot!

  239. ghoris

    Another request to please come to Vancouver. Consider:

    1) Great comedy town.
    2) Riot-free for two weeks.
    3) Close to your favourites Seattle and Portland.
    4) Vancouver is to Toronto as Seattle is to Cleveland.

  240. mike

    57 retired,listen everyday as i’m cutting greens on a golf course–and was thinking as ira fuckin glass-ass was on please pull the plug -then u confirmed it the next day thank god or whoever. keep up the great work. btw the dude greg whatever from ricky bobby plays nice gets it and is funny

  241. C.Y

    Please come to Vancouver, we love you here!

  242. Danny Baldwin
    Danny Baldwin07-03-2011

    No Comic-Con show this year?

  243. laxpol

    Come on up Adam

  244. amie

    Was just coming to check your tour schedule to see if you might come to Vancouver Canada?

  245. 4d01f0

    Seems like an organized campaign to bring Adam to Vancouver 🙂
    Got to Montreal Adam, I’m sure they would love you there!

  246. cabs

    Yeah, let’s get it on in Vancouver!

  247. LRKel

    Yes…please come to Vancouver!!! We’ve been waiting a long time. Since you love Seattle you will LOVE Vancouver!

  248. AP

    Toronto show still not sold out? Time to man up and show some support!!!!!

  249. geoff

    im from b.c. and im trying to get to the t.o. show

  250. Carey Wass
    Carey Wass07-14-2011

    Hey hey,
    Does Adam have an opener? I am going to the Toronto show and have to work at 9:30 pm. Wanna make sure I won’t miss him. Get it on

  251. Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla
    Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla07-14-2011

    Please come to Austin, Adam!

  252. Pete

    Got my tickets for tomorrow in Toronto. GET… IT… ON!!!!!

  253. pstone


    Great show in AC this weekend! Thanks for coming to the East Coast…..hope you had a great flight back with Jay


  254. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.07-18-2011

    Just ordered 6 tickets to your show in Tampa! Can’t wait! GET IT ON!

  255. Victor E.
    Victor E.07-19-2011

    Ace man come to Fresno!! You could easily sell out the Savemart Center. I’m too poor to drive to So Cal for your show.

    Peace out amigo

  256. Jen

    Would love to see you in Wendover, NV at the peppermill concert hall!

  257. JhaeMusic

    Would be nice if you hit Grand Rapids MI.

  258. Chofies

    I heart Bald Bryan

  259. Chris

    Dallas or Fort Worth. North Texas. Some where close Ace man!

  260. Mandi

    Please come to Kansas! Or at least somewhere close!!!

  261. Nate Balcom
    Nate Balcom08-03-2011

    Just placed an Amazon order via the Ace Brodcasting Network. Love you Aceman!

  262. Matt

    Just heard you’ll be at The Carolina Theatre in my town of Durham. Beyond stoked, Aceman. Can’t wait. Get it on.

  263. austinnate

    Come on Ace!!!
    Austin TX….WTF?
    Austin TX.

  264. Nick

    When we gonna see you in Houston?

    • BonnieG


      Come on down to Houston bro our money is green too!

  265. ron ferraro
    ron ferraro08-18-2011

    What about the north hollywood venue?

  266. Lagmasta

    Vancouver, Adam.

  267. The Prof
    The Prof08-30-2011

    Ace, would be great it if you could have Obama’s illegal alien drunk uncle Onyango, make a guest appearance at your Boston show. Get it on!

  268. Carmel

    Words cannot express how excited am that you are coming to Durham, NC. I never thought you would, but hubby and I will see you from the second row pit, baby!

    Thanks, Aceman!

  269. patrick Conner
    patrick Conner08-31-2011

    COME BACK TO KANSAS CITY FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. Stuart Knight
    Stuart Knight08-31-2011

    Hey, A-hole. There is a state called Wisconsin in the northern midwest. Why don’t you come here? I think you’re pretty funny, considering you are a world class whiner.

  271. Brave Dave
    Brave Dave09-14-2011

    Hey Adam, I own a Gentlemans’ club in Downtown Dallas. If you and the crew would like to come get some free drinks after the show, let me know. Will see you at the show. Brave Dave

  272. Jason

    Vancouver please!

  273. dantheF1fan

    Hey ya Adam… how about Vancouver?

  274. Katie

    Adam, please come back to Kansas City! I missed you last time and it sucked tits.

  275. Lo

    Just bought my tickets for your Detroit show-soooo excited.

  276. Addie

    i was so excited i purchased my tickets for Portland a while ago. The show is on my birthday (same as Donny & Jimmy) and just got notification show canceled. I am bummed! so much for Happy Birthday to me 🙁

  277. Andrew

    Please come to West Palm Beach,FL. I’ve never seen you live and I’d love to see you.

  278. Popcorn Tin
    Popcorn Tin09-27-2011

    How about playing a local gig in the next couple of months?

  279. A Black Fan
    A Black Fan09-28-2011

    Cincinnati, OH welcomes you!

  280. sean

    Just called the Parmount to get tickets for the Austin show and they said it is cancelled. Bummer!

  281. @parkjonesalex

    Alison, I think you are hot, smart and funny. Fuck those haters.

  282. DAN

    I guess this new project is a big one, his comedy tour in Austin has been cancelled:(

  283. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.10-02-2011

    Adam was AMAZING in Tampa!

    GET IT ON!

  284. austinnate

    Austin Texas!!!
    Come on it is a great cit!
    You will love it!
    I promise you will make some money!

  285. Daniel S.
    Daniel S.10-04-2011

    You guys are still calling it the Reno Nugget. It’s in Sparks.

    • God's Twitter
      God's Twitter10-18-2011

      It’s all Sparks now, don’t kid yourself.

  286. alex b
    alex b10-04-2011

    two years in a row you cancel your dc area shows? c’mon, show us some love in the nation’s capital!

  287. dustin

    any chance of having a live show in new orleans?

  288. stnuntrnd

    The Live comedy shows on the calendar for Oct and Nov, 2011 seem to have been cancelled or cancelled & rescheduled.
    Why not post info about refunds or honoring tickets for a new date?

  289. Erik

    Hey ACEMAN!!!!

    Why aren’t you coming to Portland or Seattle for your Hates the Holidays tour? I’ve been living in Shanghai for the last year and I was hoping to see you live when I’m back in the US. I know its a lot to ask but try and make it up to the NW. Haven’t seen you live for a couple years when you came to Beantown(where i went to school. GET IT ON BROTHER!!!

  290. Scott L
    Scott L10-10-2011

    Im bummed the Portland show got canceled. I had 5th row! Hopefully there will be a makeup show?

  291. Drew

    No love for NYC on this tour…

  292. Steve

    What’s going on with the show in Seattle? You haven’t been here since march and now you’re canceling? I thought we were one of your best markets and we buy lots of tickets? Any explanation?

  293. mikelynch

    Adam didn’t really mention it but Seattle and Portland have been rescheduled. Friday March 9th at Seattle Moore and Sunday March 11th at Portland NewMark. Those who previously bought tickets will get first whack at new ones. Contact the venue for more info.

  294. hal

    what about st louis? loved your last show here;

    and Ace: have you ranted yet on the retarded new fashion of guys saying “we’re pregnant”

  295. Mike

    Hey f#$cker! Nice job cancelling the Seattle show! Must of had a better paying gig come along.

  296. Edvis

    Come on Adam! New Orleans or Memphis!


  297. Kelly H
    Kelly H10-19-2011

    When’s there another Seattle show???

  298. Melissa

    Must. Come. to. Austin.

  299. Medic

    New Orleans! It is time.

  300. Tom

    What’s the fan presale code for your show in Portland this March? I’m a day or two behind on the Podcast but I don’t recall any mention of a special code.

    Thanks and GET IT ON!

  301. jordan

    Hey adam. I live in western massachusetts and there is an under the radar comedy club out here that I think you would really dig and definitely sell out. its called the Hu Ke Lau. Not crazy big but alot of big comics are coming through. Im fucking stubborn and dont wanna have to drive to boston to see you. Mahalo. keep up the good work.

    • Michael

      suck it up n drive into Boston, an hr and half is too much?

  302. Nocarters

    I see Adam’s coming to Durham, but tix are $35 or more!! Anyone been to a show and can comment on if it’s worth that much? Thanks..

  303. Tim

    How about adding one of your favorite cities, Portland, to the mix? I know it’s shitty and rainy all the time, but the people want to see the Ace Man, so it’s an easy sell-out crowd.

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