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Adam opens the show glad to be done with the new book. He offers what he says is the key to success, which is to chip away at your goals one piece at a time. Adam then complains about seeing sprinklers on during a rainstorm, and wants to know why we continue to hear PSAs about saving water, when the city is clearly not interested in it. He also rants about the horrible neighbors he’s had to deal with, and takes some listener calls about their neighbor horror stories as well.

Adam De La Pena is in studio next, who was a ‘junior writer’ for The Man Show. Adam talks about Pena making Hawaiian shirts for the crew from scratch, and they watch a classic Man Show clip. They also talk with Pena about his opera-singing wife, and his new 16-bit animated series.

Alison’s news begins with a discussion about the earthquake that killed thousands in Mexico City. They also talk about a Neighborhood Watch volunteer who’s in trouble for shooting an unarmed, but ‘suspicious’ looking citizen. Also in the news, Conrad Murray is complaining about jail food, and Adam talks about watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller video with the kids. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss a risqué moment that occurred on Lynette’s podcast, ‘For Crying Out Loud.’


Watch ‘Your Dungeon, My Dragon,’ exclusively on XBOX Live, or at http://MSN.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @AdamDeLaPena


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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Me

    I can’t download this podcast or listen to it…anyone else having a problem with it?

  2. Halo909

    I love the Aceman and the imitation Teressa, but your staff is fumbling up the podcast royally. Your DOWNLOAD LINK does not work again!!!!!! Same problem with the most recent Car cast episode.

    I do appreciate you uploading the podcast earlier for us East Coast listeners.

    • garysmith

      We’re sorry for this oversight but it’s been rectified – please try again now.

  3. Raj

    Link down.

    • garysmith

      We’ve fixed this and apologize for the inconvenience

    • garysmith

      Fixed – Sorry.. Try again now

  4. Takeda

    Ace, it’s Bandini Mountain – from a commercial for the Bandini Fertilizer Company in Vernon, CA which featured thosecrazy hill-climb bikers that you love so much, trying to get to the top of a mountain of manure. My mother used to tell me: “Clean up your room, it’s starting to look like Bandini Mountain in here!”

  5. jack bauer
    jack bauer03-21-2012

    Take it easy on allison aceman,so she doesnt own a home,her parents listen,do yours?

    • PowerpuffGrl

      Oh, SNAP!

  6. formerjackman

    Enough with the silly hats Adam. Are you surrounded by paid ‘yes’ men who are afraid to tell you how lame these hats look? LoL

  7. T. J. Flanagan
    T. J. Flanagan03-21-2012

    Thank you Ace, Alison and Bryan for helping me to ge through each day with awesome entertainment. Up all make me laugh every single day!

    T. J. Flanagan

  8. MC White
    MC White03-21-2012

    The link always works for me haven’t been having issues. West Coast, baby!!!!

  9. Andy

    link is down again…

  10. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town03-21-2012

    Good job Gary Smith!! Way to GET IT ON !!!!!! +_+

  11. Dan

    Too bad I listened to this shit head. Can’t believe Adam associates himself with him. What a douche-nozzle. Please prove me wrong, someone.

  12. De La Busey
    De La Busey03-21-2012

    I’m with Busey was a great show way back when. Funny stuff.

    “Plant your weasel and let him squirt”

  13. Patrick

    Adam has a bit of the Homeless look lately.

    • Lisa

      Wow! He looks rough today! Also, very tired. Get some rest Ace

  14. Fiyah

    I was wondering when you guys were finally going to talk about (or even acknowledge) the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

  15. heapoftears


  16. JimmyK


    Your lack of outrage over the death of this boy is typical.
    How dare you defend this scum.

    You are a sad, damaged, biased man.

    Alison and Bryan, your silence endorses his comments.

    • jean beaman
      jean beaman03-21-2012

      agreed — Adam was WAY off here. you can’t have a society with armed idiots like Zimmerman running around shooting at ppl they find “suspicious.” there is nothing Martin could have differently to prevent this – hoodie or not – besides not being a blk man walking on a public street.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running03-21-2012

        Kelli O’Laughlin
        Channon Christian
        Christopher Newsom
        Brad Heyka
        Heather Muller
        Aaron Sander
        Jason Befort

        Google these names and report back. You want “lack of outrage?” Look no further than your own fucking people.

        BTW, the above list is a single drop in an ocean of hatred. But I don’t think I have to go into Beat Whitey Night, Mahogany Mobs, or the DoJ statistics that show a violent crime rate wildly out of proportion to total population. Enjoy.

        • Mark D
          Mark D03-22-2012

          Great point! I guess none of these victims were the right color.

      • John

        The “Stand Your ground laws or Castle Doctrine” laws are very frightening because they allow someone to use “deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.” Now if you believe young black men are dangerous for what ever reason – their age, their dress, their location- or you justed watched “The Wire” the night before and you feel a little nervous in their presence the legal solution is then just to shoot them and make yourself feel better.

        • Collin from Earth
          Collin from Earth03-27-2012

          That’s not how it works.

    • Javier

      Since when can you get mad at someone for “a lack of rage”? He condemned the action, enough said, moving on…

  17. maxman

    i love when adam does ads for things he’s previously bashed on. i want someone to take his subway rant and then play his subway ad right afterwards. a man’s gotta make a living but shit.

  18. bluerat

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to this podcast yet, but “Hot Cup of Jill with Ace Over Easy” was one of the great improv moments of the podcast. It was hilarious, and all the more so because Jill WhateverTheFuckHerNameWas didn’t seem to have a clue what was happening and really thought that she would somehow make an interesting talk show host.
    But, fuck it, if they did make the show, I’d watch it. Just to see Adam try his hand at another round of “Where’s Bobby?” (Spoiler Alert: he’s on the couch.)

  19. Andrew

    Pena’s voice makes me really miss CODE MONKEYS. I loved that show, it never got any credit 🙁

  20. reb

    this guy is kind of a doosh; and with blubbery multiple chins, too

  21. Tim

    Another Prager episode? Please, Ace: We need more comedy, less douchery. Your fans demand it.

  22. TBoneMutha

    did the carshow get cxld ?

  23. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper03-21-2012

    Boy, Aceman, you make writing a book sound so easy. I believe I’ll start mine today. Just five minutes.

  24. Huck

    If Ace and Jonah Hill made a son, his name would be Adam De La Pena.

    • Jenn

      SO TRUE!

  25. Vincent Dellay
    Vincent Dellay03-21-2012

    Adam is right on the money with the Trayvon situation. And that dude Zimmerman should have been arrested on the spot. Sad.

  26. Robey

    If I get tickets to the “golden circle” for the next show with Prager, on 5/5, should I wear a rain coat to protect my fashionable clothing from the “sledge-o-matic” shrapnel, Gallagher style?

  27. Shea

    Some races commit more crimes than others!! ummmm WOW racist?? where do you get these “facts”?

    • swingset

      How about the FBI’s crime statistics? It’s not like this stuff is some state secret. You can sort by race table, then do the math on distribution by overall population. Some races really DO commit more crimes, sport.


    • Ras

      if you have to use the ATM at midnight on a dark street – who would you rather have standing behind you – a young black teen with his hoodie covering half his face or a 60 yr old Asian woman. Stop this pretend :I am so offended therefore I am so much better then you bullshit” when you know you make these judgement calls everyday.

      • Zapoli

        99,999 out of every 100,000 black teens at an ATM are there to use the ATM. So if you could go ahead and stop pissing your pants, that’d be great.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running03-21-2012

      Awwwww, somebody’s false worldview just took a hit (sniffle).

  28. Disgruntled Bovine
    Disgruntled Bovine03-21-2012

    You throw a party with Jay Leno and Bob Saget and you don’t invite me?
    Well F*** you!

    –your Malibu neighbor

  29. Real Intresting
    Real Intresting03-21-2012

    So Adam says it is okay to shoot a black kid if he’s male, wearing a hoodie, and walking near your house without a dog.

    Sounds reasonable to me.

    • swingset

      Wasn’t what he said, but you seem to hear what you want.

    • Ras

      Adam is only saying these stereotypes come from somewhere – if you are too unobservant or lying and say they do not exist then it is hard to have an intelligent, honest conversation about this.

  30. Ras

    Matt Fondiler, you are mailing in these show summaries and images. Why is there no mention or photos of Producer Angie? Either decide to do a good job or not at all. In words you will appreciate – Shit or get off the pot

  31. Jorm_Valadez

    Someone tell Ace about these Spanish synonyms for “warm:”

    1. Tibio
    2. Calido
    3. Templado

    • Jeff714

      ¡Muy bien, Jorm!

    • Mrs. Lee
      Mrs. Lee03-22-2012

      Yes, there are plenty of words for warm… That latina “starlets” is not very smart 🙂

      • Mrs. Lee
        Mrs. Lee03-22-2012

        “starlet” only one 😀

  32. Mobey

    Show today was terrible. Get better gang. I’d rather Rush Limbaugh be on and I’m a pansy liberal than this junk.

  33. Yortuk

    Adam – get it on !

    I was wondering if anyone else has recently pulled up to a nice looking, old person in Buick and yelled “Donald Trump and Buick screwed over Adam Carolla!” Anyone?

  34. Hegro

    This guest was horrendous. Hope he never returns. Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, by the way. Look it up.

  35. sloozen1

    My new bumper sticker to save young youth….

    Don’t want your grave to have to be dug;
    In the mornin’ don’t dress like a thug;

  36. Phill


  37. jake

    WOW. A years old story of rich guy problem! Keep it up Ace Man! We heard the rant about the rich neighbor telling his rich neighbors to shut up and you fucking same idea that it is everybody’s problem because we don’t do shit.


    Last episode ever.

  38. Cheaps Seats
    Cheaps Seats03-22-2012

    I wanted the cig butt and urine(possible name for a crime fighting duo/buddy cop show? ) story to end with the contents leaking back through the floor to the apartment below. Har har!

    That or something involving a used feminine hygiene centered retaliation.

    Too much?

  39. Brad

    Adam had three different houses and the neighbors called the cops on his parties at each one. Gee, if only we could figure out the one constant across all three situations. Then we could pinpoint what the problem is.

  40. Bryan

    I see in the photos that carson is wearing a tim brown jersey.
    How many times has adam told us what should be done with all raider fans?
    As if all oakland fans are hoodlums. I’m a fan & am not a criminal.
    Adam, you’re a lovable goof much like andy rooney was.

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