Adam, Alison, Bryan, and Larry

Adam, Alison, Bryan, and Larry

  1. r

    The auto tuned music wasn’t the only shitty thing going on at Ace’s barber shop today. Damn, that’s the worst haircut pic I’ve seen of him! They gave him the atrocious perfectly straight cartoonish black dude hairline. Usher Carolla.

    • Steve

      rofl. Ace slammed! sry ace

      Usher Carolla!

  2. Ken

    good show

  3. wazeaway71

    Thank you for a wonderul year.
    Have a happy holiday!

  4. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross12-23-2011

    Good one.

  5. Dan

    Losing weight, gaining weight? …..yeah, bad haircut.

  6. Erica

    Oh lord, what did Adam do to his hair??? That is EXACTLY what I imagine a haircut from “Model Cuts” looks like, total garbage! He is now the poster child for why you should go to a reputable salon and pay more than $3 for a haircut. Wow, money cannot buy you class…(to quote the Countess)….

  7. Chris

    I was actually disappointed with the ACE Awards show. It was nothing but “cooch talk” the way Jack Silver would have wanted it.

  8. Max Bedroom
    Max Bedroom12-26-2011

    I feel there were a ton more interesting/funny moments on the show this year than what was showcased on the ACE awards. Of course, I can’t remember any off the top of my head now. But ya know.

    Song of the year… anyone remember the “Tournament of Rosen” theme? I think they played it ONCE, but I thought it was funny as hell. That Bat phone call was fucking hilarious though, gotta love that. And Larry’s genuine laughter at stuff he hadn’t heard before was great too.

  9. Clinto12345

    How the hell did you guys find this “Bat” guy? Funniest conversation i’ve ever heard… get this lunatic back on!

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