2011 ACE Awards

Adam, Alison, Bryan, and Larry

Adam, Alison, Bryan, and Larry

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Show Summary

As the show opens, Adam thanks everyone for the support and for such a great year. He also takes time to rant about the shitty auto-tuned music that was playing at the barber shop today. After that, the guys go into the 2011 ACE Awards. Relive your favorite moments, and hear who wins amongst the nominees for:

– Best Impression
– Song of the Year
– Caller of the Year
– Guest of the Year
– Rant of the Year
… and much much more!

Show Credits

Thanks for a great 2011, and see you next year!

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

  1. Sig

    Allison looks so much like my sister. We’re Mexican American though.

    • John

      your mexi sister sounds hot. Adam’s new haircut in the picture is amusing. He looks like a really light skinned black man from the early 90’s.

      • Cyrus

        LOL you’re right!

      • chuck

        Yo yo yo, from yo mowf to god’s ears, dog! Yo can I say this? I am so mothafuckin’ TIRED of these jive-ass tickets the chickenshit Po-Po be just THROWIN’ at a brotha! For real though! And my pops, he didn’t care. Jive ass mofo. And my moms, we was poor, so I was good at football. Shit I was the next Dick Butkus, only black. They called me “Dick Black-kus”, racist ass crackas. Broke my shoulder.

        Then I swung a hammer for The Man but screw that. Then I got into the boxing game. I was aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Then I met Sinbad, he put me on the radio, and the rest is history, G. Asallaam meleikum, my brother.

      • GB

        indeed, sinbad-esque

      • Sid

        LOL! I was thinking the same thing. A rapper from the early 90?s. Kid n’ Play or 3rd Bass (who were white btw) MC Ace in the house!

    • reb

      alison is a true beauty. i get the impression she’s aiming low in her current romance. she utters the phrase “my boyfriend” in a sort of conditional, unenthused way.

  2. oscar

    Love this show and this ep

  3. Leaf Blowerson
    Leaf Blowerson12-22-2011

    Hey everybody, I started a petition to get rid of leaf blowers. Feel free to sign it.

    Here is the link: http://www.change.org/petitions/environmental-protection-agency-outlaw-leaf-blowers

    Thanks everybody.

    • snork


    • Ohio

      FUCK YOU! I’m a landscaper and it’s one of the most important tools we use. Pick another fucking cause douchebag!

      • Dr. Thang
        Dr. Thang12-24-2011

        It’s called a rake asshole, use it!

    • Leif Bleauer
      Leif Bleauer12-23-2011

      You’ll shut your mouth (and fingertips) if you know what’s good for you. Ban leaf blowers? Easy for you to say but some of us rely on one to make a living. I’ll meet you half way and stop using mine to get around on my rollerblades.

  4. The Offender
    The Offender12-22-2011

    Maybe it is silly but I look forward to the ace awards. They sum up the year of listening well, and usually make me dig through my archive of this show.

  5. Humility

    Glad for the annual Ace Awards podcast! It’s about time Adam had a platform to get his ideas through the din of his guest’s non-stop yammering!

    Keep on repeating those stories and stepping on your guest (and news girl)’s toes, Ace! Can’t wait for a super-repetitive 2012!

    P.S. Have you ever met Jimmy Kimmel? If so, can we hear the story of how you met?!?

    • weskanaloa

      Is this how you’re day is starting out? I’m sorry, I hope it gets better.

    • crunge

      hey, dont be a dick..

    • Good 'ol Days
      Good 'ol Days12-23-2011

      I love it, Humility! The comedy factory has been bulldozed and a shiny, new warehouse has been built in its place.

    • @©€

      Sounds as though someone could use a dose of their namesake. You’re welcome for the free daily entertainment. You’re welcome for having to give nothing in return. You’re welcome for having the opportunity to express your opinions, no matter how childish, pointless, narcissistic and obnoxious they might be.

      Go get aids you waste of a human life. You and your misguided attempts at logic are pure garbage.

      • Pop Warner
        Pop Warner12-24-2011

        Great example of an ad hominem argument oh grand king of logic. Or do you not know what ad hominem means?

    • CryBaby

      WAAAAAA!!! someone change my shitty diaper and get me a bottle before I start crying again

    • Brian

      Go somewhere else, Humility. This is obviously not the place for you.

    • Blaze446

      Humility…dont listen asshole. Go somewhere else. Dont come to adamcarolla.com to talk shit….fukn loser.

    • Romerogt

      humility? OMg, poor those around you.

    • CraigT

      Must be tough being forced to listen to a Podcast when there are obviously no alternatives in the univers.

    • Fluffers R US
      Fluffers R US12-24-2011

      Humility, this is a fluff board if you have not noticed. They love to fluff ! Some for free, some for minimum wage, others because they enjoy the taste. Fluff n Fold! Have a fluffing new year! Fluff Off!

      • Ledgewood

        Dude! You’re so cool!

    • spec

      He mentioned training Jimmy for his kRock fight w/ mike the maintenance man in great detail in the last 2 – 3 weeks, I think. If not check out his Aisha Tyler pod on her site.

  6. Moe

    That’s good pod!
    Can’t believe that “Silence of the Lambs” guy didn’t win caller of the year, guy got robbed.

    I’ll be back again in 2012, getting it on. *sniff*

    • Eric

      I agree completely, that shit had me crying!

    • Mike

      What episode was that

  7. sean h
    sean h12-23-2011

    @Sig if thats true and shes as funny as alison can i have her number? love me some alison.

  8. Johnny

    Damn Alison looks good!

  9. jack bauer
    jack bauer12-23-2011

    Great show as always,i was suprized,garfunkle and oats were not in the running for best song.

  10. Cyrus

    Now that’s good pod

  11. Peter

    Adam mentioned near the end of the show there will be new shows being added to the ACE Broadcasting lineup…would it be too much to hope for a return of the Daves?

  12. Andrew King
    Andrew King12-23-2011

    Adam haircut makes him look like the white Cuba Gooding Jr.

  13. JB

    I demand ALL the drops be posted for us to download, ringtone, etc.

  14. Ledgewood

    Yer a dick.

  15. Ledgewood

    This episode was fantastic. I was laughing really fucking hard.

  16. DM

    How the hell was Alec the best caller? Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  17. Jordan

    That call from Bat made me lose it. I haven’t heard something that funny from this show since at least yesterday when Norm was on. That Bat lost to Alec Baldwin is a travesty, Ace. I hope you make this right.

    Also, where can I find this call either in podcast form or on YouTube? I want to put it on loop and slowly go insane.

  18. Prison Mike
    Prison Mike12-23-2011

    Great great show. Do yourself a favor and listen to it.

    Adam’s version of a sad strip club deejay talking over a somber version of “Cherry Pie” just might be the funniest bit ever on the podcast.

    Thanks to the crew for putting this together and making me laugh.

  19. Sara

    Great show, great year!

    Forgive me if it’s been explained…but what happened to Donny??

  20. basterddan

    As a small gesture could you guys muster up the courage to put the Taboo 2 theme song up for download? Im thinking ringtone!

  21. Steve

    Why does Ace need new brake pads on the free Lexus that’s only a few months old???

  22. Tbone

    What happened to Donny?

  23. The World Is
    The World Is12-23-2011

    Alison looks absolutely beautiful in this picture, couldn’t have gotten a better Christmas present than that.

  24. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-23-2011

    Pete Brock is in the new Hot Rod magazine where they are celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the Cobra. Once again Merry Christmas to all at ABN and the “message surf boarders”.

  25. dancingspanishman

    Just watched “Best in Show” again, I’d be honoured if Larry Miller banged my wife.

  26. Cas

    Thank you allison for giving your take on Adam’s impression of you. Mine eyes has been opened.

  27. Jose Maldonado
    Jose Maldonado12-23-2011

    Man, do I love this podcast. Great year Bryan. It’d be great to get the BB app for Android someday. Wishing you good health in 2012 and beyond. Alison, you’re outstanding as a newsgirl/sidekick and so many of the funniest moments this year involved you. And of course, great job Adam for bringing it everyday to my phone without fail. Long live the podcast, the free-flowing format, the comedy, the spontaneity, and the insightful talk. GET IT ON!

  28. JessMan

    congrats on another year ace & crew! as always, haters can go to hell. merry xmas

  29. Beaver

    Great show to end out the year. Merry Christmas to you all and your families, Have a safe and Happy Buzzed New Year.

  30. Chris

    download link isnt a link…

  31. Mark

    God damn it. Why doesn’t someone post the original Rich Banks Cherry Pie so we can download that shit.

    • Att

      Yes, I also want that Cherry Pie version for download!!! Put it in the app, put it on iTunes… Or set up a little paypal donation thing. Or be nice and give it away. Come on!

  32. Carrie

    Yay, the Ace Awards! I couldn’t remember whether or not they did this last year and it’s always been one of my favorites. The ones from the old radio show were the shit.

  33. brocks4mson

    WTF? the download leenk is not working?

  34. Fozman

    Where has Donny gone? Did Ace can him? I miss the humor of his incompetence. Bitching about Mike August doesn’t fill the void.

  35. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper12-23-2011

    I’m sure there was some 47-year-old dude in 1981 (when music was good) saying, “When did this become the soundtrack to our lives?”

  36. chucker

    Really funny show. thank you very much.

  37. uggh

    you sir/madam, are a douche

  38. DESF

    I LOLed at Larry’s Peter O’Toole cashier impression.

  39. Russ

    What a great way to close out the year… this show was full of laughs. I forgot about half of the stuff they brought back. Good job ACE and staff for putting this together.

    See you in 2012!!

  40. Robby Robbinston
    Robby Robbinston12-23-2011

    Baldwin won caller of the year??? Suck ups!!

    The basement dude was ROBBED!

  41. Mike

    Loves this episode, love he show. Been following for years. But I must say this: Adam, when it comes to Occupy Wall Street you absolutely have no fucking idea what your talking about. That whole rant was totally misinformed. Clearly the opinion of someone who’s only exposure to the movement is the mainstream media. Talk to someone who knows about OWS and you’ll realize how wrong you’ve been.

    • Badger

      I know something about the OWS movement. You fuckers almost put some of my buddies out of business with your adult temper tantrums driving away business.

      Fuck you.

    • reb

      the mr. jenkins/rolls royce example is more lame than the lamest politician could come up with

  42. Leif Bleauer
    Leif Bleauer12-23-2011

    Well I was just putting the finishing touches on a post regarding the glaring absence of Steel Panther this year but you guys have outdone yourselves. Norm and the ACE Awards have reminded me of the reason for the season. In return I’d like to put a little something under your tree, some suggestions for potential future segments. Not that its needed but just in case. How about “Fine Livin’ with Bald Bryan”, or “Matt Fondiler’s College Coach’s Round-up”, or maybe even “Interesting Pronunciations with Alison Rosen”. Happy Holidays.

  43. Sid

    LOL! I was thinking the same thing. A rapper from the early 90’s. Kid n’ Play or 3rd Bass (who were white btw) MC Ace in the house!

  44. Price

    Great show today, crew. It was gold, baby. GOLD.

    Loving the show, guys. Thanks for another great year!

  45. Matt Valentine
    Matt Valentine12-23-2011

    I was hoping that the Adam/DAG simulated trash-talking would win for Best Fight. That was an uproariously funny exchange. DAG/Dr. Bruce was my favorite segment all year… DAG, like Adam, is always comedic gold.

  46. Cyrus

    Does anyone remember what episode/what was the context of the ‘let’s drink beer and rape’ drop?

    • reb

      “let’s drink beer and rape” is my personal all-time favorite Ace moment. it’s funny on it’s own, and brilliant parody of the most simplistic anti-Carolla faction.

      • Cyrus

        but what’s it from????

  47. Gary Lee Grah
    Gary Lee Grah12-24-2011


  48. Jim

    I had to pull over I was laughing/crying so hard over bat and the lotion in the basket clip. Thanks for another great show.

  49. Alex

    “Semen-producing flap steak” is a good term for A’s V.

  50. Tommy D
    Tommy D12-24-2011

    BAT WAS ROBBED! Bloated Alec Baldwin? Gimme a fuckin’ break! MORE BAT!!!

  51. Bob Q
    Bob Q12-24-2011

    Is Bat Dag?

  52. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse12-24-2011

    fuck ows. and where the hell is donny? another great ace awards. thanks and merry x mas ace and crew

  53. yeah man
    yeah man12-25-2011

    think the drink beer and rape was the Ira Glass pod maybe

  54. Patrick

    Frank Stallone gets snubbed???

    • Will

      Frank Stallone is great but was he on the show this year? I am sure he was but remember him a ton last year.

  55. jagler

    Brent should have gotten best caller! I’ve never laughed harder at a caller cracking a joke (as a matter of fact I don’t believe I’ve ever even laughed at a caller’s joke at all). “DAG, how’s your film career?”

  56. Matt Warren
    Matt Warren12-27-2011

    This is one of the greatest episodes in the history of podcasting. Seriously. I Would like few things more than if you could post a detailed show notes that would make it easy to go back and listen to all of the nominees’ full episodes. Especially the Adam Go Daddy bit.

  57. Mike

    Alec Baldwin won called of the year? Why? Because he laughed at Adams jokes? This is ridiculous. Who decides who wins? A retarded monkey with no sense of humor? Alec was the least funny and least memorable caller nominated. Basement-Guy should have won in a landslide.. the “DAG, how’s your film career?” is a distant second.

  58. Darb

    Best impersonation: the guy that was imitating Peter Criss and Paul Stanley…. I still laugh when I think about Peter Criss deciding to be a pussy cat…..

  59. your mom
    your mom01-15-2012

    honestly. is there nowhere to download the somber ‘cherry pie’? this is a travesty.

    • garysmith

      You will be able to get this from adamcarolla.com in the weeks to come and we will announce on the show as soon as they’re live. Thanks for your interest.

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